Princess Babydoll opens up wide.

Wednesday, 11 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Wednesday October the 8th. When I woke up I thought at first we're back at the hotel for the party. It was all dark. The bed felt the same. I was face down on my belly. Doll had her arm over my shoulders. sisi was sleeping with her head on my back hugging my ass together. I wanted her to kiss me so bad. I needed to pee even worse. It felt like it is coming out, one way or another. I tried to wiggle out but of course I woke them up. Doll said "oh, Babydoll" and sisi sighed and kissed me kinda on the side as I was getting up. The bathroom of course is not where it was in the hotel, because this is a different suite. It doesn't have a jacuzzi in the livingroom, either. But it also has a living room and two bedrooms. dogslave slept by herself in the other one. It was too cramped, and they told me she said "she'll be out of it all night anyway", meaning me.

When I was back they weren't sleepy anymore although it was very early and it wasn't even morning yet! Doll told me they made me drink a lot of water after putting me in bed, and that is why I had to pee so bad. I asked them how did they make me drink a lot of water ? Doll said she kissed it into me, and sisi said Doll just took a big gulp of water and then she held my head up sorta and Doll kissed my mouth and with her tongue made me drink it. I asked Doll why she did that, and she said because I drank a lot of wine, and when people drink alcohol they have to drink enough water before going to bed so they don't feel bad afterwards. But I was feeling pretty crummy anyway, and I told her, but she said "I told you not to drink it in the first place, Babydoll!" and I said I was so upset. She asked me if it was because of what the man said to me and I told her "Yes Doll! Why does he hate me so much!" but she said silly, he doesn't hate you. He's just afraid of you is all. But I asked her, how can the owner of this whole place be afraid of me ?! And she said that's exactly it, he has something to lose. I asked her what does she mean, and she said "If he was just some guy, not the owner of this place, would we be here ?" and I said not really, and she said "See Babydoll, he doesn't want to be just some guy, he wants to be himself, the owner guy". And then she said it really bothered him that I let him squeeze my throat like that, because it proves I don't have anything to lose, and that means I'm very powerful, because nobody can control me, because that's how you control people, by holding hostage what they don't want to lose. Then she said men's bodies are made to make them slaves, because their balls are outside their body, and you can grab hold of them easy, but that they hate it, and over time it makes them so afraid of their body betraying them... and she said that when a man and a woman really love each other very much, but not just Platonic but with great passion, then they almost make together one body, and the man is especially afraid of the part of his body that used to be the woman betraying him, because to him it's just like a bigger ballsac! And she explained that things don't usually work out for people, the deck is just stacked against them, like at the casino. The longer you live, the more things you try and the more things don't work out. So people don't expect the best, especially old people. They expect the worst.

I asked her if it is the same with her, and she told me yeah, kinda. I asked her if it's because of her hole, and she said Babydoll, before meeting your Dad and you I had a lot of disappointments. So I said Doll remember when you said "she is not going anywhere", about me ? And she said she remembers it every day. I asked her "What did you expect was going to happen then, Doll ?" and she told me she didn't know. She didn't know how it was going to be like, she just knew she doesn't care what it is, she just doesn't want to go on without me. And I asked "But why, Doll ?" and she said "Because I love you, Babydoll" and I hugged her but really, what does that mean ? Then they told me more things that happened after lunch, apparently I was kinda funny and silly and sisi and dogslave made a lot of jokes with the people and they really had a good time, even if I was so upset. And then they took us here because the place really is a hotel, only it's a very special sort of hotel with a slave dungeon underground and Doll said there's maybe hundreds of rooms and she thinks there are at least a hundred enslaved girls underneath, and maybe even a thousand! She said maybe even more! And she said all sorts of very rich and powerful people come to sleep here just to have sex together and with the slaves, and we're definitely being sold at auction and it will be something else! She said everyone is excited about it, she could tell, and the chef guy said our stunt this morning is extra good publicity, meaning because we went to lunch naked and all the people in that lobby saw us. She said lots of people are asking about us and we are making a big splash!

