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Saturday, 18 May, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, some context :

    more-bfl-vaporwarekakobrekla Ok wtf is this shit.
    mircea_popescu Box of fandom. This is what BFL does :D

    kakobrekla BFL will ruin BTC. Can't they mine butterfly coins and leave britney alone.
    BitHub It's now the Winklevoss turn.
    mircea_popescu And I have no idea why the Winkledoods think anyone asked them.

    kakobrekla But they are the kool kids.
    mircea_popescu 1. not even a 3.14 supernodule ; 2. no tall hot chick. (They kinda look like the Schwarzenegger twins, tbh).

    kakobrekla :>
    BitHub They want to be the CEO of Bitcoin to get back at Mark.
    mircea_popescu lol

    BitHub Mircea, we must stop this madness.
    mircea_popescu No but seriously. A coupla rowers who made some failed website, were part of a failed lolsuit and otherwise what exactly ? Guest of a guest ? Bitcoin gets more freakshow than TV.

    Scrat Supernode wannabes.
    mircea_popescu Fo' real. At least the Pietila guy was funny. I suppose next some pickup-artist and entrepreneur is going to show up and be all Max Keiser all over everything.
    mircea_popescu ;;google famous pickup artist

    gribble 25 World's Greatest Pick Up Artists - The Modern Savage:; Pickup artist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:; The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists - Wikipedia: (1 more message)
    mircea_popescu Let's run a #bitcoin-assets pool. Everyone pick his horse. Whoever's shows up first supernoding all around wins.

    BitHub Mircea, you should sign up up to Mystery's and Matador and Styles exchange.
    KRS-1 Can we do it in #bitcoin-ass instead and use donkeys
    mircea_popescu KRS-1 ok!

    KRS-1 =D
    mircea_popescu But I'm not there, you'll have to rely my pick. Brb reading list.

    BitHub Robert Greene smokes them all tho.
    mircea_popescu Neil Strauss

    BitHub He' okey. Mystery is just a clown.
    mircea_popescu My money's on Neil being the next Bitcoin CEOJesus.

    BitHub Nah, Mystery
    mircea_popescu You're on. And I'm publishing this.

    BitHub Haha :) 1 BTC bet?
    mircea_popescu You actually want to piss away fake Internet money on something as stupid as "who is the next idiot who thinks he's as important to Bitcoin as Bitcoin is to his empty life" ?

    BitHub Wasted BTC on worse things...
    mircea_popescu Alrighty, 1 BTC. How do we escrow ? Or how does this get handled ?

    BitHub Ahh, i'm sure the honor system will do. It's all logged.
    blehg Suggestion: each send the other 1 BTC to hold in case you lose. You can escrow each other
    BitHub It's only 1 BTC.
    mircea_popescu Haha okay.

    BitHub So its Mystery vs Styles?
    mircea_popescu Yeah so far. Not sure how well this will scale if more people get involved but what the heck. If we weren't out here causing trouble how would the Bitcoin go up up up ?

    BitHub Maybe need to pick 2 more mainstram douches. Like Bill O' Reilly and Kanye West.
    mircea_popescu BitHub nah, it's always freaks & failures that make the loud noises. A la Winklevoss and Venesses and whatnot.

    BitHub Sherm?
    mircea_popescu Has to be new. Only noobs are clueless enough to go "you Sir, are a SNIOP" at MPOE-PR.

Now to the matter at hand : we're running a pool, as to who's the next idiot who will innovatively "discover" Bitcoin five years late and imagine he's not only the first to have done so but also the one we've all been waiting for, all this on the premise that it's going to be a pick-up artist doing it (we've pretty much run out of all other kinds of freaks).

So go ahead, pick your horse (I mean donkey) and announce it either here or in bitcoin-ass. You wini if your donkey I mean horse's ass makes a mule's posterior out of himself in the process of getting really really excited all over himself.

Let the special retardlympics begin yet again!

  1. You don't get any money for it though, in any case. You may get some BTC for it if you're cool enough to fit into BitHub's gentlemen's club. Inquire within. []
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