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Sunday, 16 December, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

It all started with Amir Taaki aka genjix being an idiot.

This sprung up the usual sort of BTCtalk dickery,

You Intersangro/Bitcoin Consultancy/Bitcoinica people are pretty fucking stupid, we all know that. Between that nefariously idiotic McCarthy who needs no further introduction and Strateman aka phantomcircuit, who's the guy who emailed the entire Intersangro userbase the list of everyone's emails, cause "he can code," it looks pretty grim.

But this fuckwit Taaki takes the absolute cake. Read that goddamned thing, read what he says, read what the people ask, what he answers.

So here's the facts: Bitcoin is a great thing that has attracted a number of indescribable shitheads early on. It is upon us as a community to cut them loose. The trio should be under interdict, and everyone should stick to that interdict. Not "never do business with them" but simply never talk to them other than to remind them that they are too stupid to live and if they're unwilling to do the world a service and kill themselves they should at the very least do Bitcoin a service and never mention that word again.



The fact that the transcript is punctuated with "yeah", "um", and "like", and expresses the need to point out he "mispelled" (sic) my name in a Google search doesn't reflect well on the transcriber. If he is allegedly an idiot, it would have to be because of the message, and not because he says "um" a lot. I haven't read the transcript all the way through, but am bothered by the fact that I am seemingly being asked to judge him on his ability to articulate sentences in public, something that isn't a prerequisite for being who he is.


A transcript can leave out utterances like "um" and "like", the same way it leaves out each time he inhaled between sentences. No one is going to complain it's a bad transcript because it left out the "ums". Unless perhaps it's a 911 call of a murder in progress, where every breath and sigh means something.

The content is so obscured by the um's. If the point is to criticize the message and not the speaking skills, don't make it so hard to read. If he spoke quietly or the mike wasn't turned up, you wouldn't put the transcript in a shade of grey barely darker than the background, so don't do the same with utterances if that's not the main conclusion you want me to take away. If Satoshi outed himself and said um every other word, and sounded like puberty trapped in an adult body, that wouldn't disqualify him to have invented Bitcoin, and you would listen to him, ums or not. Rendering a transcript full of ums is just as much a failure to communicate as not being able to speak clearly.

~Mike Caldwell aka casasciusii

This was a few days ago. Meanwhile, in an unrelated thread,

It reminds me of that video declaring to be a demonstration of how easy it is to pay for gas with bitcoin. -> cue two dudes standing around staring at their phones for 10 minutes, then one of them going off and paying the station with filthy paper money.

Sauce svp.

You must be new here.
~Guy with technology.

For the newbies

Also meanwhile, also in unrelated thread,

I will transcribe a clear audio file (no more than 15 minutes) for a flat rate of .5 BTC and then .05 for every minute. English Only.
~forum newbie

You're probably seeing where this is headed.

Plato - Hey guys Plato again “uhh” im about to leave Salt lake tomorrow mourning after a radio interview, still here with Casacius and “uhh”, and we're going to show you how a bitcoin gas transaction goes.

Casacius – K so heres what I've done Mr. Plato, heres what I've done I went onto and I went and I generated myself an address, and I copied and pasted it on the clipboard and sent it to Plato in a text message which he should have already received it yet.

Plato- Yep so I got a text here, I got a address and it [his camera] doesn't want to focus and I'm going to go to mybitcoin; paste the address into mybitcoin after I login and “uhh” once we, once we know the total I'll send Casascius some coins I mean on my phone this g1 it actually takes forever to navigate any sort of menu so its, its not exactly time efficient right now, but I actually bought a Nexus S on the forums from somebody which will make the process a whole lot faster. So hopefully that'll that'll help. 85 is good. I'm actually just topping off the tank 'cause I got some up in late in Utah last night but I drive to Vermont, and by Vermont I mean Vegas, I'm not sure exactly how long this is, I haven't really done the math on it yet, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna want to have as much gas as possible 'cause I think it's about 600 miles which is about the top of my range in a 14 gallon tank and 2 while a total of 7 gallons of gas cans.

Casacius – And fortunately Vegas is closer to get there, I think its only 400.

Plato – Oh fantastic! Somebody lied to me “laughter”

Casacius – just a just a hair over 400

Plato – Thats easy, I probably wont even need the gas cans for that.

Casacius – Well you still gotta get the-

Plato – Yeah there you go, Oh wow 2 gallons alright

Casacius – Paid 8 bucks

Plato - Thats about 50, 50 miles yep 8 bucks

Casacius – Thats less than a bitcoin

Plato – Yep thats about, yeah 3 quarters of a bitcoin right now

Casacius -Yep

Plato – So uh yeah lets see here

Casacius – Are you sending it from mybitcoin, or you want me to hold that?

Plato – Yeah you can hold that, I am sending it from mybitcoin

Casacius – Okay

Plato – and since its going to your mybitcoin account its actually instant which is kinda nice

Casacius – So I should be able to see it on my phone?

Plato – I would imagine so! I got- Alright game and set

Casacius- Lets see view balance. Your account Balance is 0.75 bitcoins, so I'd say that'd be a deal consummated and well done

Plato – Fantastic, Pleasure doing business

Casacius – Pleasure doing business with you.

Plato – Yeah.

A quantity of Internets!

  1. Arguably the worst most successful PR in history, and I'm paying for it, woe unto me. Or, in the imortal words of Leverhume, I just don't know which half. []
  2. Yes I checked. []
  3. Guy that made a report to Spanish police back in 2011 because MtGox didn't show him id or somesuch. []
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