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Sunday, 14 March, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

It all started a coupla days ago. That's when I advanced a fine bundle of lettuce for the purchase of liquors. The results took two girls three trips up and down the stairs and embatlements of this here castle, lugging boxes of Bordeaux, rum, vodka, liqueurs, the sort of Champagne I like (Veuve Clicquot, In cpt Renault's own words, a good French wine) and whatall they bought, I didn't bother making an inventory.

Then yesterday we were discussing the world of the poor, sad and pretentious over lunch (pasta bolognese, pickled palm hearts, black olives, buttermilk, that sorta thing) which got them here sluts pretty hot and bothered, I guess, seeing how by the time night was attempting to fall on such daylight as had remained here like a black cherry-fat ass on the erect silicone dildo of the silk doll underneath (and lunch's Chateau LaaFfiittee had pretty much drained itself out of our cups) they had more heels on than anything else. Does this comparison make sense by the way ? Eight inches of stripper heels versus two inches of whore skirt (you know the kind, one thin strip of material or just a metal chain from which danglies are arrayed, סעקווינס, paljetit), that sorta thing ?

Next thing I know, I was laying on my back in the king sized bed over by where the wall chainings and things are, while they played Cardi-B's offeringsi on the porn-wide screen there, and proceeded to give the girls on the screen the ultimate run for their money. I mean... my bitches can shake those booties they work over two-three days a week at the gym, what can I say!

The sound system associated's pretty good, by the way, I noticed on this occasion. I should probably buy more of the sameii. Soon enough I had it worked out that they'd slink over to kiss my cock now and again -- but just a kiss per whore, and at least a minute in between! Kiss-happy as they are whole trains started following, because to kiss cock on a bed you gotta bend, and if you bend someone's gonna try and kiss that deliciously exposed slit, for which she has to bend, and if she does someone...

Then after enough of that -- really, it was more like "once youtube's offerings of worthwhile slutvids was exhausted, because there's not really that many of them, for all the trillions upon zillions of utterly spurious (if lengthy!) shots of inconsequential morons yakking in their car. And even the few there are, they're extremely light. Hannah well pointed out, "pfff". Because "these bitches work out for twenty second tops and then pose for half a minute, da fuck is this girly entry-level bullshit. They're dancers ? They should check out the Ukrainian chicks sometime." To which I replied "well, I don't think that's muscle ; looks like mostly fat. Must be hard to lug that around", because have you seen these bitches that pass for hottt "African-American" these days ? That bulging skin like they've been on a force-feed diet for six months (and in another year or two they'll look atrocious) ? I mean I get it, fete de consumatie, the idea is consumption, just like their male counterparts, them Prikoke nigger "athletes" : pump a suicide diet for "training", then have the day in the Sun, make the one video, whatever, and then live off of it as best you can. It's... a strategy, I guess. Probably one of those things that only makes sense if you're "black" in the UStard sense of the term.

Anyways, she said "fat nothing, that's hyaluronic acid" and I asked them if they'd prefer to dip, or gangbang the bimbo ? Dip, if you're curious, is this arrangement where the girls lay out their butts, all heads pointing the same way, and while they make out I dip my cock into their cunts one at a time, so it's one stroke per cunt (more or less). Whereas gangbanging the bimbo is this more commonly known activity, whereby the victim's got something in her mouth (in our case, plastic, if I want my cock kissed I'll just grab a fistful of hair offa the mane of another participant), and up her ass (in this case, my cock) and of course something in her cunt (there's a wide selection of dildos, heck, she can even dip!iii).

That's the last I distinctly remember ; and as the passed out bitches have started to stir (it's a quarter past noon, what the hey!) I guess I actually have better things to do than typing in this here box, at least for now. So... talk later or whatevers.

  1. Along with a bunch of other things, inferior byproducts of comparatively lame wanna-bes, that Doja Cat chick, Rihanna, Beyonce, Nikky something-other-than-bimbo, whatever they are. Unremarkable, really, Cardi-B's still their mammy. []
  2. This is how it works over here, when Hannah bought an excellent kitchen robot I ordered some more. Because... well... you know. []
  3. Which in this context is something the fuck else, namely I just stuff her anal pleasure hole and wait instead of pumping her, while other girls shove their faux cocks up and down her cock cunt. It works because I can feel it inside of her (especially if they're thick enough to stretch her close enough to painfully), and it can even make me cum. I mean, eventually, not necessarily always. It'd be gay if you did it, of course, because I've never even heard of anything like this done (or even attempted) with anything other than with live cocks -- very much not the same thing at all.

    The proceedings also anesthetizes the whole area through wear and tear (it's how it works in womenz, though some -- especially younger and not thoroughly & well used yet -- may need a lot of basal innervation to finally achieve the effect), which is its principal merit : anal sex for the untalented underage (which is not all, and not even close to a majority of them). []

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