I Suspect There Is More To This World, or A Story Of The Unindustrious.

Sunday, 06 July, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

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indiancandy1 1C2GHDcNxzZfnVBD9EyY95WPuhXtatJDfa
indiancandy1 here

mircea_popescu put it in chan.
indiancandy1 oh
indiancandy1 sowhats up

mircea_popescu nothin' much.
indiancandy1 what time is it

mircea_popescu noonish
indiancandy1 its 4.12 here
indiancandy1 im hungry
indiancandy1 do u go back2 romania often

mircea_popescu nope.
indiancandy1 did ulive there

mircea_popescu yeah
indiancandy1 nice
indiancandy1 do u no inna

mircea_popescu yeah
indiancandy1 shes from there right

mircea_popescu yeah. poor girl from the sticks.
indiancandy1 she made it though
indiancandy1 atleast she didnt become a brassi
indiancandy1 like 7 out of 10 girls
indiancandy1 from ther

mircea_popescu i like whores.
indiancandy1 most rich men do
indiancandy1 i paid 4 sex

mircea_popescu really ?
indiancandy1 when i was 18
indiancandy1 i swear
indiancandy1 me n ma friend

mircea_popescu lol cuz you're so ugly ?
indiancandy1 called a male agency
indiancandy1 no
indiancandy1 it was experience
indiancandy1 im actually not ugly
indiancandy1 im pretty good looking
indiancandy1 so i hear
indiancandy1 lol

mircea_popescu aha.
indiancandy1 not to blow my own trumpet

mircea_popescu anyway, i'd have thought most rich guys hate whores.
indiancandy1 no
indiancandy1 most rich guys
indiancandy1 fck prostitus
indiancandy1 coz there the ones
indiancandy1 who can bllow
indiancandy1 grands

mircea_popescu hm.
indiancandy1 ya
indiancandy1 do u mind
indiancandy1 if i ask u
indiancandy1 ur age

mircea_popescu 35
indiancandy1 cool im 23

mircea_popescu cool
indiancandy1 how many kids
indiancandy1 u got

mircea_popescu none lol. what's this kids thing
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 how many wifes

mircea_popescu i don't do wives. i do slavegirls.
indiancandy1 ellaborate
indiancandy1 dont tell me

mircea_popescu you know what bdsm is ?
indiancandy1 your a dominatrix
indiancandy1 wt
indiancandy1 wtf
indiancandy1 u no

mircea_popescu well no, that's women. i'm just a dom.
indiancandy1 is there some pattern here
indiancandy1 i keep meeting
indiancandy1 male doms

mircea_popescu yes. powerful people are powerful people.ii
indiancandy1 i did a sub cam show
indiancandy1 few weeks back
indiancandy1 it was amsuing
indiancandy1 amusing

mircea_popescu how come you're doing this schizzo thing anyway ?
indiancandy1 which
indiancandy1 sellin my tit
indiancandy1 pic

mircea_popescu well you're trying to camwhore but don't wanna camwhore.
indiancandy1 or cam shows
indiancandy1 i do cam
indiancandy1 but
indiancandy1 i dont wanna
indiancandy1 i need the money
indiancandy1 its okay i suppose
indiancandy1 i mean
indiancandy1 i do it on tv
indiancandy1 im not a journalist
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 i work on a topless tv show

mircea_popescu so then what do you care lol
indiancandy1 in the uk
indiancandy1 and i dance in indis
indiancandy1 india
indiancandy1 i guess i do enjoy it
indiancandy1 to some degree
indiancandy1 as there are other forms of earning

mircea_popescu so stop being nuts, either do it and then do it 100% or else do something else and do that 100%
indiancandy1 but i cant
indiancandy1 coz im goi

mircea_popescu why not ?
indiancandy1 n

mircea_popescu what's that
indiancandy1 2 be actress
indiancandy1 in bollywood

mircea_popescu yaya. so wqhat ?
indiancandy1 ppl
indiancandy1 put shit online
indiancandy1 and ive made 2 many mistakes
indiancandy1 in my career

mircea_popescu get out of here. both the two bollywood chicks i fucked were ex hookers. nobody cared.
indiancandy1 already
indiancandy1 get out of here
indiancandy1 u want me 2 leave?

