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Wednesday, 18 May, Year 3 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Citam, din clasici in viata :

Putoiul, numit astfel pentru a-i aminti, in mod probabil dureros, ca nu-i inca barbat, si nici adult, si nici macar important, pentru a-i marca deci inferioritatea sociala si postura necesar subservienta. Aceste alegeri stilistice nu sunt intamplatoare, ci dimpotriva, lovesc in chiar resorturile care-l motiveaza pe putoi, intreaga lui existenta, nu doar online, ci in general, fiind indreptata inspre a-si masca statutul, a-l evita si in cele din urma a-l contesta.

Si-acum sa-l vedem la lucru. Nu in limba romana, ci in limba engleza, si anume pe cracked.com, chestie care se numeste fara absolut nici o justificare rationala "America's Only Humor Site Since 1958" (pina la urma, cind a avut un putoi nevoie de justificari rationale ?!). Cu citate :

Go flip on the radio. Listen to the conservative talk about "The Government" as if it were some huge, lurking dragon ready to eat you and your paycheck whole. Never mind that the government is made up of people and that all of that money they take goes into the pockets of human beings. Talk radio's Rush Limbaugh is known to tip 50% at restaurants, but flies into a broadcast tirade if even half that dollar amount is deducted from his paycheck by "The Government." That's despite the fact that the money helps that very same single mom he had no problem tipping in her capacity as a waitress.

Teoria autorului este cam asa : din moment ce rezultatul este "acelasi", in sensul simplificat ca niste oameni primesc niste bani, nu exista nici o diferenta intre situatia in care un om anumit ii da altui om anumit niste bani anumiti si situatia in care guvernul elibereaza niste vouchere. Daca eu ii dau unei batrinici de pe strada un fursec din punga din care eu maninc fursecuri sau daca guvernul imi retine mie zece centi din contul bancar si-mi trimite acasa un certificat de fursecurizare-a batrinicilor, totuna.

Evident, autorul n-are suficienta experienta de viata cit sa inteleaga, de exemplu, ca e perfect posibil ca eu sa nu fiu dispus sa vad mutra de placinta a lui Mircea Geoana rinjind fasolea ca "el ajuta batrinici" pe banii mei. Precum nici cit sa inteleaga ca a da e un act personal, si acte impersonale nu pot fi nici macar un slab substitut - o chestie cu care multi oameni par sa aiba ample dificultati in epoca plasticelor si inlocuitorilor "identici" chiar dar neasemanatori in care traim. Autorul nu stie ce-i aia coruptie, sau responsabilitate sociala, autorul nu stie de fapt nimic, decit eventual sa-si scobeasca nasul si sa-si scarpine scrotul. Si cum nevoia te invata, iata ca aflam si noi cum arata un articol scris de-o maimuta.

Mai departe :

A good exercise is to picture your hero--whoever it is--passed out on his lawn, naked from the waist down. The odds are it's happened at some point. Even Gandhi may have had hotel rooms and dead hookers in his past.

Chestia amuzanta este ca... pai ca... pai stiti cum a cazut Gandhi ? Probabil ca da, daca cititi Trilema cu suficienta atentie.

Cu asa monstruozitate de proba nu a inculturii putoiului, ci a anticulturalitatii lui - nefiind el nici macar dispus sa isi verifice pulii de suflet propriile exemple extrase din ma rog!!! - la indemina ce mai poti spune ?

A, ca poate nu oricine are o opinie merita neaparat si atentia cuiva ? Mnoa, banalitati. Sa trecem.

Culmea ironiei este ca alegind dintre prostii si timpenii, exista ratacite chiar si idei valide in productia putoiului in discutie. Singura problema fiind ca respectiva selectie nu e la indemina celor care nu poseda echipament intelectual mult superior autorului. Cu alte cuvinte, productia lui nu poate fi citita de fapt decit de catre profesori, in scopul notarii.


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25 Responses

  1. În general vorbind articolele care se vor "fleshed out" pe Cracked îs ... hai să zicem neinteresante.

    Ce le iese cel mai bine imho sunt articolele cu liste şi exagerări.

  2. ok, I just trolled myself :/

  3. Argumentele lui sunt cam stupide, dar ideea de baza mi s-a parut ok.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Tocmai asta e si problema : ideea de baza e ok, dar nu-i a lui. Iar argumentele cele stupide ii aduc mai mari deservicii decit o incercare onesta de-a o demola.

    Nu-i un simplu caz de "acest text are parti interesante si parti originale, doar ca unele nu-s altele", e chiar mai rau : cu asa prieteni ideile bune nu mai au nevoie de dusmani.

