Catch me if you can

Saturday, 23 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Catch me if you cani has the best credits I have ever seen. Bar none, the thing's a work of art, literally engrossing. Something vaguely reminiscent of the Pink Panther if you're old enoughii, elegantly drawn and carefully balanced to actually arouse feeling in the spectator. You must see this intro.

Things carry on. Walken makes an excellent bum father. That's a kind I can't normally stand, the fail-at-life type of dad, but in Walken's expert hands that scum of the earth turns into something almost lovable. Then there's that entire business with parents being called by principal who then proceeds to state that this is not a matter of their son's attendance, but he regrets to inform them that for the past week he's been teaching Mrs. Glasser's French class. Yeah, that's right. With the dry delivery it had me rolling on the floor.

The film speaks elloquently if subsidiarilyiii of an entirely different class of inequitude & unfairness, one that these days is no longer common. I roil and rouse against the standard fare of today, the injury done to the worthy, the deserving, the exceptional by a society much too inclined to give people chances on the simple consideration of being bipedal life forms and much too quick to level the playing field even to the point of slanting it the wrong way. However, fifty, a hundred years ago the case was quite different, as Brenda the Simpleton bears witness. She's a homely girl with nice tits and not much of an IQ, but with the emotional footprint and hypothalamic patterns of a puppy. She had an abortion, two years ago, and whoops just like that she wasn't their daughter anymore. Her daddy's lawyer and had a friend of the fambly do it that she's known ever since she was a little girl. She's asked and asked but still she can't come back anymore. Please don't be upset with her, please!

If you ever come to doubt that universal solutions aren't practical solutions, if ever you forget that law is an enterprise doomed in principle for the simple reason that any formal effectively generated theory T including basic arithmetical truths and also certain truths about formal provability which includes a statement of its own consistency is inconsistent, if you ever have trouble maintaining some semblance of balance you can always revisit Brenda the Simpleton. That's something. And by you I mean, of course, me.

I guess I have to make amends with Leo DiCaprio. He got himself proscribed sixteen years ago, as simple backlash to all the retarded hype around Titanic. He was blacklisted ever since. Nevertheless, he is a good actor. Certainly. And I liked Amy Adams too, even if she isn't going anywhere.

PS. - Knock! Knock!
- Who's there ?
- Go fuck yourselves!

  1. 2002, by Steven Spielberg, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken. []
  2. I wasn't - I had to go to bed at the time even though the film was clearly intended for children! []
  3. Yes, it's a word. []
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  1. Tatarel`s avatar
    Tuesday, 2 April 2013

    Foarte tare filmul, mai ales la final cum scrie ca el a castigat foarte multi bani ajutand bancile si politia sa combata falsurile, what can i say " crimes pays sometimes "

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