De ziua indragostitilor care daca bine am inteles este [si] astazi ?

Tuesday, 14 February, Year 4 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

{Mad7Scientist} I guess the Articles of Confederation didn't really have much of an executive branch. It's kind of like the EU was in 15 years ago
{jcpham} has the eu been the eu for 15 years now/
* klaus_trainer has quit (Quit: Hasta la vista, baby.)
{jcpham} ;;google european union founding
{detrate} anyone want to sell me 11 btc for $50 PPUSD?
{Mad7Scientist} The EU was created by the Treaty of Rome in the 50's

{mircea_popescu} "oh and as i was washing my hair this morning it occured to me i hadnt said anything about your nice smooth balls"
{detrate} I'm authed and have done PP transactions before
{mircea_popescu} i couldn't make this shit up.

Am citat direct din privat in canalu' public. Ca eu pot.

{mod6} xD
{Mad7Scientist} IRC is such a wonder
{imsaguy2} mircea_popescu: do we really want to know?
* emmanuelux has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
{mircea_popescu} well you're in btc-otc so im guessing you do ?
* ferroh ( has joined #bitcoin-otc
{Mad7Scientist} It's like bringing someone's bathroom right next door
{mircea_popescu} otherwise you'd be in like, some other chan
* emmanuelux (~emmanuel@2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #bitcoin-otc
{shades} smoothballs, what? i have my connection fail and idk what i miss
{mircea_popescu} lol
{detrate} sturles: are you interested in selling me 11 btc for PPUSD?

Mircea_Popescu. Mentinind ordinea pe internete inca de acum mai bine de o suta de ani.

Ne vedem pe tube.

PS. A, si rezultatul ?! Mega netsplit.

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