  5. Eu sunt fan Cracked, dar pe David Wong il urasc cu pasiune (cenzureaza articole bune, taie pe forum fara mila si pozeaza intr-un fel de ''Mama Natura'', militand pentru un fel de democratie greceasca inchipuita). Tipul e prost galeata, dar a ajuns cumva ''redactor sef'' si-si exercita dreptul asta la modul cel mai nasol posibil, in ciuda prostestelor mai multor utilizatori.

    Deci da, e un putoi intr-un post mare, pe un site bun. E ''America's Only Humour Site'' pentru ca in prima faza a fost revista, revista care incerca sa loveasca puternic in M.A.D (si nu stiu cat a reusit).

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Buey, o cacareaza scoasa de Marvel Comics in 1970 nu se compara, de exemplu, cu Harvard Lampoon. Chiar si facind abstractie de diferenta de 100 de ani de istorie (oricit de neasteptat ar fi sa facem abstractie de asa ceva cind discutam cine-i primul).

    Dincolo de asta, eu nu prea citesc cracked, o fi si bun, nu zic nu.

  7. Ma rog, cu Mr.Wong am avut o problema atunci cand am deschis un topic pe forum legat de educatia copiiilor. Culmea, americanii satui de infofolirea micilor razgaiati imi tineau partea (aceea de a departaja clar intre cei buni si cei care sunt ''pe-acolo''). Evident, Mr.Wong a venit si a inchis topicul pe motiv ca ''sentimentele altor utilizatori ar putea fi ranite''. Numa pagina de Wikipedia a omului (a scris o pseudo-carte) spune ceva prin editarile multiple.

  8. Uite ca n-am gasit link, dar am gasit asta (comentariu la faptul ca cineva exprimase un punct de vedere ateu);

    The moment we start letting people wedge other argumetns into the advice thread ("My advice? DON'T VOTE DEMOCRAT BECAUSE THEY ARE WRONG FOR AMERICA") is the moment that thread becomes a big pile of bullshit.

  9. Minunea e pe la pagina 44, dar merita citit topicul de la pagina 1:


    Aici aflam tot de la David ca:

    ''It's your responsibility to save your work. The mods do the best they can and if they accidentally delete an innocent post, that's the cost of doing business. If anyone dislikes the method, there are many, many other message boards you can post on.''

    si evident

    ''Perhaps I should set up a special thread just for people to post their anti-Bush or anti-Kerry links. As a conservative, I've run across about a dozen anti-Michael Moore films online (Celcius 41.1 and Farenhype 9/11 to name two) and I could easily start a new thread announcing each one.

    I could do a new thread every time a new article is posted on Worldnetdaily or Newsmax.

    But we don't do that around here. Blatantly biased sources producing propaganda doesn't make for good discussion fodder.''

  10. Ultimul citat si inchei (tot pagina 1, linkul de mai sus):

    ''You referred to any Americans who criticized Canada as "Billy Bobs." As in, rednecks and trailer trash.

    It's no different and no less insulting than me referring to Canadian protestors as "niggers" or "fags."

  11. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Ahahaah tipul e conservator ?!

    Deci pleosc.

  12. lexy229`s avatar
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Jason Pargin of Marion serves as the senior editor of leading humor website cracked.com. He is also the author of "John Dies at the End," a novel that began as an Internet writing project and is now being filmed as a movie.

    Jason Pargin believes there's more to humor than funny pictures of cats and people falling on their faces. "We set out purposefully to be smart and not to be mean-spirited," said Pargin, a Marion resident and 1997 graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale's radio-television program. "The whole idea is that it's meant to be thoughtful."

    And while many may doubt the ability of such a project to succeed, Pargin said cracked.com logs more than 120 million page views per month, earning it a spot in at least the top two sites of its kind. He compares the success of the site to that experienced by "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central, which attempts to present news and politics in a similar "smart-humor" manner.

    Serving as the senior editor of a Los Angeles-based website, however, can take its toll. Along with the benefit of working from home comes long hours, quick and busy trips to California and the difficulties of managing e-mails and instant messaging conversations, all the meanwhile coaching prospering writers on the site, editing posts and posting on message boards.

    But it's a job that Pargin - who spent several years filing claims in an insurance office before landing an editor job - wouldn't trade for the world.

    "It's the kind of job that when you're a kid if you told your parents that's what you wanted to do, they'd slap you because that's not a real job," he said.

    "I was just doing odd jobs and writing on the Internet for no pay and just kind of got discovered that way," he said, adding he keeps waiting for someone to tell him the past several years of his life have been nothing more than an elaborate practical joke. "At every stage, I keep getting surprised at people's willingness to listen to what I have to say. ... There were so many people that helped me along the way that the only way I can repay them is by trying to believe in other people's work."