mircea_popescu it's an expression. like, you're out of your mind
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 this is me
indiancandy1 [redacted]iii
indiancandy1 google
indiancandy1 im not that pretty
indiancandy1 im ok

mircea_popescu lol what a retarded name :D
indiancandy1 pornstar nae
indiancandy1 name
indiancandy1 right
indiancandy1 i started doin adult content
indiancandy1 then got scouted 4 bolywood
indiancandy1 but they told me id have 2 stop
indiancandy1 the adult stuff

mircea_popescu ah
indiancandy1 and focus only on bollywood
indiancandy1 get my head out the dirt
indiancandy1 but i need 2 earn
indiancandy1 like money dnt go on trees

mircea_popescu http://[redacted]iv.jpg ?
indiancandy1 yh
indiancandy1 thats quite old

mircea_popescu you gonna put it on chan or is it a secret ?
indiancandy1 secret
indiancandy1 i know
indiancandy1 i could get lots of traffic
indiancandy1 but im scared

mircea_popescu cazalla may want to fuck you, actually. he's bored.
indiancandy1 like even when i do cams
indiancandy1 i dont sell sex
indiancandy1 babe

mircea_popescu well, ever been a mistress ?
indiancandy1 oh
indiancandy1 virtual fuck
indiancandy1 ahah

mircea_popescu i doubt it lol. but he's in oz.
indiancandy1 i could do sigital sex
indiancandy1 digital
indiancandy1 i thought the rreal thing
indiancandy1 yh
indiancandy1 i did once
indiancandy1 well
indiancandy1 i have a few times
indiancandy1 with a friend

mircea_popescu well yes the real thing. you go visit for a weekend or so now and again. like sane people.
indiancandy1 omg
indiancandy1 i know a footballer
indiancandy1 in oz
indiancandy1 whose into dom shit
indiancandy1 i could kill 2 birds wid 1 stone
indiancandy1 lol

mircea_popescu so there you go.
indiancandy1 im goin bk
indiancandy1 2 india in few weeks
indiancandy1 i start my films
indiancandy1 so no time

mircea_popescu aite.
indiancandy1 babe brbv

**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sat Jul 5 18:35:30 2014

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sat Jul 5 18:44:01 2014

indiancandy1 back
indiancandy1 jus had lunch

mircea_popescu that was quick. what did you eat, an olive ?
indiancandy1 potato
indiancandy1 tuna
indiancandy1 salad
indiancandy1 im on a diet
indiancandy1 not that im fat
indiancandy1 its more maintaining
indiancandy1 dekker isnt my pimp lol
indiancandy1 his a helpful guy
indiancandy1 like moiety is a helful girl
indiancandy1 helpful

mircea_popescu o, she's my slut.vi
indiancandy1 pshh
indiancandy1 u wish

mircea_popescu lol k
indiancandy1 maybe
indiancandy1 on a digital scale
indiancandy1 dont u just love the internet
indiancandy1 u can digital date
indiancandy1 its nuts
indiancandy1 u must love argeentina
indiancandy1 the chicks r pretty

mircea_popescu yeah.
indiancandy1 do you travel much
indiancandy1 do you just sit on a pc every day

mircea_popescu a bit of both.
indiancandy1 like most of the ppl

mircea_popescu trilema.com/colonia-uruguay/
indiancandy1 is that u
indiancandy1 ur pic
indiancandy1 at the top

mircea_popescu yep
indiancandy1 nice

mircea_popescu in turkey.
indiancandy1 u kinda look greek
indiancandy1 but then
indiancandy1 romania greek
indiancandy1 all those places
indiancandy1 look similar
indiancandy1 i think

mircea_popescu yeah kinda i guess
indiancandy1 ur blog is in spanish
indiancandy1 right?

