The vice squad

Tuesday, 12 January, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Man, look at that!"
"What ?"
"How do they grow tits like that ? I don't get it, I really don't get it."
"You know she's about fifteen, yeah ?"
"Sounds about right. Let's go."
"What ?!"
"We gotta pick her up."
"Are you out of your fucking mind ?!"
"She's soliciting, ain't she ?"
"Soliciting what ?"
"Is this your first day or something ?"
"No, but..."
"Then get with the program, what the fuck."

"Hello miss."
"Um... hi ?!"
"I'm going to need to see some ID."
"What ? Why! I'm not doing nuttin!"
"Be that as it may."
"Seriously officer, I'm totally just minding my own business. I'm on my way home."
"Look here miss, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Now which is it going to be ?"
"I... I mean..."
"Do you have ID ?"
"Rachel Mclure, age 15."
"I'll be 16 in June."
"You mean next year ?"
"Did you know solicitation of prostitution is a crime in this state ?"
"What ? What do you mean!"
"You're under arrest. Anything you say may or will be used against you in a court of law."
"What is this!"
"Just get in the car."
"But I didn't do anything, for real. I was just walking home. What the..."

"The fuck was the point of that ?"
"What ?"
"She'll get probation, at the most."
"Nah. Pre-trial diversion. The DA knows the score."
"Why even bother ? Besides, they'll call the parents..."
"They'll try to. My bet is the parents won't pick up."
"Why not ?"
"I don't know, maybe they're out. Or it might be the clerk dials the wrong number or something. Mistakes happen."
"So what now ?"
"Now we book her and let the system do its thing so her real life can really begin. You've never been on vice before ?"
"Homeland Security."
"Oh. Brother. So you're one of the cool guys keeping our borders safe, huh ?"
"Yeah. Right."
"Man, you've got to get me in there. I could do with some new gizmos and shit."
"That's what you heard, huh ?"
"That's right."
"Used to be like that. Not anymore."
"They killed the goose ?"
"Pretty much. Just red tape and turning rocks over to paint 'em white now, it's no better than social security. Longer hours, too."
"Maybe the folks on that wall are doing better, it being new and all, I don't know. But by and large..."
"What a gyp."
"So you gonna give me the low-down or what ?"
"Not unless you ask."
"I'm askin', aint I ?"
"Look man, vice is easy-peasy. What you do all day is go around where the young sluts are. They gotta go to school so that's a good start, just drive around two-three blocks from one. Then you stop 'em, you haul 'em and you book 'em. That's pretty much it."
"Then what ?"
"Are you Internal or something ?"
"Like I give a fuck. Then they book her, means she goes into the holding pen. Whores get a single open space, there's at least twenty seats and fifty whores to the twenty seats on a slow day. They all got pimps, sooner or later your collar will turn up somewhere. Most pay a bitcent a head, and of course there's free lay all the way."
"Oh. Wow."
"Yeah, it's pretty smooth riding."
"Man, that sounds like good money."
"Top man on the squad made a hundred twelve collars, last week."
"A week ?!"
"Fine bitches, too. You should see that dude's rooster, Playboy ain't got nothing on him."
"Could go into business for himself."
"Haha, nah. Too much hassle, too little payoff. Better behind the shield."
"I guess you said a mouthfull there."

"Good morning boys. What can I do ye fer ?"
"Eighty-eight-sixty. Rachel, Mclure. Age 15."
"I didn't do anything!"
"Shut up, you!"
"Alright, sign here."
"See you later, Charlie."
"Yeah. To holding."
"No, please. Wait, I don't..."
"If you don't shut up you're going to accidentally hit something, pumpkin."

