The pool party

Sunday, 17 May, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Johnny!... Hey, Johnny!... Where is that boy..."
"I'm in here mom!"
"What are you doing in the basement ?
"I'm... I'm uhhh... working on a project. For school."
"Well come out of there. Look what was in the mail!"
"What ?"
"Oh, it's an invitation. You're invited to Mrs. Messerschmidt's pool party tonight."
"Sorry Mom! It's just that... umm... you know, I... would it be okay if I didn't go ?"
"You don't want to go to Mrs. Messerschmidt's pool party?! That's ridiculous!"
"No butts, young man. Of course you're going. She's gone to all the trouble of inviting you... look what a nice invitation, too! Besides, I RSVP'd already."
"Was it really in the mail ?"
"Ah... no, not exactly. Mrs. Messerschmidt just gave it to me when I stopped by her place earlier."
"Why did you do that for!"
"That's none of your business, Mister!"
"It's just..."
"What ?"
"I'm not comfortable there. She always makes us take off our clothes and stuff..."
"Why should that make you uncomfortable ? It's only natural for little boys to expose themselves nude in public."
"How come Sarah never has to do it ?"
"What a silly question. Sarah is a young lady."
"So it's only for little boys ?"
"That they have to be naked socially, so everyone can see their whole body and especially their little wee-wee ?"
"Ask the question properly, young man!"
"Is it... is it only for little boys that... that they have to... to be naked, so... so... so everyone can see them... and... and their little wee-wee ? Especially ?"
"I don't know, Mom... Sometimes... it makes me so ashamed."
"Now stop this foolishness at once. Mrs. Messerschmidt is doing you a good service, easing you into it. And they've got such a nice pool, too. Go get ready, I'll drive you there myself."
"But Mom! It's not even three!"
"So ? It's true that the party's for tonight, but you should be there early, in case she needs help with preparations or anything."

~ * ~

"Are you absolutely definite I must go, Mom ?"
"I thought I told you to get ready."
"I am ready!"
"What, like that ?"
"This is what I always wear!"
"Precisely! It's supposed to be a party. And besides, look, it says so right here, 'Pool attire please ; little boys in swimming trunks and nothing else.'"
"Awww! Mom!"
"Now don't be difficult, Johnny! It'll be good for you, such a nice party..."
"Mom! Please..."
"Awww, who's Mommy's little boy ? Come, come, don't cry. You can do it for Mommy, can't you ?"
"I... I... "
"Don't you love me ?"
"Yes Mommy! But... Is that all it says ?"
"The invitation ?"
"Yes, about clothing."
"It also says 'Little boys who are uncomfortable in swim trunks may wear pretty sissy boy attire instead.' But that's not you, is it Johnny ? You're not a sissy boy, are you ?"
" Mom."
"Now take those everyday clothes off and I'll go get your swim trunks."
"No more buts, or I'll take you out on the front lawn."
"Yes ?"
"No, please, please, look!"
"Haha my little boy, what is that ? Did you put girly panties on under the jeans ? Awww, that's so cute..."
"I... I... "
"Why did you do that ?"
"I... I thought they'd humiliate me more when... when they saw."
"You like that feeling, don't you boy."
"I... I... "
"That's okay. It's normal to be confused at your age."
"So should I... everything ?"
"You may keep the panties on. They're very pretty. I don't think it'll be any trouble if you wear them under your swim trunks. And if anyone asks you can say that's your sissy boy attire anyway."
"Now go open the front door and stand there while I get your swim trunks."
"But... Mo-om! What if... what if someone comes ?!"
"If anyone comes you walk out to meet them, you introduce yourself, you tell them you're going to Mrs. Messerschmidt pool party later and you ask them if they would like to come in."
"What do you do if anyone comes ?"
"I... I... walk out... in my sissy boy panties... to.. to meet them and I... I tell them I am going to... to... to the pool party and... and... and... ask if they like my sissy panties and... and... if I... if I should take them off."
"Thats a good boy! I won't be a minute."