mircea_popescu my blog is in romanian and english
indiancandy1 so mircea is ur real name then

mircea_popescu yes.
indiancandy1 ohhh
indiancandy1 wow
indiancandy1 nice
indiancandy1 my name is [redacted]vii

mircea_popescu now that's rare in india isn't it ?
indiancandy1 im half greek
indiancandy1 half punjabi
indiancandy1 well
indiancandy1 actually

mircea_popescu o really ?
indiancandy1 its more xomplex
indiancandy1 complex
indiancandy1 my father is greek
indiancandy1 my granmom on my mom side is half african tanzania and india and my grandfather is indian
indiancandy1 so my mom is 3 quarter india 1 quarter black

mircea_popescu i see.
indiancandy1 so what does that make me
indiancandy1 and i grew up in uganda

mircea_popescu i guess it makes you norwegian. so did you have a lot of sex in uganda ?
indiancandy1 ha
indiancandy1 i left when i was 9
indiancandy1 my dad was the greek ambasador
indiancandy1 of uganda
indiancandy1 but my parents divocrced
indiancandy1 so sadly
indiancandy1 i didnt see any of money
indiancandy1 to be fair i dont really like black guys

mircea_popescu no big ding dongs for you ?
indiancandy1 ha
indiancandy1 well
indiancandy1 who says
indiancandy1 only black guys have big ding dongs

mircea_popescu hehehe. i actually knew a black guy, he was like realy black and really big like almost 2m and he had a... well not really small, but more like below average cock. he was really stressed out about it
indiancandy1 well i know a indian guy
indiancandy1 whose got a 9
indiancandy1 from punjab

mircea_popescu a 9 what ?
indiancandy1 inh
indiancandy1 i prefer white men
indiancandy1 though
indiancandy1 i actually hate indians
indiancandy1 ahah

mircea_popescu lol apparently most indian chicks do.
indiancandy1 im doin the bollywood
indiancandy1 thing
indiancandy1 2 get a name
indiancandy1 2 come back 2 the uk
indiancandy1 and get this lady
indiancandy1 2 make me a brand over here
indiancandy1 she charges a lot

mircea_popescu lol such a shitty plan.
indiancandy1 u got a better idea?
indiancandy1 :(
indiancandy1 teach me
indiancandy1 how 2 make digital money
indiancandy1 and il be ur sub girl

mircea_popescu lol
indiancandy1 i signed 2 films in india
indiancandy1 1 bollywood 1 south indian

mircea_popescu any good ?
indiancandy1 havent started
indiancandy1 will do
indiancandy1 in few weeks
indiancandy1 i like the dancing part
indiancandy1 its really fun

mircea_popescu cool.
indiancandy1 ya
indiancandy1 do you have a office
indiancandy1 or work from home

mircea_popescu i have offices all over the world. i don't go so often.
indiancandy1 check you out
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 boss!

mircea_popescu well yes.
indiancandy1 are you self made

mircea_popescu myeah.
indiancandy1 sooo
indiancandy1 u didnt like my proposition

mircea_popescu it's really hard to become my subbie. a lot harder than getting some uk sham to "make you a brand"
indiancandy1 noo
indiancandy1 there is a lady
indiancandy1 shes the best publiccist
indiancandy1 in the country

mircea_popescu right.
indiancandy1 she charges big money though
indiancandy1 so i need 2 wait
indiancandy1 guaranteed results
indiancandy1 pr makes ppl

mircea_popescu exactly, except actually, and bigger.viii
indiancandy1 but also
indiancandy1 it gets u more paid tv work
indiancandy1 which is fine
indiancandy1 coz i find tv work 2 be quite easy
indiancandy1 4 me
indiancandy1 rather then doin a office job
indiancandy1 or whatever

mircea_popescu you're 23. that's a bit late.
indiancandy1 yh i kno
indiancandy1 old lady
indiancandy1 :(
indiancandy1 i used 2 do
indiancandy1 hair dressing
indiancandy1 b4
indiancandy1 i becamme a topless model

