Edwgward Allbeen Spellinck

Monday, 17 February, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Here's the problem :

It was a chilly November afternoon. I had just consummated an unusually hearty dinner, of which the dyspeptic truffe formed not the least important item, and was sitting alone in the dining-room with my feet upon the fender and at my elbow a small table which I had rolled up to the fire, and upon which were some apologies for dessert, with some miscellaneous bottles of wine, spirit, and liqueur. In the morning I had been reading Glover's Leonidas, Wilkie's Epigoniad, Lamartine's Pilgrimage, Barlow's Columbiad, Tuckerman's Sicily, and Griswold's Curiosities, I am willing to confess, therefore, that I now felt a little stupid. I made effort to arouse myself by frequent aid of Lafitte, and all failing, I betook myself to a stray newspaper in despair. Having carefully perused the column of "Houses to let," and the column of "Dogs lost," and then the columns of "Wives and apprentices runaway," I attacked with great resolution the editorial matter, and reading it from beginning to end without understanding a syllable, conceived the possibility of its being Chinese, and so re-read it from the end to the beginning, but with no more satisfactory result. I was about throwing away in disgust this folio of four pages, happy work, which not even critics criticise, when I felt my attention somewhat aroused by the paragraph which follows:

"The avenues to death are numerous and strange. A London paper mentions the decease of a person from a singular cause. He was playing at 'puff the dart,' which is played with a long needle inserted in some worsted, and blown at a target through a tin tube. He placed the needle at the wrong end of the tube, and drawing his breath strongly to puff the dart forward with force, drew the needle into his throat. It entered the lungs, and in a few days killed him."

Upon seeing this I fell into a great rage, without exactly knowing why. "This thing," I exclaimed, "is a contemptible falsehood—a poor hoax—the lees of the invention of some pitiable penny-a-liner, of some wretched concocter of accidents in Cocaigne. These fellows knowing the extravagant gullibility of the age set their wits to work in the imagination of improbable possibilities, of odd accidents as they term them, but to a reflecting intellect (like mine, I added, in parenthesis, putting my forefinger unconsciously to the side of my nose), to a contemplative understanding such as I myself possess, it seems evident at once that the marvelous increase of late in these 'odd accidents' is by far the oddest accident of all. For my own part, I intend to believe nothing henceforward that has anything of the 'singular' about it."

"Mein Gott, den, vat a vool you bees for dat!" replied one of the most remarkable voices I ever heard. At first I took it for a rumbling in my ears—such as a man sometimes experiences when getting very drunk—but upon second thought, I considered the sound as more nearly resembling that which proceeds from an empty barrel beaten with a big stick; and, in fact, this I should have concluded it to be, but for the articulation of the syllables and words. I am by no means naturally nervous, and the very few glasses of Lafitte which I had sipped served to embolden me a little, so that I felt nothing of trepidation, but merely uplifted my eyes with a leisurely movement and looked carefully around the room for the intruder. I could not, however, perceive any one at all.

Here's the problems with the problem :

  • Chateau Rotschild-Lafite is indeed a wine brand, but as you can see it's spelled with one ef an' one tee, and always has been.
  • Jean & Pierre "Lafitte" were indeed somewhat famous buccaneers in ye Gulf o' Mexico a coupla generations before Spellinck's unfortunate demise in unexplained circumstances both singular and unlikely ; but they had spent their entire buccaneering lives spelling their name Laffite. For some ungodly reason the ameritards decided it's to be spelled "Lafitte"i and stuck to it henceforth.

Sooo... what the fuck is it that the idiot drank, five years before his mysterious disappearance into the choir invisible ? Could it have been perhaps just a leetal beeteljooce ?

  1. Conceivably because they all copy each other ad infinitum with a dedication worthy of much better callings while the only one among their sorry lot to have copied some original source material (by accident, no doubt) wasn't a very good reader. He merely "got a sense of it", and scurriedly looked away. []
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  1. From tardipedia: "He and his elder brother, Pierre, spelled their last name Laffite, but English-language documents of the time used 'Lafitte'. The latter has become the common spelling in the United States, including for places named after him."

    No doubt this shameful misappropriation is the cause of the subject's dour visage in portraiture, and perhaps also a contributing factor in the death of poor Poe.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 20 February 2020

    This goes so perfectly with today's dollop of lulz in the forum...

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