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Saturday, 14 June, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


That's right. Meanwhile all the dweebs & dweezils are huddled around the video game rental, because at least those they know how to work.

Butt moving on : I got frisky today and decided to try... Camembert. Which you may believe to be an "Appellation d'origine contrôlée" thingamajig, which is all good and nice and fine for you. The Argentines however beg to differ, and so here we go :


Queso Camembert Pre Vert, proudly supplied by INDUSTRIA ARGENTINAi (skeleton keys included for a sample of other products of this INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA).

They hold no license whatsoever, have obviously not had any sort of know-how transferred at any point, and generally speaking have not the slightest fuck of a clue as to what planet they're on or anything. In all probability nobody involved has even actually ever tasted Camembert. Nevertheless, they do include verbiage on their website about how the French Camembert from Normandy is, while at the same time proposing their atrocity in "normal" or "condimented" varieties.

Basically, forum CEO saw MPEx, decided to make his own. The result sorta-looks the same, and that's where the similarities stop. The only way this item could be described would be, velveeta with penicillium spread. You can actually distinctly taste the failure that is the chemical admixture which they're trying to use as a substrate - an experience not so different from tasting WD-40. Also it'd help if the silicone caulk which they use to hold the imitation woodshavings box together wouldn't glue to the imitation-tin foil, resulting in this spider silk sort of phenomenon when you try to open the box.

I was going to do a whole unboxing and taste thing, but I'll pass. I don't recall ever being so offended by a cheese - which in any case this thing is not.

  1. In reality, Fabrica Oscar Alberto Bonetto, Planta Industrial: La Laguna-Córdoba-Argentina, Establecimiento inscripto en SENASA Nº X-I-05157. []
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