mircea_popescu aha
indiancandy1 r u laughing
indiancandy1 at me
indiancandy1 ahaha?
indiancandy1 :(
indiancandy1 fine
indiancandy1 be mean

mircea_popescu aha just means aha. like, i see
indiancandy1 oh
indiancandy1 i see
indiancandy1 nice
indiancandy1 LOL
indiancandy1 my convo is pretty shit compared 2 other ppl
indiancandy1 right

mircea_popescu yeah :D
indiancandy1 who do you live with

mircea_popescu i live with my slavegirls.
indiancandy1 do you
indiancandy1 so you proper
indiancandy1 live the life style
indiancandy1 of a dom
indiancandy1 do you have a cloak
indiancandy1 how many u got
indiancandy1 have you got a inhouse dungeon

mircea_popescu yeah
mircea_popescu lol what cloak
indiancandy1 yea
indiancandy1 you have a inhouse dungeon
indiancandy1 or yes you have a cloak

mircea_popescu yes i am living the life.
indiancandy1 my god
indiancandy1 wait

mircea_popescu i don't really do dungeon stuff, but we sometimes go to this large event
indiancandy1 vladmire impaler

mircea_popescu lol
indiancandy1 was romanian right

mircea_popescu yea
indiancandy1 u must be relatives
indiancandy1 lol

mircea_popescu no lol
indiancandy1 hugh hefner of the dom world
indiancandy1 check you out

mircea_popescu lol
indiancandy1 in london
indiancandy1 there is a dom fetish
indiancandy1 event
indiancandy1 on a yacht
indiancandy1 called torture gardenix
indiancandy1 you should go some time

mircea_popescu yeah but meh. you need space. anyway.
indiancandy1 i went

mircea_popescu orly ?
indiancandy1 yea
indiancandy1 it was interesting
indiancandy1 i got licked out yea
indiancandy1 LOL
indiancandy1 some random came up 2 me like can i lick u
indiancandy1 so i thought fuck it
indiancandy1 n he did it
indiancandy1 then randomly
indiancandy1 i had some large audience
indiancandy1 i couldnt stop laughing
indiancandy1 i didnt get turned on
indiancandy1 it was so funny
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 u no
indiancandy1 if i call u a nerd
indiancandy1 is it offensive
indiancandy1 ?>

mircea_popescu well i don';t care. but im not a nerd
indiancandy1 ok
indiancandy1 so
indiancandy1 i dont think its nerds
indiancandy1 anyway
indiancandy1 but
indiancandy1 yea
indiancandy1 there is no such thing
indiancandy1 i guess
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 u see im that bored
indiancandy1 i come 2 this type of places
indiancandy1 4 kicks

mircea_popescu aha
indiancandy1 ahaha
indiancandy1 is that sad

mircea_popescu well it's not really anything.
indiancandy1 but
indiancandy1 nothing u guys talk about
indiancandy1 i understand
indiancandy1 hence y dont participate
indiancandy1 but u interest me
indiancandy1 with ur dom lif
indiancandy1 lif

mircea_popescu why's that ?
indiancandy1 life
indiancandy1 tell me more
indiancandy1 because
indiancandy1 i keep meeting
indiancandy1 dom males
indiancandy1 only after
indiancandy1 i watched this film

mircea_popescu you know you can write your words out in a sentence like this, don't have to hit enter every 3.
indiancandy1 nymphomianc 2
indiancandy1 ahahah sorry does it annoy you

mircea_popescu it's kinda stupid yea
indiancandy1 so yea i watched a filmm about a woman who got addicted 2 visitin her male dom and it was really interesting coz she would leave her baby n stuff at night and she lost
indiancandy1 alot due 2 her addiction 2 being domed
indiancandy1 and theni met a male domiantrix and now i met u so its amusing because i only thoight there was lady doms before

mircea_popescu well, cool :)
indiancandy1 do you have whips and chains .. have you read the story of o