Talking to Doll and hugging her was making me really really want it, and I especially wanted sisi to kiss me. I turned my head to her and I said "sisi, will you kiss my butthole ?" and she hugged my ass again squeezing hard and said "Oh please Princess! May I ? May I ?" Then both me and Doll explained to her how to do it well, and she told me she had dreamed the whole night about kissing me deep in there. Then Doll got on her back, and I sat on her face and pushed my ass all out and rested my head on her belly. She brought her knees down to her sides so I could hug her better, and kiss her too if I want. I kissed her a little, softly on her bud now and again but I didn't really want to make her have it, I just wanted her to make it for me. She told me later that kissing a girl when you don't want to make her have is called teasing, like for hair, and that some girls like it very much and she especially likes it when I do it to her and she never wants me to stop teasing her bud. sisi came and kissed me right on my hole just once, after Doll had me almost about to have it, but I held it in and sisi came again and kissed me again and again harder and harder and she said "Omg Princess, you're kissing me back! You're kissing my mouth with your butthole Princess!" and then she flicked her tongue inside and it made me just crazy and I held on hard to Doll and bit her on her thigh. sisi just went harder and harder and deeper in me and for some reason put her fingers in next to her mouth although we didn't talk about that and she was pulling me apart like I was going to split open and Doll licked my bud hard and I had it so crazy I thought I would pass out but I didn't, it was like a passing out when you feel it raising inside you in your chest but when you pass out everything turns black but this was like everything turned mirror and I was walking underwater! And my bud got so sensitive and Doll was so hard on it and sisi stretched me out so hard it was crazy! Then it felt like I was landing and they were softer a little but then they went harder and harder again and I put my neck inside Doll's knee and she squeezed me a little between her thigh and her calf but I was pretending it's the man doing it to me and I pulled her leg in tight and made myself pass out for real.

Then they asked how it was and I told them it was the best ever! The best I ever had in my life! And they were really happy. Then sisi went to brush her teeth and I and Doll hugged and she told me she had sold me out to the owner, and I asked her what does she mean and she told me that she told him to come and fuck me in the ass this morning with his cock, to teach me a lesson! I was like "Omg Doll! How could you say that!" and she said "You have to open up, Babydoll. You have to open up and let men inside of your asshole, you have to get used to them pushing themselves into you and welcome them inside of you." Then sisi came back and I asked her "you knew about this ?" and she said "Well Princess... I was there you know" and I said "How could you let her betray me to a man like this!" and she said "But Babydoll... that's what we're for" and I asked her "Would you like to have his penis inside your butt ?!" and she said "He doesn't want me, Princess. He wants you." and I was like hm and Doll said "It's true. He really does." So I asked her "Will it hurt me, Doll ?" and she said yes it will, at first, but it will not be so bad, and that I have to relax and open up real wide and not focus on the pain but focus on making him welcome inside of me. Because sisi is right and that really is what we're for, and a woman that doesn't know how to welcome men in her is the worst kind of broken. But I told her "Doll, I'm not a woman, I'm just a little girl!" and she said we're not in Kansas anymore, and that it's true I'm not a woman yet, but it won't be long for me now. So I said "hm" and I was going to say something, but the door opened and there he was! The owner guy, he was wearing some kind of robe, and Meron was with him too! Only, she was walking behind.

Doll turned around in bed, so her feet were on my ass, and she hugged me with my head in her stomach and said "Come sir, fuck this saucy little tart in the ass." and I felt sisi's hands on my butt opening me up but he said "Let the little whore beg for it" and I turned my head from Doll and looked over my shoulder at him and I said "Please sir. I am sorry about earlier. Please make yourself whole out of me" and Meron took the robe off from his shoulders and I could see his cock. It wasn't as big as in porn and it was kinda weird looking and bent. He asked me "How much dick have you assfucked already, you fuckwitch you!" which is a very weird thing to say, I never heard about a fuckwitch before, I thought that's what witches did anyway. It's like saying soupbowl I guess, what else is a bowl gonna do. But I said "I have never fucked before sir. Only I kissed a man at where the balls are but sisi was sucking his cock, that's all" and he said "What ?!" and Doll said it's true, I've been always with her, she's a virgin. Just like she says, she's seen cock once and it wasn't even pointed at her." The man grunted and then he yelled out "Motherfucker!" and he turned around and grabbed Meron by the hair roughly and forced his cock into her mouth. dogslave came in, she didn't say anything but just waved hello and she hugged doll and kissed my mouth and then rubbed my ass which sisi wasn't holding open anymore and then kissed her on the mouth too. Meron was on her knees gurgling like a broken water pipe, and the man was fucking the hell out of her throat, you could see it bulge as he went in and out. I whispered to Doll "I wonder how she does that" but she whispered back "You'll see, it's not that hard." dogslave went all quiet and sneak behind the man and kneeled down, then she gestured for us to join her. sisi went over too and they put each one hand on his ass at the same time and spread him open and started kissing him in between, first dogslave and then sisi and then dogslave again and then sisi again. He yelled out "aaaaaa!!" and stopped moving Meron's head, but her trhoat was now moving up and down and the man was spazzing out! Then he was done and he just left, like almost running out! Meron was kinda sitting on the side, not really kneeling anymore, and panting. dogslave hugged her and sisi kissed her mouth and then she asked for permission to go and picked up the robe and went out quickly herself. Though with Meron honestly it's just how fast she normally walks, like you have to run to keep up with her walking.

sisi went to brush her teeth again, with dogslave this time, and we made fun of her for being such a anal slut that always eats any ass there is like "oh, maybe it's chocolate ?" but she just looked down and blushed. Then we talked about more things and horsed around but we were really tired so we just kinda took a nap, although the bed was kinda cramped. But I love sleeping with my baes! But I couldn't really sleep, because I was so crazy thinking, with my ass and everything! But then I fell asleep and then later when I woke up everyone was up and sisi was kissing my toes softly one by one. There was a big cart very pretty with statuettes where its parts would be and on the wheels and everywhere, and it had a lot of breakfast things on it, and they told me a different girl from Meron brought it in earlier but she was very shy and they just let her go. We had like real breakfast for the first time since Doll used to make it, and it was very good and they had many things from our place like smoked salmon and parmegiano cheese and olives and things. And eggs, of course, but everyone has eggs. Except the chickens, they don't have any eggs for long, but I mean like, every people.

