A nice time at the movies

Saturday, 17 April, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Omg, that was such a rush!"
"I know, right ?"
"You were something else, bazongas flapping out in the breeze... Hahaha."
"That's just because I'm way more of a whore than you'll ever be."
"Too bad nobody came along."
"Haha. Yeeeeahhh... too bad..."
"What do we do now ?"
"I don't want to go home. Do you ?"
"Naw. My mom's boring."
"How about the movies ?"
"The... movies ?!"
"Yeah. But like... I mean, we'll have to do
"Like... what things ?"
"You're asking me what kind of things we'd have to do at the movies ?"
"Yeah. That's what I'm asking you."
"Oh... I don't know... We'd have to take things off. Of course."
"What, you mean be all naked in the dark ? And play with ourselves ?"
"That's not really enough, is it ?"
"You mean, for real whores ? Like us ?"
"I guess you're right. That's what all the girlfriends have to do anyway."
"Hahaha. Yeah."
"How about this : you take the bottom, I take the top. We work each row, one at a time. Whenever there's a single dude, we just move over, sit next to him, then whisper in his ear 'How about a blowjob for a twenty ?' and we suck him off. You keep moving up, I keep moving down, when we're sitting next to each other we count the dough. Whoever's got more is the real whore."
"And what, gets the herp-ease to prove it ?"
"That's a myth."
"What's a myth ?"
"Herpy-z. There's no such thing."
"Yeah-huh. I've seen a mockumentary on TV once and everything."
"Oh, you saw it on TV, did you. It was on TV. The prostitution rests."
"How about mono ?"
"Monogamy ? You can't catch that. It's not gonadgeous."
"No, mononuclidosis."
"Oh. Yeah... That's a real thing. I read about that on the one website that's like, the whole Internet all by itself."
"That dude sure makes a lot of shit up, though."
"Yeah. Not the important parts, though."
"Now how do you know that ?"

~ * ~

"We could do this forever, just so we don't get cancer of the cat. Or lockjaw."
"Yuh. Gud dumn I cun't upun mumuff nuw."
"Hey! You two! Freeze!"
"But... I mean, like... what's the officer, problem ?"
"Just get in the fucking car."
"Okay, okay. Jeeze."
"What do you want with them anyway ?"
"I know this lanky bitch is a cinch ringer for those eight larceny from the person beefs. We oughta take her downtown and put her on a Show Up or twelve."
"What the hell, Carl! You know she's a whore."
"She looks fifteen. Maybe."
"What, with those hooters on her ?!"
"That dun mean nuttin. My sister in law's cousin's nine years old, got more rack on her than a whole shelf of Sports Illustrated."
"Yeah. Right. Your cousin in law's sister's feeding that hog bitch of hers too much. I've seen the way she shovels that potato salad. How old are you, bitch ?"
"I'm fifteen. But she's sixteen. It should count for something."
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean ?!"
"She lets me hang out with her, doesn't she ? That's almost as good as sixteen."
"Ahahahaha. Listen, Max... they're not streetwalkers. Whatever the hell they are. Just a coupla beautiful young sexy kids with a mother to support, odds are."
"Yeah. Right. I dunno, Carl. They sound just like whores to me."
"You know how tough it is for a girl to get three square meals and a roof over her head in this town. Let's give them a break, cut them loose."
"Man... and what else ? They're broke, too, maybe ? That tween ass right there ain't enough to buy a pass from me. If she ain't too shy to show what her derby's like... maybe, I say just maybe I might give her a break."
"Jesus Max, she's got a pair of thighs on her... As soft as a bunny's fur."
"That why they call you Bunny, bitch ?"
"Are you two done interviewing already ?"
"What ?"
"Quit yakking and start fucking."
"Yeah. Are you two a coupla faggots or something ?"
"Sweethearts, Bunny! We've rolled up a coupla hand-holding sweethearts over here. Driving all day in their automobile, exchanging kisses all the while."

~ * ~

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"
"Fill me up, Daddy!"
"Give it up, cop."

"Holy god that was a rush!"
"Better than that old bag raising the kids back home. Ten thousand times better."
"And you wanted to stick them up with larceny. What if they got a deuce ?"
"That'd have been a pity. I don't remember the last time I had a good time with a whore."
"I don't remember the last time I had a good time fucking. Bitches, how much the ride ?"
"Just give them a hundy. Here!"
"You give them a hundred. I'll give them two. If you two whores ever move your whore asses off my street, I'm gonna find you and croak you. Got that ?"
"Yes Daddy."
"Does that mean we got like a licence to whore, now ?"
"Damn straight. You're bonded, licensed, the works. Now turn loose, get the fuck back to work."

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