~ * ~

"Hi Johnny! Is your Mom making you go to the party ?"
"Hey Billy. Yep. You ?"
"Me too."
"What a gyp."
"I guess I see you there, huh."
"... do you like my panties, my sissy panties Billy ?"
"O yes, very much. They are very sissy panties Johnny! I wish I had panties so nice myself!"
"Why don't you show us what you have under your pants, Billy ?"
"Oh hi Mrs. Katzenkreuz. I... I don't have anything!"
"Anything at all ?"
"Just... I mean... just my little wee-wee."
"So show us all the same."
"But... but I'd have to... ?!"
"Yes, take off your shoes and everything, why not."
"I... I..."
"Please Billy, just do it, we'll get in trouble."
"That's right young man! You don't want me to call your Mother on the phone, do you ?"
"No, no please don't Mrs. Katzenkreuz. I already caught a hiding for... I mean... may I take everything off on your front lawn please Mrs. Katzenkreuz ?"
"Please do Billy. Please do."

"Oh look at your poor friend, all naked in the middle of the road like that, Johnny. Don't you think it'd be nice if you gave him your swim trunks instead ? So he doesn't have to walk all the way to the party completely naked ?"
"I... I... "
"That's okay Mrs. Katzenkreuz, thank you very much, but I could just put my pants back on..."
"No you couldn't."
"Oh... I... do I really have to walk over like this ?"
"You two wait here holding hands like two lovey dovey pretty boys ; I'm going to go inside to ring up Mrs. Schmetterschitt and tell her I'll be giving Billy a lift to Mrs. Messerschmidt's pool party so she doesn't have to worry one bit."
"Don't get into any trouble now, you hear ? I'll be right back."
"Mrs. Katzenkreuz ?"
"Yes ?"
"Could you tell Mother I've been a good boy please ?"
"Oh definitely, Billy. You've been nothing but cotton candy an' sugar cane, honeybunny."
"Thank you Mrs. Katzenkreuz."

"What do we do now ?"
"Do you want my swim trunks ?"
"I... Ugh. I mean... it'd be nice..."
"They're my danged swim trunks. You should have to wear these panties."
"I... Ummm... you think so ?"
"The best idea is if I just take my panties off too. That way we're both naked. Can't go wrong with that."
"I guess so... hey Johnny, did you ever..."
"What ?"
"Did you ever kiss one ?"
"Well I mean... sure."
"No I don't mean, like a little boy one. I mean a big one, like the ones they keep locked up."
"Timmy told me that's what this party's gonna be all about. He said we're old enough now so they're gonna make us."
"Really ?"
"Yeah. He said it was the same way for him last year."
"So... how does it go ?"
"He said you have to give your swim trunks to one of the big boys. Whichever you want."
"Yeah, and he says it's forever, like, you have to be on your knees and you pledge eternal love and it's a ceremony."
"Oh my god."
"And then you have to call them 'bigger boyfriend' forever. And there's many things you have to do."
"So... I mean... who's going to be there ?"
"All of the married bois pretty much. With their Princesses, of course."
"So what happens after ?"
"You have to spend Fridays after school until Monday morning with your bigger boyfriend from now on, like, at their house where they live."
"No ?!"
"Yes! Timmy says nothing will really be the same anymore."
"And what else ?"
"They give you an engagement jewel. Timmy showed me his, it's like a big jewel with a weight, like an egg. He made me kiss it, too."
"So do you wear it around your neck ? I've never seen that..."
"Oh no, it's for..."

"There you go boys, all... oh, aren't you two cute. Have you decided you'll dress in the car ?"
"Yes Mrs. Katzenkreuz."
"Yes Mommy."
"Alright well, hop in the car then. I'll go open the garage door."

