The FUD, the king of the hill and... so on

Thursday, 18 June, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Given that you didn't shut the shit down back when, FUD is now being delivered by the truckload. What... can you do!

They're just trying to help, you know. They're just trying to help and they're encantados de ayudarte.


Above : Bitchez be unmuzzled for this one. I didn't even think I'd have to link, but lo! it's been six articles ago! It somehow feels like yesterday...

Below : Two and one quarter pound Porterhouse steak. Cooked as yours truly likes it. Paradise!

Also on the table, double order of berenjena "a la parilla" (really, in fucking superb tahini sauce), artichoke in white sauce and I don't rightly recall right now what the fuck else. More things, that's for damn sure, and a bottle or two of the finest claret to be found anywhere. Because the country gent dines well, what can I say.


Yes ?


Above : tropical fish.

Below : tropical duck goose, and his duck girlfriend. This goose always has a duck girlfriend (not usually the same one for very long). He used to work for the local police, but now he's moved and... well, honestly, I don't know what he does for a living. Besides the ducks, of course.


Above : The one, the only, the unmistakable duck!

Below : clouds.


Above as below : this guy owns a particular cactus bush on my front lawn. King of the Hill!


Above : morning comes over Guachipellin.

Below : datura. Ain't it resplendent in its pinkish hues ?


Above : land, such as there's left.

Below : papaya tree, fruit & flowering buds included.


Above (as below) : flowering bromilliad/cactus. It's not clear to me what the hell this is, but the item flowering has no roots, it roosts high up in a tree. It does look a lot like a cactus, though, and who knows, maybe its flowering is indeed a very rare event. I don't recall seeing one before, myself.


Above : swarming reddish ants. The shot doesn't well capture it, but the actual event looked very... strange. There was a thickness of ants all seemingly going the same direction, thirty or more abreast. Then the path meandered as the thickness dwindled forward ; and backward. It looked like a bunch of ants are re-enacting the cellular shape of Euglena viridis in red, for some reason nobody can well explain. Eerie shit.

Below : dead frog, its guts slowly fermenting in the road.


What a parking job, huh ? As we passed and I wondered Hannah proposed "What if some guy comes over, plain as you'd like, gets in and drives it away ?"
"You think ?"
"It wouldn't surprise me."
"Would they be taking the chain off ? Because if not... it'd really surprise me, that thing can't break a length of rope, let alone any kind of chain."


Above : the best visual discussion of life available anywhere. On the left, the river of river, jumbling together rock, silt and such. On the right, the river of time, jumbling together assorted debris. Not really that much of a difference, if you stop to consider the matter. Now tell me more about female agency, and how you matter in this world (just as soon as my attention's raised enough to notice, of course).

Below : nom.


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