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Saturday, 08 May, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : I am not a citizen of your Romanian state,
unless (and only insofar as) it pays something.
Otherwise, I am a Romaniani but not a citizen.ii


One idea in experimental zoology / entertainment would be to construct a bunch of plexiglass cubic cells with a false roof, such that it can be retracted to let whatever is piled up on it drop in. Then lodge a cat inside the cell and place well selected materials atop the dumproof : fifty miles of various lengths of various colors of yarn (actual wool though, not synthetic -- which might prove itself a challenge, because go see if you can find wool yarn anywhere that doesn't merely call itself wool, but actually is wool), eighty-nine thousand pipe cleanersiii, fifty-fifth ounces of feathers (not necessarily duck, turkey or even chicken works just fine), or maybe a dozen-and-a-half drones, flying about randomly -- watch that poor cat cower in a corner and pee!

Another idea is to have masochist slavegirls get tummy tucks. Truly plastic surgery has all the makings of fabulous adventure : it's consummatedly humiliating (to say nothing of catheters, do you know there's a drainage ampoule involved, that the misfortunate creature has to drag around with her everywhere ?), perdurantly and insistently painful in such ways no impact play can reliably deliver, and then, to add psycho-philosophical insult to surgical injury, it's improving. Isn't this exactly what "protestant morality" reduces to ? Well then ?


To make the lengthy story short and bitter : there are no standing answers to the problem of existence. That & airpsace'd better be enough for everyone -- because if it isn't... well... there's just no more, that's all.

  1. Transylvanian, really, like Mihaly Kertesz (Michael Curtiz) and Emanuel Goldenberg (Edward G. Robinson) rather than "Romanian" like I couldn't tell you who (nor do I want to). Truth be told it's not even altogether clear to me what this "Romanian" novelty is supposed to even be. []
  2. No, seriously. The only possible reason for organizing a state -- and I say possible, which is not the same as necessary -- is the furthering of my privilege ; and the oppression -- nude, rude and undisimulated -- of everyone else's hallucinations to choice, optionality, personhood etcetera. If it's not a tool for the teaching of the idiots that they're idiots, then what the fuck can it possibly be ?

    From what I see the practical state (or what's left of it, anyways) has in practice degenerated into the lowest level of this arrangement, where it's bribing a bunch of extras to vouch for its continued existence, "here's 50 dollars a baker's dozen 'happy meals' if you sign this paper saying the United States is a thing irl". I mean... I guess, if anyone wants the chicken scribblings of the gunkeaters for any purpose. I know I don't (though as per usual it's an old Trilema idea being re-implemented by the lamer co-op), and what's more : nobody's yet managed to explain why exactly anyone would. The question's been open for millennia, the answer's been coming up negative since before M. T. Cicero, it's just...

    Anyways, caught in there is also the death of taxes : pay some state money of your own ?! Ahahahaha, what ?! If "the government" is giving me free money, then it can pretend it gave me however much it wants to, by&for itself, to its own satisfaction. Whether it claims the hundred was really ten million or fifty trillion is uninteresting, it's more than welcome to "charge" 99.99~infinity~99999% "tax" on its mandatory tribute it has to pay me because vae victis. But other than that... let's get serious here, there ain't no way in fuck any "government" is ever getting a sockpill out of anything else. Because why the fuck would it, hurr. []

  3. Do you have these, by the way ? I find they're a must in any serious self-respecting harem. []
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