Jardin Botanico Carlos Thays - Buenos Aires

Sunday, 02 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


My birthplace hosts one of Europe's best Botanical Gardensi and after many pleasant afternoons spent in its coquette embrace I'm rather fond and rather partial to this particular land usage.

Argentina's own Jardin Botanico Carlos Thays is not bad! For instance, the entire length of its exterior fence is dotted with people selling strawberries - you can buy two pounds for twenty pesos (about a dollar and a quarter). For another example, owing to the very mild temperature variationii the jungle grows in the open air here :


Furthermore, there's live cats doing porn shows in the alleys. No, seriously :


The spacing in the wrought iron fence is just enough to allow a cat through comfortably while denying passage to most any dog. Consequently, the place is teeming with cats (otherwise a reasonably rare sight in these parts - Buenos Aires is nothing like Istanbul to be sure!). Here's a close-up of the action :


Moving on :



You had no idea aloe could possibly get quite that happy, did you ? It's all the cat strip&lick shows, I think. And now that we've hopefully exhausted all the zoophilliac interest, let's move on to petrophillia :


Here's a closer up (I'll spare you the buttzoom, this time) :




That's a representation of a well known Spanish fairy tale which has local women kill themselves along with their offspring rather than take Moor cock. The very pronouncedly niggardly coloration of Spanyards to this day readily gives the lie to this fantastic theory, but its perpetuation nevertheless offers quite solid - stone solid! - proof that there's no accounting for sexual fantasy. Really guise, your foremothers killed themselves along with their offspring rather than take Moor cock ? How very great that you made it to today in one piece to tell that immortal tale then! And how very Germanic fair thou art, too!


Check out Mr Cat guy taking some serious nap!


Allow me to close with the nosebottle cleaner. To use : make girl get close, shove up nose. Enjoy!

  1. Gradina Botanica Alexandru Borza occupies 14 hectares in Cluj. []
  2. Europe sees temperatures moving from 20 below to 20 above zero in any given year, a good forty-fifty degree spread. Buenos Aires is more like twenty-something. []
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