What does a start-up run on ?

Thursday, 20 December, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is a repost of an article originally published in Romanian back in March.

Dear chitlins, the time has come to turn the cards face up. Just as cars run on gas, computers run on electricity, starlets run on dreams and bureaucrats run up the budget, exactly by the same principle of universal consumption start-ups too. Start-ups too what ? Well... start-ups too various.

First, the list :


Then, to execute that list (which execution is, after making lists, the most important activity of a start-up) :


20 Kgs of coffee, 8 cartons of ciggarettes, a dozen wine bottles, a half dozen champagnei bottles, a pair XO 7 years old Cognac bottlesii, a pair anejo rum bottles, also 7 years old, to remind us of the glorious days of our retirement and how good it was and how we tired of it being good and so we followed the whispers of the devil to retire the retirement and look now that there's not enough hours in the day nor enough days in the week and when will we ever be able to relax for five minutes!!!

The moral of the story being that execution is the most important part of the life of the start-up, after list making.


  1. The Romanian stuff is really good. []
  2. Made locally, DOC be damned. []
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5 Responses

  1. For non-european english speakers: all you see are proletariat brands here, very cheap each.

    I'm curious for how much is Recas wine sold in Walmart stores(according to them they export there), here it is 2$/bottle. Third world labour wins. I drank merlot from them.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 2 April 2020

    Sadly meanwhile things well changed : Prahova Valley turned from a "cheap" (but excellent) sparkling wine into crap that's not worthy of being sprayed on nude tits at sex parties in the intervening ~decade. Recas went from an excellent vineyard putting on the market some of the best coupages I ever drank to a gasoline distillery, my face trying their wine last year was a lot like Luis de Funes' in Faites sauter la banque (which apparently I never reviewed ?! I coulda sworn...). Both were absolutely excellent, in early 2010.

    The current brand of "cheap" BUT EXCELLENT sparkling's Moldavian, and I ain't gonna share it, either, because I don't need the fucktarded "rich" morti da fame to start buying it, talking self-importantly "about" it, "improving it" and eventually "investing" to fucking ruin it utterly. One experience's enough, but let it be said : pretty much everything I drink is "cheap", in the sense of being priced bezzle-less-ly. Nevertheless, I wouldn't trade my rum, or coffee, or champagne, or anything else for the "expensive" versions, fuck you sideways with all your clueless pretense, it dun pay a red cent among people who actually live. Cuz that's why I drink the stuff, for the actual drinking of it, for its taste an' my knowledge, not to try and bribe a perceivedly hostile world into accepting me, I'm not fucking Seth Rogan over here.

    In any case, none of those were proletarian brands much like the side-of-the-road mangos or pound-per-item aguacates here are proletarian items. Sure, they go for under a dollar a kg, which is much less than any proletarian pays for her cheezits back home. This has nothing to do, or as I was explaining some other such proletarian, "It is altogether possible you could, but that is entirely irrelevant : whether you can is decided exactly as much (or, I suppose, as little) by whether you could as it's decided by whether you couldn't". I wasn't fucking kidding, either -- the observation that "a proletarian COULD buy that" has EXACTLY AS MUCH predictive value as to whether they DO buy it, as the observation that "a proletarian COULD NOT fly on his own power" : exactly 0 ; and this self-obvious (but carefully avoided & disavowed) truth is very readily certified by experience -- they very well fucking didn't.

    That said, I readily grant zee Germanz are idiots, in the sense of coming here to buy the best sorts of coffee (anyone's willing to sell them) and then make marginally-not-terrible bricks they call Jakobs. Yet unless you're willing to organize courrier services, best-available-off-the-shelf's your only remaining avenue.

    PS. Ask nicole about the "proletarian brand" zacusca sometime, we being the ~only ones buying it, but buying enough to keep the maker in business.

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