Then the psych guy came in, but not with the beak mask or anything, just like his normal self, and he was with the new slave but I didn't have any time for her because I had some things to say to him! She went out with the breakfast things and he said "Good morning ladies!" all happy and I spread my legs wide though I can't do it so well as dogslave but with my knees straight and started rubbing my bud a little in my hand but very softly not like to make myself have it and I said to him "We're not ladies, we're whores." And he stuttered and looked away from my bud and said "Oh, of course, I'm sorry Princess whore Babydoll" and Doll asked him to what do we owe the pleasure and he said I saw you were up" and she cut him off and said "On the cameras, right ? You have cameras everywhere ?" and he bowed his head and said "Yes whoredoll." These people are very strange because they keep making words out of words smashed together like that. And they speak kinda funny too, like not like normal people speak. sisi was all shocked and started looking around for the cameras and dogslave got up and started doing like a tiktok thing, which is really easy to do you just do something funny and repetitive for ten bananas. I didn't stop playing with my bud but said "Mr. Head, didn't you say you call everyone whores ?" and he said "Oh Princess, that's just something you say" and I told him I think his job is the worst job in the world, and he asked me how come, and I said because you have to lie to people. And he said "just like a whore, huh" and I was like wtf but Doll said it's a little true, Princess, because remember how I said a woman must swallow anything ? It's because a woman is for making men welcome inside of her, and the thing with men is that they go crazy when they're with a woman, especially inside of her, and they don't talk normal like we do anymore but crazy bullshit and you have to be able to talk with them when they're like that. I stopped playing with my bud and looked up at her, and she explained things like that and the psych said, to Doll, "You're even worse than her!" and Doll said to him "You're just not very good at it." and his face got all red! He said "Esteemed whoreladies, I have a great favour to ask, and let me tell you about your day and schedule first ?"

But I said "No, the favour first, you lie too much." and he said "Oh saint joseph jesus and marry. You're a terrible virgin, Babydoll!" and I asked him if he hates me and he said he doesn't hate me, that it is his priviledge to work with me and he has learned more in two days than in two years of practice. And I said "not you, him" pretending like I meant the owner all along, but it's not really true because first I was asking about him but it's fun to do it like that like when someone answers your question you pretend it was about the other thing so really they're answering both questions but it only counts as one, and also it bothers them. So he asked me what do I mean and I said "You saw him come to me, last night. Didn't you ? And then he fucked Meron and he left. I was all ready to be hurt, inside. I was eager for him, why does he hate me" but he said "He doesn't hate you, Princess. It's just too much, what you were trying to offer him is the most valuable thing, you're like precious jewels with priceless jewels within, he didn't want to take it for himself." and I said "Why not ?" and he said because that is his business, he sells it, he doesn't eat it himself.

I said that is a terrible business and he said "Princess, all business is like that." but I asked him "Why ?" and he said business is like that because men are like that, but I asked him again why! and he said "Men are like that because that's how they were made" and I said "you have to tell me why they were made like that", and he said "Alright princess, I'll tell you. First of all, you start off with a period of thousands and thousands of years, while hungry, and cold, and desperate because you have nothing. Oh, you could have anything, anything you put your mind to, of course -- but it's all overpriced. You can push a rock, if you want to, but the pushing will be harder work than it seemed, and the rock once pushed worth less than it seemed. You can climb up a tree, if you want, but the climbing will be harder to do than you thought it would, and the view from up there not as great as you hoped it would be. You have to find food, and you have to find shelter, and all you have to sustain yourself through the night is a legend, great bearded legend. A story, of a place where everything that's good comes easy, and everything that comes easy is good. The rocks you push in the day, the trees you climb in the sunlight, they're not really yours. You're theirs much more than they're yours ; but at night, when the moon shines and all is quiet, then you are alone with your own brain, and that is who you really are and truly yours. All you have is that little brain, to hold you up and convince you that you are special, even in poverty, even in desperation. This little brain, that is the key, you see. With this little brain, you go out and buy a piece of cloth, cut that cloth in two, and sell the two halves apart, but for a penny more than what you paid for the whole cloth. With this little brain, you go out and buy a piece of clay here, and a piece of clay there, and you smash them together and you sell the bigger piece for a penny more than what you paid for the smaller pieces. So you go back out again, and again, and again, and the pennies add up, but during this whole time you must never succumb to buying yourself a piece of bread or a toy for your child. No, no, you must be hungry and cold and desperate and everyone must be sad, because you must immediately run out, and get yourself a larger piece of cloth to cut apart, and more clumps of clay to smash together. So you repeat this, over and over and over again and suddenly you discover something. You discover that you have no longer any desire to make anything. You still could, maybe, if you tried, but you don't try because you don't want to, not anymore. You're something else, now, something other than what you were before..."

