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Monday, 29 July, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I just gotta preserve this for prosterity. In blue, the democrat without a clue :

Just wondering does anyone think there should be a change to covert cyno's as there alittle over powered at the moment,

i mean people can jump across eve instantly and you cant do anything to stop it

its like an abuse of game machanics

the covert ship can then sit in your system for hours not able to be detected because he can cloak forever, and then when the time is right, there comes his instant teleport 50+ man fleet lands on you and your dead... (not me btw)

i think that they should implement some sort of downside the the cyno field, for example you jump more people you get bigger downsides,

10-20 people, lowers the range of locking for 5 mins due to cyno field disruption

21-30 mods can become disabled and unable to use for seconds or mins due to jumping through the field

this stuff could also have a chance to happen....

lets say 1% chance that the cyno drops from each member and you jump 20 people and the 21st person kills the cyno and the person generating the cyno will be destroyed

Please share your ideas if you think this is a good idea or not

Its totaly abuse...(Big alliances can jump billions because they have completed the game...)
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So you'd just jump in half a dozen frigates to light more cynos through your first portal.

You can't balance EVE by user numbers. It's been tried and showed to be a huge mistake.

Posting in yet another nerf BLOPs-based warfare in general/cloaking in particular thread.


Get out.

Meta-gaming for carebears:

Whine on the forums like a little ***** until CCP gets sick of you and hands you everything you ask for just to shut you up.

see what your doing is not being open atall, i guess your in a big alliance or use this type of thing, thats why you think its a bad idea... how about you stop raging and give ideas on how it could help...

i mean a 1 man neut in a cov ops ship can just jump in sit around on the gates for days and then jump 50+ members from 30 jumps away...

if you jump 10 frigs in first its just way to obvious...

they need to make it so one person can not move massive groups maybe they could make it so 2 people have to do it or more....


The ship destruction is simply a bad idea, black ops battleships are pretty much used for covert bridging only (few small exceptions exist everywhere), and they cost a lot. Even if it is a 1% chance of blowing up, people won't risk it any more and a lot of fun activities (SB hot-drops, etc.) would be removed completely (you usually bridge ~20 SBs at a time, so the odds grow VERY quickly).

You should take note that only covert ops ships can actually use the covert cyno, so no cap fleets are going to drop into your system instantly. If you are talking about a cov ops jump that then deploys a normal cyno to drop a cap fleet in system - there wouldn't be much stopping me from just fitting a Cheetah for agility and simply flying to the system where the cyno is needed.

And to be honest if you can't deal with a couple of stealth bombers in system, covert cynos are not the real problem here. Just be glad you do not live in HED-GP

Razor alliance... nice to see you guys are seeing this, you know that if what i said would happen then you'd lose the ability to jump around eve freely with hundred man blobs because you guys have completed the game...

Or you could form a fleet and protect yourselfs.

hows pandemic, getting boring now your all max isk and have 20 titans each?

Protect yourself against something that you cant target... also how could i stop someone lighting a cyno... i mean lets say you have 20 man fleet you land on a covert cyno now its gone from 20-1 to 20-200....

I don't even have A Titan, more or less 20 of them. Less Mad please.

And now you are talking total BS. I have never heard of a bridge that can connect two systems 30 jumps apart... Jump range actually isn't nearly as huge as people imagine. Please do some research before you start posting on forums just because someone popped you after jumping in...

I'd love to see that 200 man BO fleet hotdrop OP is talking about

30jumps was just an example .... not actualy figures

and i didnt die to it just think that there is no downside and big alliances are taking advantages...

You know- the funny thing about Cynos, is if you're actively piloting your ship, you should be able to get away.

you see your taking actualy figures when im giving an example...

basicly what you have seen at this post is that the people are getting defensive because they know what im saying is true

No, what I see is you being wrong and called out on it.

Nobody is getting defensive, people are calling you out for using bullshit numbers to back up bullshit facts. What you are really saying is you are a bad pilot, and incapable of adapting to a semi-rare form of PvP.

200 Black Ops, lol

Just... No. Big alliances wouldn't bother dropping some cov-ops somewhere if they want to ruin your day. They would simply drop a huge cap fleet and bash everything in system until you leave or they get bored.

To be honest covert cynos are only really used to hot drop SBs onto people (think Bombers' Bar), moving blockade runners with really expensive stuff around quickly and avoiding gate camps, or small scale PvP.

Black Ops don't really have a massive fuel bay like titans do, so the fleets coming in are much smaller than a proper all out cap drop is. Heck, 2 SBs, a blockade runner and the bridging ship jumping through to a covert cyno spends 90% of the fuel. Are you saying 4 ships is a huge problem?

What you just said there.... is my point

It sounds like you want a game with restrictive and optional PVP.
In other words, not EVE.

Just stop.

And what I said there is that covert cyno isn't the real problem. Haha, I don't think you know what you want done with the whole cyno thing yourself

You said that big alliances could just take anything... and that no one could do anything about it and then leave when there BORED....

Kill the cyno. Job done. Kill the one unlucky Guy who might've gotten through before the cyno died. Bonus points. :)

see that you guys from the big alliances have seen this and thats what i wanted you guys are the ones that run eve almost with the right idea you could crash eve... you should agree that a downside would be fine because you have enough isk to lose a blackops 100times over and still lol and move on... your all just trying to sheep the big alliances and make life much more easy....

There's no problem except that which exists only in your mind.

Just because some can afford it, doesn't mean they want to.

