Killing Them Softly

Sunday, 28 February, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Killing Them Softly i is one of those gay gangster productions with an all-dude cast and a lot of talking. You know how schoolyard "fights" between "real men" (such as can be found in schoolyards) consist of a lot of shoving ? Well, the gaysters consist of a lot of blather, it can't be helped.

This is however a pretty decent offering in the regrettable vein, not because it's funny (which is the way these generally rescue themselves, though this one really isn't) but because, on one hand, it's a shockingly accurate, if not in detail then definitely in general, depiction of the sad shitswamp the "underworld" fell intoii ever since that fateful day socialism burst through the wall and drowned the world out. In particular the very realistic use of principal photography, framing and cutting with nary a care for the gay "niceties" of the genre, really brings out the contrast between what it's used to have been and whatever's left. That contemptible fuckwad with the boyish facial hair, his "inner struggles" in step with the mental world of redditards... Bleargh.

The whole thing makes me want to puke. Not so much my lunch necessarily, but definitely on you. Directional rather than substantial vomit, the necessary end result of positional rather than substantial gangsterism.

There is no other hand ; though the amusing counterposition of the entirely hollow blather of "leadership", first the retarded Bush runt and then that retarded cvasi-nigger they let in to play with the supposed controls of the sinking ship once it became clear there's no rescuing it (and no sooner)... Heh. Whatever, it's really none of my business. Now fucking pay up.

  1. 2012, by Andrew Dominik, with Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta. []
  2. The 1970 vs 2020 contrast can barely be explained to the greenhorn ; while to the old timers, to people who used to break convicts out of the pen back before your mommy was breaking the sad news to your daddy... it's beyond words. You know what the faggots do in jail these day ? They jack off, all day long, "hey jack gimme a pose" being the handshake token of sexual social exchange. To put it plainly, doing a stretch these days is a lot softer than secondary education was fifty years ago ; but significantly more bureaucratically annoying, also. []
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