"A pimp" I said, "you are a pimp" and he said yes, that is the word. "He loves me, he just doesn't love me like a whore loves me" I said, but he didn't say anything. I rested my head on Doll's nice pillow of a breast, and said to him, "What favor do you want of me ?" and he said "Princess, we want to make it a part of your terms of sale, of your sale contract, that you may be allowed to come back here if you want, and help us with young whores." I asked him, "Just me, or all of us ?" and he looked at me and opened his mouth and closed it and then said "All of you, Ma'am, if you please." I turned and looked at Doll, and Doll looked back at me, and whispered in my ear "We have to help young girls find themselves too, Babydoll" and I nodded and I said "We have to, don't we Doll. We have to." and then I looked at him and said loudly "This is not a favour that you ask, this is something that we have to do. And we will do it, too, but only on one condition." and he shuddered and said "What is the condition, Princess ?" I held my bud up between my fingers and I said "You must kiss me. Kiss me right here. Kiss me right now." He sunk low in his armchair and was breathing heavily but said nothing. He didn't move. Doll said "This isn't a favour she is asking of you. This is something you must do." He looked up at her, and with a voice like a little boy, strangled and small, he said "Your grace, let me be. I am a trained psychologist, not a venerial gourmet" but Doll said nothing at first, just looked at him, and then after a little "You have a responsibility to those future little girls, just like we do. Come do what you must do." He said "It's something I may not do. By the rules of..." but I cut him off. "That's why I ask you to. Do what you must, not what you may." and Doll said "Princess is right, if you are not willing and capable of breaching your rules, any rules, we will not come here. We will go somewhere, some place else, but it will not be here." He crawled on the floor all the way to our bed, and lifted himself, his head between my legs, and kissed me softy, very softly, with dry lips. And then he ran away. sisi was giggling and dogslave too, but I said "Fuck, what about our schedule now!" and Doll said "Oh no!"

I turned on her so we were facing each other and I whispered at her through my teeth "This is all your fault, slutty Doll! All you ever want to do is whore me out, to men, to fuck me and do things to me! Now look what you have done, we don't even have a schedule for today!" and she was begging forgiveness but I was on her tickling her and saying things like that to her and dogslave piled on and joined and we were both tickling doll but sisi was kissing our feet and begging us to please let her go, she didn't do anything. So then I turned to dogslave and I said "you know, that shy silly slut is probably right, it's not Doll's fault" so we stopped, and then I yelled out "It's sisi's fault! It was sisi's fault all along!" and we jumped on her but she escaped so we had to chase her around the room but eventually we caught up with her behind a curtain and we tickled her real bad! And then the chef came in! He said "Good morning whore patch!" and we all turned to him and then I went down on my knees and they all did too and we said together "Good morning chef sir!" all long like.

He sat down in the armchair by the door facing us and there were two other slaves with him that kneeled on either side and it was very strange because they had clothes on, but weren't wearing them, but just held on to them to their side. And they were very pretty but I think older and they were kneeling like Meron but we hadn't drilled it at all because we had no time so we were just kneeling like normal kneeling with your knees together which is stupid because you aren't showing anything. So I spread my legs like them too and Doll did it immediately and dogslave also but sisi didn't so dogslave elbowed her and she said Ow and then dogslave gave her a look and she caught on. It was kinda embarassing so I said "Aren't you going to introduce your slaves, sir ?" and he said No. Then he said "You've made a lot of trouble, you know that ?" and I said "We're just good little whores, sir. We're obedient and all we want is to please." and Doll said "We're no trouble at all, we always do what we're told sir" so he gave us a look and then he said "Here's what you will do now. First, there's an untraceable line ready, so you can talk with your friend. Who is going to do it ?" And I said "Can Doll come with me for it sir ?" and he said "Look, this is the IC lab, it's not set up for whore accomodation. It's out of the question I haul all four of you there." But I said "That's ok sir, but it has to be both me and Doll because Sylvia loves Doll, and they first met and were always together. But if I'm not there she will think it is some kind of trouble and probably not want to come. Or worse. It has to be both of us for it to work at all." He sighed and said ok, you two and told us to get dressed. And I said "Yes sir. But we don't have any clothes."

