Stupidity : not a continuum.

Wednesday, 06 February, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

mircea_popescu Because most people are idiots, in spite of never manning up and admitting to it, MPEx FAQ modified accordingly. Sorry everyone.
truffles FAQ's are like fine prints who reads that. "If you are one of the others, who cnat even wtire" spellcheck.

mircea_popescu No, it's deliberate. Cnat raed, cnat wtire.
truffles Umk. But really why hate on stupid people, who else will gobble up these S.DICE things : D

mircea_popescu Heh. Having to sort through people to find the unstupid ones is everyone's main time/moneywaster. No matter what you're doing, trying to buy a new car, get married, get a job or hire someone, anything and everything you do, most of your time and effort is expended fighting off the waves of stupid.
truffles Just avoid ppl no wasting done. A world of too smart is not good for me though.

mircea_popescu It doesn't have to be too smart or smart at all. Just... not stupid. On which topic, I kinda love odolvlobo telling evoorhees "you are wrong on all counts". It's like... yeah, I'm sure he is.
truffles But then I'd be the dumbest! Lol. Think about it, if everyone was not dumb won't the pole shift for stupidity?

mircea_popescu Nope. There's no continuum from stupid to smart. Stupidity is its own thing. You're asking me "o, but if cancer were cured wouldnt the pole shift for being healthy" ? No, it wouldn't. The pole for dieing a horrible, disfiguring painful death would, maybe.
truffles Assuming we have a somewhat stupidity scale before the no stupid ppl.

mircea_popescu There's no scale. It's a thing. It's not like being short, it's like being dead : you either are or are not.
truffles Not the same thing. I'm not sure what we're discussing now heh.

mircea_popescu :p
truffles I see the whole stupid ppl thing as lack of resources or lack of access to info.

mircea_popescu Not at all. Being stupid is a deliberate, internalized deffect. It can not be fixed with resources or info. It can be fixed in some cases with a beating, provided it's serious enough to scare them shitless. But in most cases, it can not be fixed at all.
truffles That's a bias on your part.

mircea_popescu No, it's not bias on my part. It'd be nice if it were, sure.
truffles Unless u're talking about retards..

mircea_popescu No, i'm not.
truffles Then I'd say u dont like ppl without your set iq preferences.

mircea_popescu It has nothing to do with IQ. Again, being stupid is not a continuum with being smart. It is a property.
truffles Object to this definition.

mircea_popescu So go ahead, object.
truffles I did.

mircea_popescu Aite then :)
truffles My counter points go way off topic...

mircea_popescu Tell you what, i'll make a post out of whis, then you can argue it in the comment section to your heart's content.

Feel free to pick it up.

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5 Responses

  1. hahaha
    Stupid, in this context really has nothing to do with IQ (whatever the heck that is).
    Stupid is not bothering to use the brain you have.
    I have found that often people who know that they may not be very smart in the usual measures are far from stupid, they tend to work at understanding things - make an honest effort. So, perhaps a low IQ, but not stupid.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 6 February 2013


  3. It can be fixed in some cases with a beating, provided it’s serious enough to scare them shitless.

    I still cannot understand howcome despite living in Romania you uphold the method.

  4. Specifically because he comes from Romania, instead of some culture centered on sheltering kids and young adults.

  5. Because you're part of the beaten and not sheltered amirite?

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