mircea_popescu yup
indiancandy1 what are you saying yes to

mircea_popescu both. well i didn't read it, i saw the film.x
indiancandy1 you know i have this vision of you
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 drinking red wine wearing a velvet blazer sitting on like a high preist chair on the dinner table with a bag of girls

mircea_popescu sorta
indiancandy1 do you ever have normal sex
indiancandy1 am i asked to much personal things
indiancandy1 sorry im just curios you fascinate me

mircea_popescu what's "normal" ?
indiancandy1 dick in pussy
indiancandy1 thrust thrust
indiancandy1 ejaculate

mircea_popescu well sure. how else ?!
indiancandy1 so your in a polygramous relationship may i ask how may people
indiancandy1 ladies

mircea_popescu a few.
indiancandy1 2?
indiancandy1 i thnik il stop asking questions as they wont stop

mircea_popescu lol k
indiancandy1 im way 2 interested its really fascinating for a spectator
indiancandy1 you should write a book

mircea_popescu well my blog is like a book.
indiancandy1 so you write about what you do to them and stuff
indiancandy1 ?
indiancandy1 i would like to see more if you dont mind

mircea_popescu trilema.com/cum-se-bate-femeia/
indiancandy1 google translate option hasnt come

mircea_popescu "how to beat women"
indiancandy1 no i mean i would like to read the whole thing

mircea_popescu find a romanian speaker ?
indiancandy1 no transslate option is available

mircea_popescu go to one of the prostitute girls lol
indiancandy1 oh no why did you do this
indiancandy1 on purpose isnt it

mircea_popescu lalala
indiancandy1 my god you are a character glad i met you
indiancandy1 i can learn so much from you i belive

mircea_popescu true.
indiancandy1 have you never thought of writing a book ? get it published
indiancandy1 i mean after the success of 50 shades of grey you could be onto something

mircea_popescu i have, and it was published. see on the blog, "i wrote a book"
indiancandy1 can you give me a free copy babes

mircea_popescu yup. it's linked there, you can read it
indiancandy1 can you send me direct link please sir

mircea_popescu trilema.com/asylum-chapter-one/
indiancandy1 this is not a co incidence
indiancandy1 that i met you i dont think

mircea_popescu really ?
indiancandy1 it cant bexi
indiancandy1 brb reading ur book
indiancandy1 it wil take time il do it later as im trying to get into trust thing and it keeps failing me

mircea_popescu kk
indiancandy1 wow mircea im impressed
indiancandy1 with you
indiancandy1 so where do you find the ladies did you ship them from romania

mircea_popescu nah. generally, i find them doing stuff.
indiancandy1 doing stuff what does that mean

mircea_popescu like, with you. how did i find you ?
indiancandy1 you didnt find me
indiancandy1 i started chattin 2 u because i thought u was a rich nerd
indiancandy1 but now i think wow

mircea_popescu exactly.
indiancandy1 im amused impressed
indiancandy1 so you meet them online and some aggeee 2 come to argnti
indiancandy1 what if there not what you like do you tell them 2 leave
indiancandy1 is it paid ? do you pay them or is it for a life of luxury i will do anythin for you

mircea_popescu i don't pay them, and it's not really for a life of luxury.
indiancandy1 so they must be into it
indiancandy1 do you have a nice house? free house free accomodation

mircea_popescu well sure, but they also work.
indiancandy1 work ? for you

mircea_popescu yeah.
indiancandy1 as programmers etc

mircea_popescu well whatever they do well.
indiancandy1 so you wait for a girl to come in here
indiancandy1 then if shes gd at watever you hire them and also make them your slave girl
indiancandy1 how many bedroom house you got if you dont mind me asking?

mircea_popescu as many as i need lol. i don't keep a single house.
indiancandy1 so you dont have a permanent residence?

