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Daisiesi is a very old Czech movie that nevertheless obsolesces anything and everything English speakers have written on the topic of feminism since about 1970. That'd be wave three and four, if anyone's counting (and yes, the main reason I hold English feminism in about the same regard I hold dog talent shows and monster truck rallies is exactly this sort of thing : minor footnote to the culture happening other places).

In it, two "ideal" girlsii that never grew upiii explore their life, relationships, the universe and everything else. Within about an hour that exploration neatly reduces to "What'd be different had they filmed two chimpanzees instead ?" "Well, they'd be fucking." That's exactly right : woman outside of the patriarchy, outside of the male-driven rape cultureiv is not able to assume human form.

They're fun to watch, specifically because seeing them go satisfies that deep seated fear in the male psyche - what if we run out of chicks to rape, somehow ?! They're reassuring in their infantile ineptitude, soothing insecurities and anxieties of all sorts.

The film also contains an excellent stab at the communicational failure that is the gender gap, at some point some random guy that's trying to interact with one of them as if she were a woman (which she emphatically is not) tries to convince her over the phone to act the role. She mostly generates random strings, but this yields no errors with him. Guy simply falls back on his script, after some cursory attempt to incorporate her input. This is actually exactly how it works, and the fact that this is exactly how it works is really the deep source of all the contemporary pseudo-feminist blather in English online. It's not the fear or displeasure at being raped, it's merely the rejection of the endless hordes of beta males that nevertheless dare assert themselves as human beings, something females innately understand as unpalatablev that drives that whole narrative.

Still, the fact that this is how it works does not constitute license to extract oneself from the loving embrace of rape and beating, much like a displeasure with shoddy plumbing does not give one license to stop washing. The problem will have to be resolved, not compensatedvi, and it is for this reason that I consider slavegirls living in 24/7 committed total power exchange types of relationships the vanguard of feminism today, at least for that part of the worldvii.

It's also quite apparent from this movie just how hungry the Czechs were, in the 1960s. The war had been over for more than a decade, but the destruction it had wrought still plagued Bohemia and beyond. Romanians to this day spend half their income on food, for that matter.

Anyway, this movie is obligatory, inasmuch as you plan to ever write the word "feminism". I suppose if this is a topic that squarely doesn't interest you then you may get a pass, but otherwise, there is no woman who ever said (and likely ever will say) anything more important on the topic than Vera Chytilová.

  1. 1966, by Vera Chytilová, with Ivana Karbanová and Jitka Cerhová []
  2. Uncontaminated by patriarchy. []
  3. Known in Romanian as The Horror Between Girls And Women. The theory here. []
  4. Which not only IS a thing and has ever been a thing, but should and most definitely must forever remain a thing. Much like beating is a sine qua non condition of education, rape is a sine qua non condition of individuation and sexual maturation.

    These things won't go away just because some pizdulice mofturoasa imagines it'd prefer they go away. However, should male vigor lapse in any society, allowing for a softening in the beating and rape foundation, the result will simply be a correspondingly exponential softening in the quality of education, individuation and sexual maturation. Which can only lead to a vicious circle, and replacement of the whole superstructure by better men, probably in a huge orgy of rape and beating. []

  5. There's a lot that females do unconsciously to keep the species sane, incidentally, such as the pedo hate. []
  6. Suppose the problem is that some kid took your lunch money. Resolving this problem is punching him in the face and then kicking the body on the floor until the guy begs you to allow him the honor of giving your lunch money back. That resolves the problem.

    Compensating the problem is going to your mom asking her for more lunch money. This resolves nothing, but we could say quite on the contrary. []

  7. Not say in the Middle and Far East. They don't really need more of that there. []
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  1. 10/10 for cutest existential crises delivered on film; honorable mentions in whiskered old men and creative pickling.

    Also I don't think kids in "that part of the world" have been encouraged to punch and kick their lunch money back by the demapedagogues since....

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 31 July 2014

    Ah yes the old guy is pretty cool huh.

    Fuck the stupid kids for needing encouragement. If their genes weren't rotten they'd have torn said demapedagogues limb from limb and pickled the lot.

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