Wednesday, 23 January, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Frauengefängnisi is pretty hardcore, actually.

It debuts with some redheadii chained nude to a wall, a doggy dish half full with what looks like overcooked pasta a safe foot out of reach. She begs and begs to be allowed to eat something, just a little, to smell the food at least. She'll do anything! Please! Have some mercy! There's also a dude with a stick that whips her while calling her various names. The whole scene is relatively convincing and I imagine may test the stomachs of the less experienced. What better way to start a movie ?

The cinematography in this thing is distinctly horrible, they seem to enjoy the services of one single camera operated by a highschooler or something. Other than the shotplan being made of cut up despair, there's some zoom combos in there that'll leave you wondering. The dialogues are the usual brand of horrible, especially with regards to delivery (amazingly, the girls pretending to be insane are more believable than the girls pretending to be sane - and you thought insanity on the scene is hard).

At least the evil (female) head gaoler reads some paperback something about the troisieme reich and wears a monocle for extra evil (and the corrupt governor looks a lot like Giorgio Cataldi of Salo fame). And everyone gets killed in the end. And there's piano playing. How could things be more dramatic and higher falootin' than this, I ask you ? (Also Martine Stedil is pretty hot).


  1. Billed in English as Barbed Wire Dolls, 1976, by Jesus Franco, with Lina Romay, Monica Swinn, Martine Stedil, Peggy Markoff &al. []
  2. Lilliane Stollberger ? []
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