In other breaking news, Romania really could've done better

Thursday, 27 May, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


I don't mean "better" in the sense of "that woman, on a higher stair". I mean better in the sense of holy cow, what the fuck, I song-of-songs'd a whole bunchload of Romanian-born, Romania-dwelling hussies in this life, definitely more than'd fit in a dump truck, even if they sucked it in and squeezed like sardines ; yet I wouldn't stick it in that marginally insufficient bearskin rug what the fuck. I mean... I gues you could take solace in the happenstance that Russia's doing even way the fuck worse, I can't even conceive where the devil's arse they scared up that mangled Dutch girl or whatever the hell she is, "Polish" -- so the neighbour's goat is definitely dead as well, rejoice. Yet nevertheless...

Meanwhile humour otherwise abounds : oddly enough Miss New York's by far the most... "ethnic" ? Or how do you call it in period speak ? While Brooklyn couldn't bear (har-har) the thought of a "black" girli going to town so they sent their own lankster that really looks suspiciously like a farm boy from Rhode Island in drag. And what the fuck's with the... would that be the state of Pittsburgh ? The... nation ? Is the "Roumania" chick really from the town of Roumania, across Texas from Paris ? And do they really not have anyone under forty living there or what the hell is the matter ?!

Anyways, supposedly dat bitch Kassia said Kαὶ ἐκ γυναικὸς τὰ κρείττω to that cuck Theophilos, which prompted him to prefer some halfwit more inclined to play with her dollies than speak up in public. He was an idiot ; his line there was Γονατίστε μπροστά μου όπως ενώπιον του Θεού and all'd have been well.

Which brings us to the next logical question, namely why don't any of these "beauty contests" & assorted pageants include whipping ? I really don't comprehend this civillian notion of "beauty" going barely skin deep. Truly the better part of such beauty as can be found in the female body resides within muscles and tendons. If you don't hang her by the wrists and caress her firmly under another cow's hide cut in strips then what've you done ? It's like comparing packaged food by the packaging (which I'm aware you also do, but really, wtf idiocy is that ?!) or picking cars by the coat of paint coincidentally at some point on them (which... bah, whatever).

Some changes have got to be made ; or, to bring the matter back to its properly political footing, until you start taking a much firmer and more concrete interest in your own affairs nothing's gonna get any better. I don't care "she's your boss", start whuppin dat ass. She can definitely take it ; and everything'll be better for it.

  1. She's black like Obama, gimme a break, if that's black American ingenuity is unlimited.

    But that aside, the little pocket rocket, short as she may be, still looks like the only one that'd be worth anything in the sack of that sorry line-up (and I rather have my suspicions as to why). You fail, white america. []

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