Fuck a student day.

Sunday, 28 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Consider this nugget of joy :


That's all there is. All the US has to say on the topic of amorous relations is page after page after page of bad posts on college blogs masquerading as legalese. Picking one randomly :

If a student or employee makes a complaint of sexual harassment against a faculty or staff member or supervisor which arises from a sexual or amorous relationship between the faculty or staff member and the student or employee, the faculty or staff member or supervisor charged with sexual harassment shall have the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the relationship was entirely consensual and uninfluenced by the faculty or staff member's or supervisor's professional relationship with the complainant. If a sexual harassment complaint, is made by a third person with respect to the sexual or amorous relationship of a faculty member or supervisor to a student or employee who is not the complainant, consent to the relationship between the faculty member or supervisor and the student or employee shall not constitute a defense to the third person's complaint, insofar as the allegations concerning the relationship between the faculty member or supervisor and student or employee support the complaint of the third person.

Supposedly Buffalo University hosts a law school, among all the garbage. Supposedly they teach things there, perhaps going into even more detail than "niggers suffered mkay" and "women are oppressed mkay" and "drugs are bad mkay". Supposedly they should be taken seriously, these people.

As the State of New York’s leading public law school, SUNY Buffalo Law School is committed to preparing future attorneys for practice in global contexts.

Who ever heard of the accused having to prove anything! Who ever heard of allegations supporting a complaint! How could that even be, what sense does it make ?! What the fuck is this, some sort of later day fetishism, add enough "insofar" and "shall not" and suddenly it's a rule that may stand ? "Global contexts", no less. Context, you know, it's a word that makes everything sound more intellectual. I think it's French. Also global makes any sentence you sprinkle it upon (insofar!) sound like money. Try it yourself, this is how you get to be smart and rich : you say "global" and "context" a lot. And if anyone takes you to task for being a marauding imbecile just pretend like your being a monkey somehow makes them racist. It works! (And if it doesn't, shit in your palm and throw it at them! Get in touch with the roots, yo!)

This is why the civilised world (of which the United States is no part) regards the third world (of which the United States is principal part) with contempt, if you're curious. This is it, and no amount of dicking about by that overgrown monkey they've trapped in the White House can possibly change any of it.i The problem isn't that the civilised world is mean or evil or racist or anything else. The problem is that the uncivilised but aspiring world is contemptible. They who fail are at fault for being failures, nobody else, nothing else.

Suppose you do something to become a little less contemptible than the rest of your countrymen. Fuck a student today. It is, after all, exactly what Universities are all about, since the French invented them, eleven centuries ago. This is why kids even go there, so that they may be fucked by wiser people and through this exchange become, if not wiser themselves necessarily, at least a little looser where it counts.ii

Fuck a student today, or at the very least do something so that "amorous relations" denotes in your language something else, something more and something outside of this crud. Because insofar this is all you've got... well... your lives aren't worth living, in any conceivable context.

  1. Here's a recent nugget from the MOTUS :

    And one of the interesting things that we don’t talk about enough is the contrast between what’s happened in the United States and what’s happened in a lot of other developing countries, Europe in particular.

    via the US Pravda. Supposedly if you spend your time listening to what trained monkeys have to say you might even believe there's a developing country called Europe somewhere between Hawaii and Guam or some shit. []

  2. Nearly left out the O there. Careful so you don't leave the O out! []
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  1. You might want to dig deeper in the whole "sex offender" thing, what it takes to be registered as one. Caught peeing in public? Tagged as SO. Woman changes her mind about what happened last night, because she was drunk and claims you used force? Yep you're at risk. Have fun, burden of proof is on you to produce evidence that she was giving sufficient consent under whatever interpretation of the law is now fashionable. (Citations some other time.)

    Puritan society, eh. You have to prove your mind was clean and intentions pure.

  2. .. btw, links to your blog used to be excepted from moderation. Prolly you need to update your code to except links containing trilema.com instead of polimedia.us/trilema

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 29 July 2013

    @Alex On the surface of things I'd agree with you, but ironically it's actually a lot safer than it looks, as you can always use Donna's system. Consider Bound Gangbangs #26288 with Jodi Taylor as a fine example, although that entire label serves just as well.

    There's yet to be a successful prosecution of the folks involved in publicdisgrace, boundgangbangs et al. Just get the chick to explain at length for the camera that she's there to be used as an object because that's what she enjoys in this life. This may cut out on a lot of prudish buttheads, sure, but the culling is to your benefit as you don't want to spend your time with stupid.

    Obviously not everyone has a basically limitless supply of cunt he's forced to somehow choose among and thus welcomes any sort of culling of the cuntherd possible. Hence the irony I mentioned earlier : all the nonsense makes it easier for the top guy to get much better sex work done, while it makes it even more difficult for the bottom guy to get any at all - which actually enhances the top guy's enjoyment of his lot.

    Funny how deliberate egalitarianism works in the end.

    PS Ty, fixed!

  4. Sure, "you don't want to" etc. Granted, getting the women to agree on camera they're about to be used is an awesome defense.

    Then again, the average male (and female) don't employ the best devices in their relations, do they. There's going to be drunk fucking, party fucking, revenge fucking, overall an entire suite of moments&interactions when you have neither the disposition nor the means to record a contract. If startups can't be arsed to record a contract most of the time, I'll wage a bet your average Joe is even less willing.

    That's the gist .. the universities don't have the stones to buck the trend. There's going to be teachers, TAs and other fine folks who are going to have sexual contact with woman students. In doing so, they might not be bright enough to write a contract. In case shit hits the fan, said universitiescan can then point that they did their job and they're not condoning rape (whatever is the latest definition). A sort of pre-emptive PR strike, if you wish.

  5. The Inquisitor will simply claim that the "victim" was somehow forced to read the declaration of consent on camera.

    You aren't dealing with a rule-based institution that can be Talmudic-finessed. You're dealing with pure chimp rage.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 29 July 2013

    @Alex A dizzying array of textures and moments indeed.

    And yes they don't have the stones, that's why we're a dying culture.

    @Stanislav Datskovskiy To which you retort that he merely is saying that because you're coercing him into it, much to the amusement of the five sane people scattered all over the concentration camp.

    Gotta do what you gotta do.

  7. Ma bate nitel inteligenta: cum penis s-a aprobat legal idea asta de viol cand majoritatea acuzatiilor alora apar atunci cand femeile, biologic declansat, vor ele sa fie catele rele, ca vai ce l-am ars pe asta, pana cand se ingroasa gluma si arsul chiar face bulau?!

    Nu-i cam dubioasa tranzitia de la a demonstra ca proasta e proasta la n-am violat desteapta?

    SUA va ajunge vreun fel de Iran sau Japonia, cu o problema inversa. Nu garantia/pizda fetei, ca nu-i ea curva si ca nu s-a futut extramarital cicu coco ntract, ci sa nu fie barbatul violator. Lol.

    Engleza nu, ca esteti prea hateri.

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