So what's a steinvorth, anyways ?

Wednesday, 09 December, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Our periplus for & through the day that was today at some point, recently (though isn't today no mo', nor ever again) begins with a careerwoman!


Isn't the muzzled look utterly adequate for 'em, by the way ? Somehow truly brings out the qualities in question, I find. Moo! Moo!


We had a most excellent cup of coffee (mug of capucino, w/e) at this cafe recently opened within a courtyard inside the... well, Edificio Steinvorth, as it turns out.


The cafe itself is called La Mancha, which is Spanish for... The Stain.

It remains.


Above : the very coquettish Mexican embassy here in la Republica de Costa Rica. It's such a quaint wonder from times past, one almost feels like they stepped into the 20s walking in. The 1920s

Below : fuck that pole, seriously.


The girls didn't feel like cooking, and so we went out.


This is me having the whole parking lot all to myself. No muzzleds allowed!


Ay Nicaragua, Nicaraguita, la flor mas linda...

The slumming continues.


Leaving aside the hysterical nature of a proposal to lease out publican fixed capital in the present circumstancesi, what the fuck do you supose a disco kitchen even is ? Like an electric car fuel injector, something like that ?


These guys engage in the most peculiar of behaviours! If they sense you close by, they lift their tails up, just like moths looking for a fuck do. This strikes me as kinda odd because I had just assumed they're sexually imature (on the grounds of being worms, aren't worms by and large the pre-pubescent instars of other things ?) and besides what's with the weird "we're sexually aroused by really large, humongous objects hovering overhead" ?!


This used to be a strip club, populated by the most unpleasant class of lame wanna-bes (or rather, pretend-to-bes). The one time I actually went to check it out, I had to tell some retarded girlie to get lost, and I'll call her if I want her for anything. Because otherwise she figured something more or less in the vein of owning the space, calling the shots, who even knows what the fuck mental derangements their overactive posturing drives them to. And no, none of them could even remotely pole dance, forget about it.

Anyways, meanwhile the respective "pimps" (in their own estimation only) blew whoreless an' the "stash" is long gone. So... there they are, sleeping in cardboard boxes underneath, where cars used to be parked back when cars used to be parked.

Don't you figure you owe them something ? No ? But shouldn't "the government" give them free shit in recognition of the fact that years ago, back when I visited, they hadn't beaten those dumb bitches into utility if not outright competence ? Shouldn't they get something for having missed out on their opportunities ? "Society" has decided to reward "not getting in trouble" over "doing something useful", and for all their unmitigated, unmitigable uselessness they're... well ? There they are, where's that which goes to everyone according to their needs ?

Turns out the only thing everyone gets according to their needs is death. Often, of hunger, universally through neglect, death comes for each & all.


This is an early Xmas present! Ever since I was a wee tyke I wanted one, but somehowii never got it. Not until now, that is!

So behold my delightfully tiny Venus the Flytrap. Lovage the lovable frog is very much entranced with it too (because as you perhaps already figured out, it's green just like him, and it eats flies just like him, so what's not to like!)

Thanks, bitchez!

  1. It should be self-obvious that anything above "free" is overpriced, what the fuck are we talking about here ?! Leasing is a mechanism to extract value from incidental misallocations of fixed capital, not a hail mary cashflow solution for desperate hearts. If anyone wants you to pay any money whatsoever for the use of equipment involved in public hospitality today, they're scamming you. That shit's as free as frog guts on raining-frogs day. []
  2. Argentina is too fucked in the head to actually deliver anything to anyone's spec ; and otherwise I didn't really spend my time in the right climes I guess. []
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