Acum douazeci de mii de ani, or the article I can not write

Thursday, 04 February, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : I got a stick right herei,
it's name is Pole Revrear...

Twenty thousand years ago, back when the goddessesii trod naked the sands of Ελλάδα [...]

Anyway, we spent the day at the beach, jumping waves, sunbathing, enjoying your absence in a word. On the way back we passed a truck, garishly branded : Gina chips. Do you suppose they eat them with va ?

I tired them bitches out, let me tell ya! Upon our return, with the setting Sun, everyone rinsed and thereby promptly collapsed, in what can only be described as a slutpile (the puppies have a spot where they puppy-pile, and apparently the sluts learn from the puppies!).

They've been there, where night found them, breathing evenly but otherwise mostly motionless, ever since. The Sun rose as usual, they didn't stir ; noon will roll around soon, but no matter. I'm perhaps going to impose some wordly facts & lives matter upon them, maybe. Eventually ; but until then... until such a time as that, this article can't be written, those girls can't be woken, time's standing still. Of all the things that live (and therefore die), the least fragile apparently is my enjoyment of the world.

  1. I don't remember what tree I ablated it off of, but it is an extremely accomplished buttwarmer ; for which reason I'd readily wager it's already touched more girly bare bottoms than you ever have, or ever will (and much more intensely, at that). It sits, patiently but attentively in the back of the car, behind the backseat headrests where the hats go, for just such a roadside occasion.

    The reference is sadly missing, because I apparently can't find anymore the Trilema article discussing a slavegirl kneeling in the roadside dirt & gravel somewhere in Hungary I think, a bunch of concerned workmen trying to get over their natural shyness to perhaps cater to their cuck impulses. []

  2. This reference, to the article displaying a bunch of frankly nude adolescents walking about ruined Antiquity is also lost somewhere right hereabouts. I've looked through literal hundreds of articles selected by dozens of searches, yet couldn't find my own thing anymore because damn it all to heck. I don't see what sense this article can possibly make missing that reference (or for that matter, at all), so it's not therefore an article I can at the present time write. Consider it not written yet thereby.

    So there. []

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2 Responses

  1. In re: footnote ii: do you remember whether that article was in Romanian or in English?

    In re: footnote i: was said Hungary picture taken during the 2019 Euro round trip?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 24 February 2021

    Not clearly ;/ Possibly Romanian.

    Certainly during 2019/2020 euroseason yes ; though I expect it's a literal description rather than a picture. I don't recall being in a very photographic mood at the time.

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