Joseph, bekannt Joe

Tuesday, 19 January, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The biblical figure of Joseph -- so neatly reconciling with the archetypical cucki and therefore struggling to raise as best he could children actually conceived by, and impregnated into his wife by, and so therefore sired out of his wife by a professional father otherwise dinsterested in the management and handling of his own offspring other than in a most theoretical and general sense. This Father, disinterested as he finds himself in the solving (or even approaching) of problems encountered by or raised by his own son (majuscule irrespective), or even in the solving (or even approaching, for that matter) of actual problems actually encountered by actual individuals (as reported, for instance, through prayer -- if indeed omniscience needs any reporting), will nevertheless preoccupy its idle hands and idler still intellect with the solving of the problems of imaginary others, as imagined by... himself. Do you recognize this recipe, incidentally ? Some schmuck "solving" problems, but mind : not his own problems ; not even the problems of others as they are (god damned racists and misguided bad-at-math-ers as they are as they must be for the needs of this fantasy). No, instead -- the problems of some imagined people as he imagines them, and therefore "they must be". Turns out the twitter reference was not in the slightest misplaced : the imbecility machine's been working its wonderous inflation, and so now the problem's aggrieved : far from the legions of tarabostes, little knownii nobles without lands pullulating idly about the landscape a short decade or two ago, there's now ample supply of "gods" of this sad ilk of Christianity, bereft of anything even vaguely like powers let alone superpowers, pre-emptively withdrawn from the landscape into their "plausibly-deniable" godcapsules of their own devising, wherein they can "undisturbed" carry on the great pretendin'. Christianity, far from being creatively involved in any capacity, was from the beginning the seed of doom, always awaiting its realisation : the destruction of Western civilisation. That was throughout its role and function : the ever-resilient refuge of refuse.

  1. He being as he allegedly was the merely notional father, a dismal figure to his misfortune recorded in the scriptures of bureaucracy as the holder of a role he didn't either merit or fulfill merely because they had to put something there, and that something necessarily would be fitting the afore-given forms, such that upon immaculate conception the registrar of births will still write down as "the father" the known name of the pre-existing husband in preference of the unknown name of whoever the fuck it is the unknowable name denotes. Because how do you even spell that ? Every bureaucrat is given, at the onset and right along with the dismal tools of his dismal trade whatever they may be (and even be they nothing much at all) also an unbreakable, incontrovertible an' unretractable promise of sufficiency -- not merely that the crude wooden sporks will be adequate to any task they might ever face, but, most importantly to the bureaucrat (and also the unyielding reason bureaucracy never lacks nor ever did lack candidates & applicants), that his application thereof, however shockingly inept or glaringly inadeuqate, will be nevertheless necessarily "deemed" (whatever that may mean) sufficient, and unreviewably so (though some idle rituals may be applied to offer some thin veneer of plausible-deniability atop that substantial unreviewability that's truly the bread and butter of the congenitally deffectives, irreparably insufficients and other regrettable byproducts of uterine fermentation).

    But to return to theological preoccupations -- could you take seriously (well, you know, "seriously", like you do) some alleged divinity that's not even got a phone number ? How does it even register for twitter, if it doesn't have an email address ? What sort of a bum god is this supposed to be anyways ?

    PS. The link's to the Romanian version not because I forgot there's a translation in the meanwhile ; but because of the word rost, and other such finesse not available in the universal doggerel. []

  2. Which is to say, known in their own mind, and there only. []
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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 19 January 2021

    This article was born as a footnote to another I'm writing ; as it acquired footnotes of its own it was promoted to an item to be passed by linked reference ; then as it grew and grew eventually I pasted it into the remote box to preview it, at which juncture I made two observations : one's that it was perfectly fine as first drafted, and the other's that the word counting thing showed 666. So... here it gets therefore published as-is, and I shall be back to my original item.

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