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Monday, 06 October, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, a little bit of history (from irc, of course, quoting in relevant part) :

September 30, around 5ami

mircea_popescu Cazalla listen, we need someone to make a proper bitcoin news venue. Instead of linking to a coindesk piece, just rewrite it so it's no longer FUCKTARDED, publish it and link that. Win-win.
cazalla I looked elsewhere but it seems he spoke to them about it.

mircea_popescu Only reason anyone's speaking to them is because of this false perception of "leadership", exactly same reason derps flock to tardstalk. It's a shithole of the first degree, and it only continues to exist because everyone's like... meh, whatever, ragazinesii. It wasn't so bad back when the Bitpay & co set of scammersiii that had stolen Bitcoin Magazineiv were still hoping that brand's not now dead, but meanwhile...v
cazalla Is that an endoresment to start one?

mircea_popescu Definitely. I'm sick of reading fucktarded goop because that's where people link for a story like that because apparently nobody else wrote it. It's like having all fruit glacee'd in shit. How about someone start a greengrocer already, we don't need any of this glacee business.
kakobrekla Mostly only people who already know the real story are interested in it, not your average reader.

mircea_popescu The average reader'd be interested in where his butthole is, if he could strain his brain enough to learn he even has one.
Vexual I'm thinkin paywall.
kakobrekla I think the question 'who are you writing for' is in place. For us - redundant.

mircea_popescu Hm. Problem is if you let this shit continue indefinitely you'll have an endless stream of idiots with firmly entrenched idiocies. "99% don't give a shit about gavin's latest stupidity, but this is not a signal to stfu and go home". Before that, "99% didn't give a shit about bitcoind 0.7 or .8 or .9, but CORE DEVS!!!" Well done, core devs for a project that massively ignores you.
kakobrekla Way too much stuff continues to continue and noone can do shit.
* BingoBoingo wonders where a managing editor might be found. Experience with this seems to be the scarce piece.

mircea_popescu The problem is the sort of drive. What's needed is someone willing and able to put 16 hour days into this for years. An Arringtonvi is what's needed in this space. And by god this is the chance for someone like that to become something like that.vii
dub What we really need is btc onion.

mircea_popescu Nah, SA got that covered.
BingoBoingo This is true.
cazalla I'll have a think about it, I don't want to say yes unless I'll actually commit to it and have a plan of attack.

mircea_popescu Ideally a team.
kakobrekla And lots of CSS.

mircea_popescu No CSS.
Vexual RSS?
dub Bootstrap?viii
kakobrekla HTML3 and CSS5

mircea_popescu And none of the fucktarded retardation of that guy what's his name, the wanna-be competition for coindesk and co. The guy that was here for five minutes but then concluded he has better things to do, with the same stupid head that then generated that entire "taking full responsibility" fiasco.
cazalla Coinfire?

mircea_popescu Right.
cazalla It became even stupider.
assbot Let's Get Meta with Site Ownership via Token - Coin Fire

mircea_popescu It's been going to shit ever since the guy ran out of his 6 months of timeix and "had to make revenue". His attempts are so naive and idiotic it pains. Definitely sunk the modicum of credibility he had amassed within two weeks. Which is what I mean. No movements like that. You run into management problems, come here and ask. And it's unfortunate, too, because all that was easily avoidable. But Tim gotta Tim all over the Tim.x
kakobrekla You defo need a few persons for this and compensated for.

mircea_popescu You can just exploit the current idiots. Read and rewrite Coindesk and co.
cazalla That would be enough to get it off the ground until it has traction.
Vexual That Huffington lady got richer with her news aggregator than she did maring into shipping.

mircea_popescu Exactly. And you'll know you got the traction cause they start bitching. And it'll be a fine thing too. Hurting stuff like Coindesk is worth it just on that basis alone.
BingoBoingo I dunno that Coindesk puts out enough material... Too many non-stories.

mircea_popescu To add salt to the cuts you can do a weekly roundup and mock their unpublishable shit.
kakobrekla Go ahead and try then.