  13. lexy229`s avatar
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    O, also:

    I'm sure that more than a few of you have seen Cracked. It's an excellent site with REALLY good writing and videos, and it seems to be quite popular.

    What not all of you may know is that it recently bought a site called Pointless Waste of Time from a writer who called himself David Wong. He's now the assistant editor and his forums were merged with Cracked's, which he now administrates. While he was just a wee little webmaster, he ran the Christian FAQ, which he says was ripped from a book by C.S. Lewis. It's down now; I assume it's because the guys who own Cracked didn't want his fundie shit polluting everyone's perceptions of him. He has since backpedaled a bit in a recent thread bitching about a site blog post that made fun of religion; the owners probably thought the blogger was more valuable than "David Wong," which I agree with. There are a LOT of Christians on that forum. But he still locks down every fucking thread that criticizes Christianity. His moderation is more fascistic than Something Awful's, and even they let the offending posts stay in the threads. It's the difference between medieval executioners and Stalin's secret police.

    I suggest we all register and raid. Not like 4chan, where we post gore and gay porn all over their boards. All I say is that we represent. We need to skew their pointer back the other way. Don't be rude; David Wong (Jason Pargin) likes to imagine himself as some kind of dragon on a mountain that all of us must be polite to in order to gain his favor. Having his own site has obviously gotten to his head, and it's time we gave him a life-saving bloodletting straight from the jugular.


  14. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Mbine. Si americanii au expert-antreprenorii online ai lor.

  15. tech support skype india sau cum?

  16. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Cracked chief editor.

  17. Mai, esti hater si pe americani acu? :D

  18. lexy: Bine punctat :)

  19. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 May 2011

    Intrucit prostia este universal perena, mi-e evident ca voi fi omnihater. Nu-i incotro.

  20. domnu liberalu, am gasit asta pe net:
    Art. 18 Sancţiunea excluderii unui membru din Partidul Naţional Liberal se poate aplica în una din următoarele situaţii:
    a) dacă a încălcat prevederile Statutului;
    b) dacă a încălcat hotărârile organismelor de conducere ale partidului;
    c) dacă a săvârşit abateri grave de la disciplina partidului, inclusiv prin acţiuni sau declaraţii publice împotriva hotărârilor luate prin vot de organismele de conducere ale partidului la toate nivelele sau împotriva conducerii partidului la toate nivelele;

    cum se esplica punctu c? Deci si la liberali tre sa-ti tii gura?

  21. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 19 May 2011

    Pai in principiu se explica prin aia ca daca fiecare declara ce pofteste nu mai e nevoie nici de foruri de conducere, nici de presedinte, nici de partid ca atare in sensul centralist cu care inca se zbat romanii. Ceea ce de fapt nici nu e, da' sa facem pe moment abstractie.

    Traditia in PNL la nivelul interpretarii practice a lui "grave" atita timp cit l-a condus Tariceanu a fost foarte eleganta, in sensul ca mnoa, fiecare spune ce gindeste, oamenii au opinii, asta este. Ca rezultat mai toata lumea avea bunul simt, sa zicem, de-a isi expune opiniile cu moderatia la care noblesse oblige.

    Odata cu mutarea de-a transforma regele-n nebun, s-au cam dus pulii de suflet tot soiul de chestii subtile pe care un taranoi oarecare n-are sanse sa le priceapa. Daca il pui pe sefu' de bloc in locul regelui Frantei ala va citi Regulamentul de Ordine Interioara al curtii si-l va aplica, ad literam, spre completa disperare a absolut tuturor.

    Asta e.

  22. ai scoate chichita aia din program?
    Adica ar fi alternativa sa zici: Domle, mie nu-mi place ca partidul a luat decizia asta, bagamias, etc. DAR respect decizia partidului si ma conformez.
    Adica ce cacat de lege e asta ca nu ai voie sa-ti exprimi parerea, ce e acolo aplaudaci?
    Cum zici tu, ca se poate folosi mai asia, mai voalat, insa de ce sa dai dreptul forurilor superioare sa-i trosneasca pe contracandidatii lor intr-un mod tiranic daca vor ei?
    Pai ori suntem liberali ori nu mai suntem.

  23. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 19 May 2011

    Apai legea perfecta e cam greu de scris, in general singurele legi perfecte sunt cele care nu-s.

    Intre oameni de calitate te descurci chiar bine si fara legi si cu legi proaste, intre lichele poti sa ai legi facute si de Cthulhu, ca tot degeaba.

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