"Whooo hooo!"
"Look at that!"
"Hi baby!"
"She in here boss ?"
"That's right."
"Wooo! WOOOO!"
"Come right in, pretty titties."
"Help me! Please..."
"Shut up. It's what you wanted for yourself, innit."
"No, no. I... please..."
"Well, you'd better wanted it, cuz now you got it."
"Oh my god!"
"Hey boss, she can't come in here like that."
"She a first timer, ain't she ?"
"Damn right!"
"Fine bitch not even a real ho."
"Take it off, bitch!"
"Shut up, you dumb whores. You're scaring her."
"Yes boss."
"Shut up everyone. Let the boss man do his thang."
"I love it when he does his thang!"
"You want them to go easy on you, pumpkin ?"
"I... I mean... Yes."
"Then here's what you do. First, you take those sneakers off, let's see what kinda socks your mommy put on your pwetty wittwe feets this morning."
"Wooo hooooo!"
"But... but..."
"Or they can go hard on you, too. That's your choice."
"That's a good girl. And how pretty you look in those ankle socks. Are those icecream cones ?"
"That's good, cuz you'll be doing a whoooole lotta lickin'"
"Now walk over to that window. That one right over there. Thats right. Open it. Take your shirt off and throw it out the window. That's right, go for it. Don't be shy, you see that pile of shirts and crap down there ? Off it goes, throw it on the pile. Now your bra, let's see those pretty titties your mommy gave you. That's a good girl. Shake them a little, yeah, with your shoulders like that. Harder. Grab and squeeze, that's right. Now your jeans. Grab them with your panties together like a little girl does it. That's right. Off they go."
"Wow, she ain't even shaved."
"Fuzzy peach bitch."
"How yo hair so light, ho ?!"
"Now shake your ass, like you saw on the Internet. You keep up with the Internet don't you ? That's a good girl."
"Hell yeah!"
"Now say 'please ladies, I want to be a whore, will you show me how ?' to the group."
"P...please ladies... please."
"Please what, bitch ?"
"I want to be a whore too."
"Who da fuck you callin a ho, ho ?!"
"What you say is, 'please ladies, I want to be a whore, will you show me how ?'. Now do it right."
" ladies, I want to be a whore."
"Will you show me how ?"
"Show me how. Please!"
"Get in here, peachum."
"Don't molest her now, you hear ? Her parents might show up."
"No, officer please! Don't call my parents."
"You sure about that, pumpkin ?"

"Here da laydown, new bitch. What yo name ?"
"Fuck that dumb white bitch name. Got no better'n dat ?!"
"I... I..."
"Yo dumb ass no' bambi. Got dat ?"
"I'm bambi."
"Damn straight."
"Yes ma'am."
"Me, I'm Dayona. I be top bitch an' pen mother in here, that straight ?"
"Hell yeah."
"Preach it Mommy."
"That here Icey, Cardi an' Skye. Muh garls!"
"Hey hey."
"First thing yo dumb white ass gotta kno, is from now on yo ain't ever gonna leave here."
"That's right!"
"W...what do you mean ?"
"This yo home, ho! This where yo live. Even if yo dumbass leave, yo come back now, yo hear ?"
"I... I..."
"Always yo come back. This yo home, ho!"
"Second thing yo dumb white ass gotta kno, if yo nigga. Yo nigga no', bitch!"
"What dick nigga bitch fuck ?"
"I... black ?"
"That's right. An' what nigga bitch do dem pecker boys pecker wood ?"
"Money money money!"
"Dat right."
"Damn straight!"
"Yo fuck befo'?"
"I... I mean, I have a boyfriend."
"If he come to fuck now what you say nigga ho ?"
"I... I ask for money ?"
"She a perky one!"
"Damn straight! Yo ask dat pecker pig fo' his wallet!"
"I... I didn't..."
"Now the third thing yo dumb nigga ho ass gotta do, is find yo mommy. Where she at ?"
"Where yo mommy at, bitch ?"
"Uh... she's at home ?"
"This yo home no', bitch!"
"You mean..."
"Do you know how new nigga ho finds herself her mommy ?"
"I... no ?"
"Use yo nose, bitch. Dat why yo a bitch! Yo smell 'er."
"I... what ? What do I have to do ?"
"You gotta eat out each pussy here. Then when yo done, then you say who yo mommy is."
"Then she yo mommy."
"But... I mean... when I'm done..."
"Yo dumb ass done when we say yo done. No' git!"
"Come here, baby."
"Kiss it right here, pretty bambi."
"Dumb bitch dun like cum scent hahahaha."
"Put yo head in there ho!"
"That's right, slurp her good! Slurp dat dirty cunt new ho!"

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