He said something I didn't understand to his girls and they came over to us and they dressed us. It was very strange clothes like I've never seen before, like a long sack you wear on your body but it is very pretty because it has drawings on it but not painted over but made out of the material which is very thick and soft and you feel like it loves your body when it folds over you! And also there was a very pretty shawl but for wearing on the head, you wrap it around so that only your eyes can come out and it is made out of something like I've never seen before, like softest than anything really and kinda shiny. And there's a different shawl to put around your waist but you're not supposed to squeeze it tight at all, just maybe a little, but it is wide, and mine was yellow and all pretty and Doll's was very dark red which she says is burgundy. And also shoes but with no heel or straps, just like a sort of sandals but only in the front, and that part was also made of a thing of cloth kinda, but again with the pretty drawings and I had a crazy looking thing like a snake and Doll had a rose with birds with very long tails that became the rose and these were really some of the prettiest things I ever saw in my life! Then he said "After you're back all four of you will go to the gym, and you work out there like the trainer says, is that clear ?" And we all said "Yes sir" looking down and then he said "After that you have lunch, and it will be with your fans and then you get to be in the spa and do whatever you like until dinner and then you will have dinner with more people. And then you can do whatever you want. What do you want to do after dinner ?" I looked around and I said "We'd just like to hang out sir, and I think we need some rest." So he nodded ok and said "Any questions ?" and I said "Are you our handler sir ?" He said "I used to be, but I haven't handled any girls in a few years now." then dogslave asked "Were you very good at it sir ?" and he said he used to be, maybe, and asked her why does she ask him that and I said "Because we can all feel how good you were, sir." and he said "Why must you make everyone so insecure all the time ?" and I said I don't know, and that I'm very sorry about it. Then I asked him if he'll train me to stop doing it, and he said he will! Then dogslave asked if we really have fans, and he said yes, a lot of people are very interested in talking to us, and everyone is talking about us and we're becoming like a legend. I said "Really ?" and he said yes, really, and he told us that the psych guy is working now on updating all their training materials with stories about the little dolls and writing stories about us for little girls and things like that! And then he told us our story will spread, and he thinks will change many things and make slavery much greater and bigger business than it ever was!

So I turned to Doll and I said "You're not in Kansas anymore, Doll!" and she wanted to laugh but didn't and chef asked what's that about and Doll said "Nothing sir, I told her that earlier when she was afraid to be fucked in the ass." and he said "But of course you did!" like he was exhasperated, which is when you're just "omg really ?" like you had enough of it but it just won't stop. Then he told us to come along, and we followed him but his slaves stayed with sisi and dogslave, and we went to the elevator and then the first floor and it was a lot of normal people everywhere like in a business office maybe and then we went to a different elevator and went underground but this had only one floor and it was a big room with a glass window very big into another room full of Christmas chests and closets and there were some young guys here too. Chef told us on the way to not bother the people so I asked how do we do that and he told us just don't talk to anyone, or touch them or look at them or anything! And we didn't, but I think we still bothered them a lot. How is it our fault, they just bother themselves mostly! But in between being bothered by us they gave us headphones and special microphones that clip on your shawl and then there were sounds like tick-tick-tick-tick and then Sylvia said "Yea ?" and I was like "Omg!" and Doll was "Sylvia ?!" and she was omfg is that you Doll ?! And Doll said yeah! and I said Hello Sylvia! And she was omg Babydoll! I am so happy! and immediately started crying. She was crying really hard and then a voice like a robot said "Standby for switchover" and then it just went beep-beep-beep. Then Sylvia said "Hello ?" and I said "Sylvia we can only talk a little bit at a time, but you just keep answering your phone ok ? And we'll talk that way! Okay ?" and she said "Ok Babydoll! But what happened to you ?" and Doll said "We were kidnapped, it was horrible" and then the robot cut in again. Then it dialed again and Sylvia was like "Omg, do you need help ? Doll ?" but Doll said "No, we're ok now love. We're slaves, and we'll be sold at auction soon." and Sylvia said "Oh my god that is so horrible!" and I asked her what's so horrible about it Sylvia ? and then the robot came again. Then she said what do I mean ? And I told her I know she has her career and all, but also we miss her, and we thought maybe she wants to come be with us."