mircea_popescu not really. i can go wherever i feel like going.
indiancandy1 so do you have have a few properties
indiancandy1 that you put the ladies up in

mircea_popescu something like that.
indiancandy1 can we be friends? i feel like honoured to know you

mircea_popescu lol sure.
indiancandy1 wow
indiancandy1 okay but
indiancandy1 are the girls good looking or dont you care about looks

mircea_popescu depends. but it's more important if they love each other.
indiancandy1 etc
indiancandy1 do they have sex with each other also?

mircea_popescu yes.
indiancandy1 i mean only because good looking women tend to have millions of options of guys and tend to be quite stuck up right and so i dont see them comin on herexii

mircea_popescu and why not ?
indiancandy1 i didnt say anything
indiancandy1 so you into lesbians then ? or is just like one big family are you the only guy or is there more

mircea_popescu well as to the girls, yes, they fuck. and as to the options, so what if they do ? this is still the better option.
indiancandy1 im all for lesbians
indiancandy1 my producer on tv is a lesbian she tells me all her sex stories

mircea_popescu did you fuck her ?
indiancandy1 i dont like the idea o licking pussy but i got liked out once by a girl but we was high it wasnt by choice she begged me more kinda thing
indiancandy1 i dont like the idea of a wet thing in my mouth

mircea_popescu so how do you drink ?
indiancandy1 i mean like u no the texture of pussy and it drippin in my mouth doesnt arouse me i have actually questioned my sexuality but i like dick
indiancandy1 fully

mircea_popescu so do they. pussy's still nice :D
indiancandy1 for you

mircea_popescu well they like it.
indiancandy1 i dont even like fingering myself i hate texture man

mircea_popescu rly ?!
indiancandy1 ye like i rub my clit
indiancandy1 but no insertion its to warm n gourey

mircea_popescu ahahah
indiancandy1 goueey

mircea_popescu goey
indiancandy1 im seriose

mircea_popescu so do you swallow ?
indiancandy1 u can finger me though
indiancandy1 ahahahahahah
indiancandy1 i shouldnt flirt wit u il have a bunch of slave girls after me for messing with there man
indiancandy1 baby

mircea_popescu yea ?
indiancandy1 wat u doin

mircea_popescu writing.
indiancandy1 code or dominatrix stuff

mircea_popescu a blog article.xiii

mircea_popescu ttys.
indiancandy1 ttys?

mircea_popescu talk to you soon
Jul 05 21:30:26 * indiancandy1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)

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**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Jul 6 01:54:41 2014

indiancandy1 hi
indiancandy1 sorry i fell asleep
indiancandy1 then i came back
indiancandy1 and was havin trouble
indiancandy1 for ages

mircea_popescu lol k
indiancandy1 hi
indiancandy1 i missed u
indiancandy1 lol
indiancandy1 joke

**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Jul 6 02:54:55 2014

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Jul 6 02:58:12 2014

indiancandy1 iggnoreee me
indiancandy1 are you on skype
indiancandy1 im leavin here

mircea_popescu laters!
indiancandy1 so u dnt have skype

mircea_popescu nah, i don't waste my time with it. i prefer th echannel, much easier to cut the crap.
indiancandy1 i gotchu
indiancandy1 mircea
indiancandy1 can u send me ur book link
indiancandy1 i exited by mistake

mircea_popescu trilema.com/asylum-chapter-one/
indiancandy1 have u got hard copy
indiancandy1 or just online

mircea_popescu it's been out of print for like 10 years.
indiancandy1 u stil have any
indiancandy1 lieing around

mircea_popescu not really.
indiancandy1 well ur rich enough
indiancandy1 to get 1 re made
indiancandy1 and gift me for
indiancandy1 my bday
indiancandy1 my bday
indiancandy1 oops
indiancandy1 come on mercia
indiancandy1 mircea
Jul 06 03:37:12 indiancandy1 added to ignore list.

