MiniGame (S.MG), October 2014 Statement

Sunday, 02 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.MG incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
-- --
Total 0 Total 0
    S.MG assets
    Account 01.10.2014 Net change 31.10.2014
    Cash 8`743.62204311 0.63443748 8`742.98760563
    Tangibles 2.64191610 0 0
    Intangibles and goodwill 55.44370278 0.63443748 56.07814026
    Total assets 8`799.06574689
    S.MG liabilities
    Account 01.10.2014 Net change 31.10.2014
    Shareholder equity 8`799.06574689 0 8`799.06574689
    Total liabilities 8`799.06574689

      S.MG has a total of 88`096`605 authorised shares outstanding. The total assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009988 BTC. The cash+tangible assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009926 BTC.

      S.MG realised no operating revenue this period, and is not expected to realise operating revenue next period. The P/E implied value per share is thus 0 BTC.

      S.MG has Special Stock Warrants outstanding, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 88`096`605 8`809.6605 1
      2 AE3A51FA6C038A5B4D3FE80FBD7C5558DD9EFA14 10`850`000 1`302.0 1.2
      3 5015BD3D0AE659C8B8632F31CF2950F23C844002 192`307 25 1.3
      T 99138912 10`136.6605 1.0224

        Provisional statement, will be considered accepted within 24 hours. Make any observations or corrections below.


        Hey, do you know what bunch of pseudo-entrepreneurs tried to replicate MiniGame's success recently ? These schmucks : As IPO Fails, Breakout Gaming Plan A Bait And Switch.

        Do you know what they omitted to mention ? That they were trying to replicate Minigame's success.

        Do you know how they attempted to misrepresent themselves instead ? As innovators! That's right, the old "firstbiggestlargest" kiss of noobdom.

        Business as usual.

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