When it dialed again Sylvia asked what is it like ? And I won't say the robot anymore because I don't remember it so well and it doesn't really matter anyway, but we told her that we don't really know, but so far it is very humiliating and we are like real slaves and we walked to the big restaurant, and chef did with his hand under his chin like "Drop it" and so I didn't mention anymore but just told her we were naked where everyone could see us and they were all dressed like normal and everyone looked! And Sylvia said "Oh my god!" So Doll asked how her gig is going and Sylvia said meh, it's kinda boring but ok, and she said people are looking for you, you know, like the police, but I said I don't think they'll ever find us. So she said probably not, huh, and I said I don't think we can talk again because of it, either. So it's pretty much right now, she has to decide for herself, if she wants to come be a slave with us or continue with her career but it can't be both. So she asked me what will they do to her and I said if you want to come they'll kidnap you like they kidnapped us and bring you here, and we'll be together. And she asked me "Is that true Babydoll ?" and I said "Yes Sylvia, it's true" and I told her she'd have to do what they told her, like go to a place by herself and put a blindfold on and handcuff her hands behind her back and wait for them like that. And Doll said "you do have handcuffs, don't you love ?" and Sylvia said "Yes Doll, the pair that you gave me, remember ?" So I said "So do you wanna come ?" and she said "Oh my god, you mean it's right now ?" and I said "Kinda, yeah." And she asked me what do they do to us here ? And I said I don't know Sylvia, we do anything they want us to, anything at all. But so far they only really wanted us to not make trouble, isn't that strange ? And she said Yeah that's strange. Then she asked is there a lot of fucking ? And Doll said nah, not really, at least not yet and Sylvia said this is really tempting. So Doll said "then come over lover" and Sylvia said "Am I going to regret this ?" and Doll said "I hope not". Sylvia said "Ok, what do I have to do ?" and Doll said "Just put something on, take something for a blindfold and the handcuffs, and go out of your hotel, turn left, three streets down there is an alley, in the alley there is a brown van parked, go right behind it, put your blindfold on, handcuff yourself and that's it. You'll be here tomorrow and find out for yourself. Sylvia said "Oh my god!" and then the robot cut off, but this time there was no redial.

I looked at Doll and she looked at me and grabbed my hand. "You think she's coming ?" I asked her, and she said "I think so. I think so Babydoll. I hope I haven't done something wrong. Something terrible, terribly wrong." Chef said "she'll be okay" and I said "Will you take her in yourself, Chef ?" and he asked "Do you want me to ?" and I said please! so he said alright. Then Doll looked at him and said "Can you please tell them not to fuck her on the way ? Please ?" but he said "That never happens!" and I looked at him and then at Doll and back at him like "wtf is he on about" and he said "That extraction team was reprimanded. They really weren't supposed to." then after a little pause "You were asking for it, you know that ?" and I said "I didn't know we weren't supposed to ask" and he said yeah. Then he asked Doll "Is she a lesbian ?" and Doll said "Kinda... not really. She fucks ok but I have to bring it to her. She takes it from my hand." and Chef scratched his head. Then two executioner guys came along and took us back to our place and left. The place was crazy! It wasn't just dogslave and sisi, the two slave girls Chef brought in at first were still there and like 500 of their friends, I don't even know how many girls were there, the bed was full and the floor full of sitting girls and kneeling and it was crazy! We said hello and kissed and nuzzled and hugged but it was just too crazy many to remember, like a whole parade! And it turns out that they all wanted to talk to us and were there talking and hanging out with dogslave and sisi the whole time and everyone respects us like that day in school only even more because these are real slaves and whores not stupid schoolgirls from the drama club or whatever, and they asked all sorts of questions and everyone wants to be friends but we didn't have any time because they said it's time to go to gym! And everyone had to go places because the whole time it was just girls going in and out because they could only be away for a little while so they kept leaving but new ones coming too! So we ran off to the gym with Chef's girls, but they said "Wait, don't you want to get dressed ?!" but I said "no time!" and we arrived at the gym I think we were late because the trainer was very stern and said so! But we were panting because we ran like a mile to get there.

The trainer was a girl and I think she's a slave too. She told us to do stretches first, and the other girls snickered because we were naked but they had stretch pants and sneakers and cool tops and sweatbands and gloves without the part for fingers and things! At first I thought stupid bitches, they're too shy to be naked, but then soon I was begging the trainer girl to give us some clothes please, because this gym is nothing like PE omg! It is so. hardddd! And you need the pants and the gloves especially and everything else because otherwise you get rubbed to blisters! And your tits bounce when you run and things, even if mine are small they bounce like crazy and hurt! I can't imagine what sisi or Doll felt like! So they gave us the sweaty clothes of some girls our size that were done and going to shower, and we had to wear them and their filthy sweaty panties too! Well, I don't really know if we really had to do that, but I said we do, and so we did! It was really gross to feel the cold wet thing between your legs ewww! But then we worked it hot and it was ok, you forget about it once you warm it up with your own sweat.

