The sulphur dioxide (SO2) cloud above Wuhan

Monday, 10 February, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The media circus of the day revolves around the femstate's "weather satellites" (don't you know) having noticed SO2 over Wuhan in concentrations of like... 1400 ug/m3. Which, you know, ~technically~ could be the result of burning corpses. Like you know, AT AUSCHWITZ!!!i

The idea being that because so many people died from the latest "bird flu" nonsenseii there's a major cloud of sulphur dioxide resulting from all the burned corpses. What a story, huh! And the authorities are lying about it!!! Not to mention withholding from "we the people" of retarddit "the truth" (as they conceive it). Hey people of China, don't you want some derps in charge instead ? They still have them on ice at Blue State Storage ever since Erdogan kicked them out, it'd be no trouble at all!

If you're like me, namely not born yesterday, you might be aware that Wuhan was never within western world tolerances for pollutants this millenium. Never. Nor in fact since the mid 80s/early 90s, and this includes everything, not just sulphur dioxide. These are the people building coal power plants by the hundred A DAY, after all -- because this is how you industrialize.

But for all the spring chickens bereft of any history in this world or any sort of clue, for all the dumbphone cluckers ready to swallow anything with zero checks of any kind, let's do a little math shall we ? You do remember this math thing, right ? It's science!

To begin with : since the molar mass of N2 (the principal constituent of air) is 14 while the molar mass of SO2 is 64, it then follows that concentrations given in grams will be larger than concentrations given in mols by a factor of about four -- just in case you were wondering why they use kg/m3 as the reporting unit, that is.

Moving on : air density being, taken roughly, 1.2 kg/m3, it then follows that there's a little under 100 mols per cubic metre... Wait a second! At this juncture we recall that apparently we thought there's 22.4 liters per mol of gas at standard temperature and pressure back in school, so these numbers really don't check out -- air density should be about half the given value on the basis of the gas mass involved.

Then we recall that natural air also has suspensions in it, such as chiefly water, which is why the AC unit spends most of its energy not on conditioning the air, but on condensing the water. Hurray for checks, huh!

So taking the logical tack here : half the mass of that cloud is actual air, the other half suspensions, part of which suspensions SO2. What's 1400 micro grams of SO2 / m3 actually mean then ? Well, something along the lines of, "Of the 6`000`000`000 slots for suspensions available in a cubic meter of air, sulphur dioxide takes up a normalizediii average of 350", also known as 58 ppb (though, admittedly, suddenly not quite so apocalyptic-sounding anymore).

But let's get back to the amusing implication behind the apocalyptosis. So, admitting that the cloud is only one meter thick, like a single sheet of cloud specifically engineered around the resolution capabilities of military satellites "weather baloons" in these matters, and knowing Wuhan is about 1`600 km2 (something you can eye-verify by looking at the scale of that map they keep throwing around), it then follows we're talking of no less than 1.6 * 109 cubic meters. Times 1.4 * 10-6 the grand total comes to roughly two tons, two tons and a quarter, something like that (of sulphur dioxide involved in the airborne proceedings).

Oxygen is 16, thus therefore it makes up half the mass. Sulphur is the rest. These muppets are saying there's a ton of sulphur that ended up in the air (admitting, of course, that all airborne SO2 around Wuhan comes from burning coronavirus'd corpses, rather than, say, ancient dinosaur farts fossilized, and that the cloud's the shape of a thousand-square-kilometer dinner plate, which doesn't ever fucking happen, not even above LA) from burning bodies.

Do you have any idea how much sulphur there is in the average Jew ? We have pretty decent data from Auschwitz, fortunately for science! 200 or so ppm. That's it. In a million people, there's just about enough sulphur to have it centrifuged such that two hundred of them are pure sulphur -- which is convenient, because a coupla hundred people of the yellow persuasion just about make up a ton!

The population of Wuhan is like 11 million, at which juncture.... get the fuck over yourselves, they don't have enough corpses to make that cloud out of them no matter what the fuck they did.


  1. Or as they say, "it's science". []
  2. Hey, remember when the world was going to end because of acid rain ? No ? You're too young. How about the zone in the ohone layer ? Neither ? Aww.

    How about that time Romania slaughtered all its chickens, because they're fucked in the fucking head (while Hungary refused to do so, and told European "regulators" exactly where to stick it), which did nothing besides Romania being stuck for a year or two importing Hungarian chicken meat for internal consumption at a 120% to 150% premium, because stupidity makes life hard ? []

  3. Normalized in the sense of adjusting for molar mass. Takes four waters to weigh the same as one SO2. []
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4 Responses

  1. Fatal error in 5th paragraph. Didn't check maths any further, but conclusion is obviously correct for anyone who ever sniffed burning coal.
    If someone tried to look for burning corpses via satellite the only way possibly mayhaps working would be looking for some fancy not too heavy organic compounds that are partially oxidized proteins. It would require doing some spectroscopy from space and probably it couldn't distinguish human from any other meat or maybe even plants.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 11 February 2020

    You're supposed to be more explicit!

  3. N2 - 2x14g/mol=28g/mol O2 - 32g/mol Ar - 39 g/mol from that average molar mass of air 0.78*28+0.21*32+0.01*39=28.95 at 22,4l/mol that is 1.292 kg/m^3 air density is lower because 22.4l/mol (of ideal gas) is at 100.0 or 102.5 kPa I don't remember which and 273K temperature. Water vapour is 18g/mol but is least ideal gas (here be dragons and 41kJ/mol for phase change between gaseous and liquid water at 293K and about 100kPa). Sixth paragraph doesn't make sense.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 12 February 2020

    O wait, so you mean atomic number and molar mass ain't the same thing ? Sheeeit.

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