Ah Les Belles Bacchantes...

Thursday, 25 April, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


I'm doing an integrale Funes. Before we get to L'Avare, La Zizanie and other heavy hitters let's stop for a moment and enjoy Ah Les Belles Bacchantes...i

It's a 1950s French film about naked women. The French part ensures that there's at least some nudity involved (were it English you'd certainly admire the word "Nude" scribbled across a papier mache cube or somesuch). Neverthless, the 1950s part still contributes its venoms and poisons - for instance "La lumiere" is represented allegorically by a pretty white girl, which makes sense. "La nuit" is however... another white girl. What sense does that make ? Such ample opportunity to display an ebony beauty in all her dark mystery and so forth, why pass it ? Ah, because in 1950 there's no niggers allowed in showbiz. Sad, and to everyone's detriment - the night isn't going to endarken itself after all.

Funes has hair on his head and even a funny moustache under his nose, which makes the entire thing worth seing just for that. There's quite surreal catwalking in the buff (while the absent clothes are being described by helpful attendants in full formal attire). All in all pretty cannonical variete. A good way to fill the gap between blowjobs.

  1. 1954, by Jean Loubignac, with Louis de Funes and various naked chicks. []
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