We worked out really long and hard, and even sisi and dogslave aren't as good as they used to be, they said this gym is really demanding and tough, and I said well of course, you used to train with little girls but they said nuh-uh, they even trained with the olympic team once and those girls were eighteen! And even nineteen! But this is hard and me and Doll were just pathetic, I think every single girl there was better than us at any single thing there is. But we will get better, we will, if I have to eat and swallow all their cold sweaty shorts for it I'll do it! And Doll will do it with me! Then we were late to lunch because we took longer in the gym because we weren't as good but we didn't want to skip things and we were late to begin with and so I said girls, let's go sweaty! And we didn't shower, we just went to lunch in our sweaty borrowed filthy clothes! I thought nobody will want to talk to us that way and they'll just let us be to eat and go to the spa, but I was wrong, oh I was so so wrong. There were like nine or even more, maybe fifteen guys at the table where we had lunch and they were all kinda young and all they wanted to do is kiss us like on the neck and sniff our armpits and things like that! They didn't even eat, I mean they kept trying to pretend like they were or even talk about things but really they just found pretexts and we didn't even talk about anything because we were too tired, they just wanted to like curl under the table and smell our socks! It was the craziest thing, and then when Meron came to take us to the spa they were like crazy and didn't want to let us go! They were pulling and pushing on each other and it was getting crazy, so I said look, you can have my shoes! And my socks! And I held out my foot and they took the socks off but they weren't even mine! And then I winked at dogslave and we all took off our clothes one by one and they were like crazy dogs fighting and tearing apart among themselves everything we took off. And then we were naked and the table was all overturned and stained from everything that was on it because I think every single cup or glass or anything was on its side on it, and I even stepped in some pate! So we ran off with Meron and left that mess behind. Doll was shaking her head on her way and I said "What Doll, it's just like Chef said, we're not making any trouble at all!" and she was like "riiite" and dogslave said "I hope they whip the shit out of us for this" and I said "I kinda would like a good welting myself!" and sisi just sniffled.

Then we lounged in the spa, which was very nice and relaxing but I was starting to hurt everywhere from the workout, and Doll too, but dogslave and sisi laughed at us and called us old bitches all stiff and crotchety and made us kiss their better butts! Then we had to dress for dinner, and we went to the place with all the dresses and oh my god these people here have a lot of dresses! It's crazy, completely crazy, there's a large room like it's the size of a warehouse and there's mirrors on all the walls and there are columns inside and there's mirrors on all the columns too real wide like three girls can stand in front of it and then in between there's just clothes and dresses and I think they have a million different dresses and shoes even more, like I think if you piled up all their shoes it would be a pile of shoes as large as the building of our school! And they're by sizes, and they have the same dresses in different sizes too, but it's very strange sizes not like 0-2-4-6-8 like in normal time, but here it is 0, then 0 1/3, 0 2/3, and then 1! and then at 2 it becomes 1/4 1/2 3/4 instead of 1/3 so there's four kinds of 2 and 4 and 6, and then there's also 2 C which is for curvy and it's like top is 2 and bottom is 4, and 2 VC which is like 2/6 and there's also T which is when your boobs are very big for your frame, and there's like a hundred sizes in total! But girls are not allowed to be over 8, and there is no 8 T only 8 VC which is a real big ass! And I am 2 1/4 and dogslave is 2 and Doll is 4 T and sisi is 4 T too! They really are the same size in dresses here too! And all the dresses are very great I don't mean like some are great and some are ok, all of them are great and sexy and revealing and there's even very skimpy ones or with your tits out completely and it's still a dress! Or showing cunt or all sorts of things, but there's also just normal sexy dresses but there's no boring ones. And the materials are all very great and not like I've seen before except for lickskin which they have, but there's all sorts of strange materials like my big strange dress earlier, and like the shawl and also there's very see-through like a gauze and many many kinds!

Both me and Doll chose the same red dress, which is very pretty like shiny red because it is covered in small little flat things and it goes low in your back right above your buttcrack and then it comes up over your tits in front, and there's an opening in between where the boobs are going all the way down to your bud almost, and showing your belly button, but it's narrow, and it has a thing right under the boobs really making it look like you have a very large cunt on your belly, and it is long and clingy all the way to the floor! And we wore it with really tall high heels, not like normal high heels where your toes are kinda close on the floor but these are way way up on like a podium for your toes! And they are so hard to walk in I can not do it at all, but Doll is better at it and I have to hold on to her like a little girl! So we're only going places together, I'm holding her with my arm around her back above her ass and she is holding me like that and it's very cute to watch! And dogslave got herself a lickskin slut dress, it's just very tight on her making everyhing show like her boobs and her clit, it's with no legs or arms really more like a leotard but it has ruffles coming out over her ass and they look just like peacock feathers, there's many and they're puffed up. And dogslave really likes to rub her clit softly through it, and at the table did it all the time, she'd dip her fingers in a sauce and rub herself, and dip her fingers in another sauce and rub herself, she rubbed her bud through the lickskin more than she ate! And people pinched her nipples and she sucked on their thumbs and they said she's such a good little whore and they called her a dumb bimbo and she just went ruff! ruff! and purred the whole night like she couldn't even speak! And she even put her shiny black really really tall heel on the table once to rub herself more comfortably and somebody kissed it! And they also felt us up, me and Doll, because it's very easy to do in our dress, you can grab a butt side from behind easy through the dress or else you can grab the bud from in front just putting your hand through the cut, just the boobs are more difficult. And sisi didn't know what to wear so we picked for her a very pretty pink thing which only went down to her hips so her legs were naked and people kissed her legs and thighs, and if she bends over her ass is completely exposed and otherwise it has a bunch of very puffy fur around the neck but it is see-through in the rest so you can clearly see her breasts and nipples and everything but in the see-through it is embedded with sparkels and it has little bits that say WHORE and there's icecream cones and unicorns and magics and many little things like that. And she had to sit in people's lap and she stained them with herself but really they liked it! Only me and Doll had to wear underwear with our dresses because there's rules what you can and can't do but we don't know anyhing except Doll said it's not that hard and she knows most of it but I am still happy we had the other girls there to tell us what's what and how to do and what everything is and what's it for, even if I also have Doll.