"Bill ?"
"Yeah Johnny ?"
"Will you kiss my wee-wee ?"
"At the party ?"
"No, I mean right now."

"Oh look at you two lovebirds. Johnny, what have I told you about having other boys kiss your wee-wee ?"
"That I should also kiss theirs ?"
"Exactly. Now lean in and give Billy's little wee-wee a sweet loving kiss."
"Now keep going..."
"But Mom... only faggots do that!"
"That's alright Mrs. Katzenkreuz. It's better for me this way, I like it best like this."
"Have it your way then, Billy... Though thinking about it...those old swim trunks aren't really up to snuff. I'm going to stop on the way and buy you boys new stuff."
"Where are we stopping ?"
"At the mall, of course."

~ * ~

"Oh good day Mrs. Katzenkreuz. What a lovely day for a stroll, isn't it!"
"Very nice indeed Mrs. Wurtenspurtz."
"Is that little Johnny ? My, my how he's grown."
"Yes it is! Curtsy sweetly for Mrs. Wurtenspurtz, Johnny!"
"And is that little Billy, Mrs. Pfuffelstuff's twelve year old ?"
"That's right. I'm taking these lovebirds over to Mrs. Messerschmidt's pool party."
"Oh, isn't that nice. Time for their jewels already, isn't it."
"Indeed, it does fly by... Well, good-by Mrs. Wurtenspurtz, we have to see the lingerie and the swimwear shops before heading out."
"Goodbye, Mrs. Katzenkreuz."

"Mom ?"
"Yes baby ?"
"What did you mean lingerie and swimwear ?"
"I was thinking you boys could have some very skimpy girl swim bottoms, and some very lacy and frilly panties underneath so they show. What do you think ?"
"Oh I love the sound of that, Mrs. Katzenkreuz! My mother never buys me anything nice like that. Thank you so much!"
"God damn it Billy!"
"What! Don't pinch, Johnny! You should be getting on your hands and knees every minute to thank Heavens for a Mother so great and loving and considerate like Mrs. Katzenkreuz! That's God's honest truth! Ow!"
"Stop that this instant, Johnny! Just because your friend Billy is a little sissy faggot doesn't mean you should bully him... much."
"You hear that, faggot ?"
"Johnny! Get on your knees and kiss your friend Billy's butthole right now and apologize, young man!"
"But... but..."
"No buts! Right here, in the middle of the mall where everyone can see you, on your knees and kiss that faggot's asshole!"

"Oh, Johnny... that's so nice... Oh... your tongue is so warm... oh yes, reach inside, that's so good and like an apology... oh... thank you Mrs. Katzenkreuz!"
"I hope that taught you a lesson, Johnny!"
"Y...yes mom."
"I might be a sissy faggot, Johnny... but you're a sissy faggot's asshole kisser!"
"Yes Billy..."
"Say it yourself Johnny!"
"I love eating faggot butthole. I like putting my tongue deep in there. I lick the faggot asshole good and deep all the way in. That's just how I am."
"Doesn't that feel nice to say, Johnny ?"
"Yes Billy... it's the greatest feeling."
"Now you two kiss and make up. Little lovey dovey love spat, awww. How cute!"

~ * ~

"Oh, my God Mrs. Katzenkreuz... that is so nice. Could I... could I have that instead ?"
"You sure about that, Billy ? It's maybe a little..."
"Oh no, no, please. Please Mrs. Katzenkreuz, that's what I want, it's perfect for me."
"Alright, I guess if you like it so much you can have it, why not. How about you Johnny, found anything that caught your eye yet ?"
"Um... I... I..."
"Really Mrs. Katzenkreuz, Johnny should have to just go in a pair of diapers. Because he's such a baby..."
"What a... What a terrific idea, Billy boy! That settles it, let's go get Johnny some huggies and get out of here!"
"And a solid gold pacifier, like they have in that window there..."

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    Wth acceptance is needed ? Just follow along with the rest of the cucks.

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