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Saturday, 23 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


What's in a picture, right ? President, CEO & Megadirettore Magistrale il Duca-Conte Piermatteo Barambani has a donation address. Unlike the common plebs who take whatever alms given however, this fellow has clear specification as to what scraps may be throw his way. Pig hooves and cow snouts fine, chicken legs not accepted. Charity with selectivity!

This guy is one of the countless recent... how shall I put this best. I know, let me quote (from Strategic superiority - the saga continues) :

So, as everyone’s seen once BTC went past 50 there’s been a flurry of overactive (to say the least) people “interested”. Are they interested in BTC ? Maybe. Not really, judging by how little attention they pay to anything BTC specific (like in the case of the guy being rebutted above exactly how the blockchain works, like in the case of some other Estonian guy exactly how the markets work, like in general what the WoT is and so forth). Most of all they’re interested in money, ie fiat, and BTC suddenly popped on the radar as a money substitute. A way to get fiat.

So, he's heard about Bitcoin, he figures he's got synergies going and here he is. He's sold ten silver coins to three people and is ready to roll, threatening to bring about revolution with his inane "business model"i and perfectly willing to short S.MPOE in a purely theoretical perspective (which, of course, we've seen before). A playa', a roller, a baller, what can I tell you.

Well... I could tell you this much : Here's the silver price chart for the 22nd :


See that sudden dip on the 22nd ? Yeah, that's where he sold. Now let's look at the BTC chart for the past few days :


Do you see that peak there around the 22nd ? Yeah, that's where he bought.

A little math : 5`000 Si oz * 28.6 USD / 72 = 1`986.1111111 BTC.

Current value of 1`986.1111111 BTC ? Why... just enough to buy 3`972 or so silver ounces. And you're wondering why he's not shorting S.MPOE! It's because I'm manipulating the market. You know... just like I'm manipulating the silver and the Bitcoin / USD market.

Way to go, Barambani! This is the sort of cool guy that will construct himself a GLBSE equivalent out of rocks and sticks if need be, all the while sprouting 5`000 word essays of "his opinions" on topics of interest he's badly misunderstood but will fight to the death for with the casual nonchalance of the terminally stupid.

A well. At least it's entertaining.

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