**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Jul 6 03:37:15 2014

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[indiancandy1 has address ~indiancan@cpc15-finc13-2-0-cust106.4-2.cable.virginm.net]
indiancandy1 hiya
indiancandy1 how does authorisation work

mircea_popescu which you mean ?
indiancandy1 to join the web of trust

mircea_popescu there's a wiki explaining it somewhere.
indiancandy1 ok
indiancandy1 how are you today

mircea_popescu not bad!
indiancandy1 nice
indiancandy1 i got work soon
indiancandy1 :(

mircea_popescu have fun
indiancandy1 do u use whatsap

mircea_popescu nop
indiancandy1 oh
indiancandy1 ok
indiancandy1 i find u fun 2 talk 2
indiancandy1 i read ur book
indiancandy1 i think u should make a film
indiancandy1 u could direct it urself
indiancandy1 cast me as lead girl

mircea_popescu i probably will.
indiancandy1 will you cast me
indiancandy1 ?

mircea_popescu i have no idea. i'll post on my blog when i do the casting tho, that's for sure.
indiancandy1 do u get alot of traffic on ur blog

mircea_popescu yeah.
indiancandy1 from the bdsm world

mircea_popescu from many places.
indiancandy1 nice
indiancandy1 what you up to

mircea_popescu stuff.
indiancandy1 :(
indiancandy1 you not being friendly like yesterday
indiancandy1 u dont have 2 be scared
indiancandy1 i dont bite mircea

mircea_popescu im not scared lol. i'm just not very interested.
indiancandy1 :(
indiancandy1 why not
indiancandy1 ok whatever

mircea_popescu well what am i to be interested in ? gotta make yourself interesting.xiv
indiancandy1 ur interesting
indiancandy1 ok
indiancandy1 im not
indiancandy1 watever
indiancandy1 i eont bother

mircea_popescu laters.
indiancandy1 wont bother
indiancandy1 :(
Jul 06 21:21:49 * indiancandy1 has quit (Quit: Leaving)

And now let us take a minute to meditate together on what "there are 7 billion people alive today" actually means.

  1. Heh. []
  2. This has been covered in the bibliography : Erotoghid pentru femeia adulta ; Cum gestionezi abordarile ? Ghid pentru cetatencele de sex opus etc. []
  3. Some random ok looking Indian chick. []
  4. Decent pic of forementioned chick, in high heels and underwear, sitting on some stairs []
  5. You know India had discovered this "power of attraction" BS just about fifty centuries ago ? The entire Western world is currently predicated on the flimsy footing of "If you call a tiger a cow you'll be eating its milk and cheeze rather than feed it your own blood". A notion so amusingly naive, so niggardly primitive it was actually familiar to, and laughed at by, the ancient Greeks.

    That's what you get for following the "culture" of the US : you're back to mongoloidism. Is it fun ? Is it what you really always wanted ? []

  6. mircea_popescu did she ask you if you were my slut yet ?
    moiety no she hasn't

    mircea_popescu girl's trying really hard to make friends
    moiety she did ask if i did cams or pics though, just in general
    moiety yeah shes been in pm for hours lol

    mircea_popescu anyway. nice of you!
    moiety seems genuine enough though

    mircea_popescu yeah seems ok.
    moiety thats really her in the pics too

    mircea_popescu yeah. []

  7. Dude I'm like the NSA over here. []
  8. Slavery makes people. PR makes shells of people. []
  9. A garden on a yacht ?! Who the hell names these things! []
  10. Fuck me, THAT was actually a book first ? How. []
  11. Psychology 101, today "how to valorize events". []
  12. Sometime one wonders what parallel universe chicks live in. This is almost as lulzy as poor people imagining the rich don't wear socks or don't use spoons or something. []
  13. That's right, dogetards : I was taking a break from some random camho hitting on me to write the piece about how pleasant it is to bathe in your tears. Now what ? []
  14. This, by the way, is hard. []
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  1. Wait you didn't know the Story of O was a book? :o

    Never saw the movie(s), I've been told they're bad.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 7 July 2014

    They're... meh. BDSM is probably the hardest topic you could ever pick for a movie, it's about as uncinematic as happiness.

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