Then we went to dinner and it was very nice and we were introduced to all the people there at the large table where we sat down but we weren't next to each other but kinda towards the ends of it and there were people in between, not just men but women too, and they asked us all sorts of questions but it's too boring and repetitive to write down and besides it's just too much and also there were four smaller tables in the corners of the room with six people at each so there were like maybe more than fifty other people besides us and Chef and some girls from before that I knew were whores too because they were in our room before gym but maybe some others also although it's hard to tell. And it's not by the age, because all the slaves living at the facility like Chef and guys call it are young, not like us but I think they're all younger than Doll. But many women we meet that don't live here are slaves and they can be old, like real old like a granny! But they're still slaves and they love their owner and they are happy together! And also many young girls I asked and they looked just like a slave whore but they said no, they're here with their Daddy to buy them a whore for themselves, like they're Princesses I think, and their dads buy them young slaves just to kiss their ass whenever they want and have fun with, and learn responsibility, like poor people buy a puppy for their kids. And also I think so they learn to be whores from them and not grow up to be moms or something stupid or working for the government. And we had to dance too, although we don't know how, but I said we have to do it anyway, and people really liked to dance with me because I had to cling on to them so I don't fall and they tried to teach me and I think I learned a little but my feet really hurt.

And they said it's a dry party so they only kissed us a little but nobody sucked cock or did anything like that, and the other whores were talking about dogslave because it turns out puppydog came up with a way to bend the rules because it's still dry if she rubs sauce on her bud through the lickskin sorta, or at least it counts or I guess they never had to figure it out before so they don't really know. But nobody could lick it off from between her legs, though once when she was dancing a woman in a very beautiful white dress came and sat on her chair and soiled her dress in dogslave's sauces on purpose. And there was a different girl, very pretty and blonde and with real big boobs like even bigger than Doll's, they were just huge and pushed out, and I squeezed ketchup on her breasts from across the table, and she just pushed them out and lifted her chin and looked at me, and everyone said Bravo! Bravo very loud and then she rubbed it with her glove because she had gloves on her hands all over herself but I wasn't allowed to lick it off.

But they said we can invite some girls with us for after dinner, and I made with the finger at her to please come over because I couldn't go there myself on my shoes and didn't want to take them off either and be barefoot like a peasant in there, and she came and I asked her to please come with us afterwards and she said she would love to and she'll ask permission and dogslave asked another girl and Doll asked me what about her and I thought she meant a very pretty girl but she was not talking about the one I was thinking about but it was a couple of sisters, like twin sisters because they looked exactly the same as each other and then I said I would like to propose a toast and stood up and held my glass although I didn't drink anything from it all night because they said I shouldn't at my age, and Doll banged her knife on hers with one hand and held me up with the other and everyone was quiet, so I said "Here's to the man who'll fuck what he can, and here's to the whore who yields to that man! Now we'll pluck three or four and begone, but in sweet parting, dear all... admire our suntan!" and everyone was just wild clapping and yelling and I went with Doll towards the door a few steps and stopped and turned and dogslave and sisi were coming towards us and so was the pretty blonde girl whose name is Alana and also dogslave's girl whose name is Rosebud and the two sisters Doll was talking about stood up and I reached behind Doll and unbuttoned her so her dress top fell before her and her breasts were out and then she reached behind me and undid mine, and then I wiggled out of mine and Doll wiggled her ass out of hers and we were completely naked and dogslave started squeezing herself out of her suit and sisi just lifted her thing over her head and threw it towards the table but it kinda floated so she kicked it in the air and everyone went wow! like toghether so she raised her leg like she can do on the side of us and dogslave got out of her skin and did the same on the other side and we were like a whore monument and Alana left her dress behind and she came all naked between me and Doll so I almost fell over but then they caught me and the sister girls were holding hands and they're Cherry and Candy and they're extremely pretty and everyone was just wild and we all turned around together in a line holding each other and bent over low to show our butts and then walked out!

It was the best party ever, by like far! And Meron was also with us at the door and she said so too, like it was the best party she ever saw because usually the girls are very shy and there is no show like we had. We walked back to our suite and we just hung out with the girls and talked all night until we were very tired and Alana slept with me and sisi and Doll slept with dogslave and Rosebud because Cherry and Candy had to go back to their Master and I will tell what we talked about tomorrow because I don't remember so well what was at night and what was in the morning anymore.

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