mircea_popescu Cazalla see if danielpbarron feels like it. JuliaTourianski what are you doing these days ?
cazalla I would want to run something like that by myself at first and bring people in later, too many chefs and all that
Duffer1 What would be written about that isn't already covered by bit-ass?
BingoBoingo cazalla: I'd be up for some story authoring, contributing to the cause. The too many chefs problem isn't about having too many people so much as a shitty heirarchy.

mircea_popescu BingoBoingo has it I think. Just don't try and run "teams", you'll be fine.
BingoBoingo It's the editors/writers problem that among other shit killed Coinfire. Like the Chefs/Cooks problems that makes most people's restaurant dreams fail

thestringpuller What is Coinfire?
BingoBoingo Coinfire is this site that was promising for a week and a half then turned full derp.

cazalla Most importantly, do I name the site, or perhaps even

That was part one of the show. Then around half past six that same morning,

mircea_popescu thickasthieves> just make the b-a blogroll into a magazine and we can appoint an editor for choosing which stories are big on the homepage :) <<< nah the problem is that b-a blogs are author driven, and authors can't generally be arsed to discuss events like leotreasure getting stolen from. This is why a newspaper is not just editors. Gotta have someone out there on the beat, too. But calling it The Biz is a great idea.
asciilifeform Leotreasure getting stolen from << lol, so that's an 'event' ? Squirrel run over on my street, also 'event' ?

mircea_popescu Yes. People wanna talk about these, and so coindesk ends up linked. This is a problem.
JuliaTourianski You know coindesk does not pay their writers in BTC? Also, they change 90% of their writers' articles without consent.
punkman Do you know what they pay per article? $10-$20?
JuliaTourianski Erm I can ask.

Then after noon, bout 4 or so :

punkman BTW unnamed source says coindesk pays around $90 per article.
bounce Sounds like easy money.
mircea_popescu Like hell they do. $90 buys you an hour's work of a professional. Their articles are 15 minute jobs by 3rd worlders. 9 bux is a gross exaggeration. (Easy to arb, too - go on fiverr, have 20 people write articles, get 2 accepted by coindeks, profit). << wtf. screenshot of what ? How is this related to some bitcoin corp. Cazalla if you put up random stock footage of dressed Uruguayan chicks I'ma kill you.
cazalla I thought you said copy Coindesk?

And then, a week later :

justusranvier mircea_popescu: What's gntra?
mircea_popescu qntra. This maybe Coindesk killer.
assbot - The #1 Bitcoin Site For News, Views & Commentary
kakobrekla Cuntra?
mircea_popescu Pretty much.

It's a bit early to say if it will or it won't amount to anything, that sort of thing takes time. It is however not too early to say that it's going splendidly so far. If it keeps going like it's started, there's simply no way it could fail to take over. So there you go :


Good luck!

  1. Ever notice how the city never sleeps ? []
  2. Back in the day trade mags still did something other than provide an alternative junk mail delivery vehicle, they were called trade rags, generally for good cause. Meanwhile any semblance of trade is gone, so they're rag magazines, ie, ragazines. []
  3. Yes, they ARE a set of scammers. Review, if nothing else, their fraudulent and environmentally hostile attempts to keep MtGox trading while insolvent for a little bit longer, after having kept it appearing solid for a year after it had received its death at the first Bitcoin conference. That is quite exactly scamming, had they simply followed instead of delving in the delusion of leadership a lot less BTC would have been lost by a lot less derps. Because no, the however many thousands were not lost when MtGox finally admitted to it. They were lost all over the intervening year. So how do you call a group of people who conspire to hide losses from you in the hope that they can lose more in the future, if not scammers ?

    And it's by no means the first time, either. The Bitcoin Foundation is a scammer crew. Always has been, always will be. []

  4. Yeah, some Romanian kid, one Mihai Alisie joined the crew as a gofer and then one day ran off with the keys, locking the editors out of their own offices. Theft through and through, by the book. []
  5. Because people like to delude themselves with the sweet, seductive siren sounds of "so what if you got called out on Trilema, not like it's the end of your trading days". It never works, of course, but the derps never end. []
  6. Man lived off pizza and Mountain Dew in solitary confinement for a decade or so. []
  7. Because no, Tech Crunch doesn't just happen overnight. []
  8. He's not trolling, he just has a disabilitit. []
  9. Burn rate burns, burn baby burn! []
  10. This Tim. []
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