The downside is, if you're using intel channels, have local in a seperate window, check D-scan and actively piloting your ship, you see them coming light years away. If you really want to hit them hard, make covert cynos cost fuel. Oh wait.

you seem like a smart guy

what is the cost of around 10mill - 100million to someone who has a wallet that is nealy max.... i mean these guys could lose 10 titans and still say yeah its fine well just make 10 more tomorrow... cost of fuel is just basic

It's pretty clear you don't actually understand any of the mechanics involved.
I invite you to analyze them and come back when you do.

Do you even play this game?

So you're going to ignore all the helpful advice you've been given then? Gotcha.

Dude... Just... No...

You are looking for problems where none exist. A regular cyno is visible on the overview in the whole system - when it is deployed you have way more than enough time to warp to a safespot, dock, etc. Yes, sometimes you will meet a fleet you can't get rid of and will lose, but that is the beauty of Eve - you have to work hard to get somewhere, and even then there will be someone better than you at something.

Heck, what you are proposing here is gimping capital movement into something that might blow the capital up or make it jump one system at a time. Keep in mind that those jumps consume fuel capacitor and man power - it is already a pain in the ass to move some capitals more than 5 jumps at a time (capitals can't use gates, so that is their only way of moving around too).

Stop whining that someone is better at the game than you are and go do something productive instead.

are you guys seriously trolling, or you just that stupid you cant see that its not fairly sided... razor and pandemic trying to say you guys know that its not fair for the smaller guys and what do you want me to do, show you a graph or something... ?

no no i said a couple of examples of what i meant to say an example of what i was trying to example, and no its not hard to get somewhere as you see, BNI only got big because they hit the "DEV" blog which is yet again the devs messing with stuff they shouldnt

No, it's not fair for the smaller guys. Congratulations for this revelation.
Now perhaps you'd care to explain why it should be.

obiously i dont play the game thats why im here... and graph of what ... what do you want me to show you...

the only reason that your arguing right now is because your in Razor its that simple...

So your argument is that ccp should nerf black ops, which are the least flown ship in eve and are hilariously bad at everything thats not black ops stuff.

Yeah, you're an idiot.

Yet another "the game is broken, make it easier for me" post.

When will this end?

EVE is designed to be hard with a steep learning curve. I would know, I have recently started playing this game (1 year in). But from what I have learnt over the past 12 months is that, even though you might find something "hard", "unfair" or even "un balanced", there are many more opportunities in this game that far outweigh the "bad".

This game is SO MUCH FUN. You can do pretty much what ever you like.

And as the saying goes, 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

So go get your own ship that can cyno/covert cyno and...

Stop your tears and HTFU.

Obviously it never ends, as you probably infer from the conversation. This is because idiocy has infinite hitpoints. Wanna bet this kid went ot a school with no grades ?

To sum up the characteristics of the redditard libertard :

    I. Basically just wants attention. He has no skills and no abilities, has never experienced actually developing any skills or abilities much less applying them to some sort of palpable result and so he's bereft of any representation whatsoever that skills and abilities are the source of superiority. He imagines wrongly that attention is the source of superiority, and as such strives for that. This sort of brain damage is, in my considered oppinion, strictly the result of bad schooling, which is to say schooling that fails to include beatings and humiliation as negative deterrents.
    II. No cognitive ability. Random numbers used as examples are not examples but merely examples. If that doesn't make any sense to you, it's because you're neglecting to consider the peculiar way in which the libertard uses language. The intent is not to convey meaning that may be decoded by another party, the intent is merely to split the world in two groups, one amenable and one hostile. Much simpler that way.

    This very basic approach to communication does not really require articulated speech (which it in fact predates by many millenia). This is why the average libertard rarely is possesed of much vocabulary or even basic grammar. This is also why monkeys howl, why cavemen laugh, it's a leftover bit still with us since the dawn of mankind. Wir sprechen nicht, um etwas zu sagen, sondern um eine bestimmte Wirkung zu erzielen, said the most famous keeper of such beasts. He probably knew what he was talking about.

    III. Actively obstructive. Once freed from any requirement to convey meaning, to maintain coherence both internally and with the external constraints imposed by reality, the libertard's speech is ready to be used as a tool to hinder understanding and confuse discourse. Can a thief claim the victim stole from him ? Sure, why not. Can a libertard claim other people fail to understand what he's saying ? Certainly, what's to stop him ?

    From outside, being stupid is this situation where you don't understand what anyone says. From inside however it's more like nobody understands what you say. Because they're being defensive. And, perhaps, chauvinist. Privileged. Racist.

    IV. Utterly infantile. He doesn't actually believe we're all equal, nor has he considered the point nor would he bother to. He simply uses the notion we're all equal whenever he hazily perceives it may support his true intenti, which is quite simply that anything whatsoever coming to contradict his impulse, whatever that impulse may be, is wrong and must be fixed. That's the whole story : inasmuch as the world frustrates any impulse of the subhuman type the world is wrong and must be fixed.

Confronted with this some people worry and some people laugh. I usually torment.

  1. In this the libertard scum is a burden of the first degree on the socialist : he's stuck carrying them. The people who wouldn't bother make the great ideal work in practice, the people who couldn't care less about the entire delusion, the people who just want more stuff. The fundamentally capitalistic proletariat, they who rabidly applaud the Stalinist dictator early on when it looks like this may get them an extra quarter sausage, they who build him statues, they who sing him odes. They who tear the unfortunate chap limb from limb with their bare hands the moment it seems his continued existence costs them as much as half a bean. They. The mass, the filth, the people. []
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