Princess Babydoll looks in the mirror.

Saturday, 14 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Sunday October the 12th. I woke up very early, I don't know why. I was trying to keep my eyes closed and fall back asleep but I heard Doll talking so I went to investigate. sisi was totally out of it but dogslave kinda woke up a little but I whispered "go back to sleep" and she did! I snuck up all quiet and their door was open a little so I could hear really well. Sylvia was telling Doll this story of this other girl, who was the daughter of a woman that owned one of the modelling agencies which organized things where Sylvia worked, and her name was something longer but everyone called her Messy. Sylvia was even at her wedding, and she said it was the craziest wedding ever, because this Messy girl who was the bride had her bride dress made so her boobs were out! She just had a normal bride dress very long and puffy like they are and with a white veil and everything like a bride, but her dress didn't show just a little bit of boob, it let out her whole chest! Because she is a theoretician of feminism and they have discovered that it's guys fault that women's boobs are sexy, because of the male glaze. Because in other places like in Africa women's boobs are no big deal but very normal like a nose or something, and it's nothing to be concerned of. So she made her dress that way to honor femininity traditions from Africa! I don't know what sense does that make because Sylvia said she was a white girl like herself, not even a little black like Doll, and she wasn't even from Africa and her mom was from Rochester which is in Connecticut. And her great-grandmother was on the Mayflower which is a ship that sailed long ago but it didn't sail to Africa either. And besides, boobs are so much fun, I never wanted to sleep covered in noses or anything like that. I'll have to ask Meron if this is true about Africa, she will definitely know.

Doll said that's pretty wild, and asked if the bridesmaids were topless too ? Sylvia said "No, they were all trannies." which is something I had to look up but it's when little boys, like normal boys that could grow up to be men like Psych or Chef train to be slaves instead, and they take whoremones just like we do every day and because of that they grow boobs and are pretty just like a whore, because gender is a social construct of medicine. But they don't ever have their hole made in them because they can't have it. I wonder if really I am a trannie too and nobody wants to tell me. But Doll rolled her eyes and Sylvia said "Yup, all the bridesmaids were trannies on loan from her friends, and all the bride's grooms" but Doll said "Best men ?" and Sylvia said "Nuh-uh, bride's grooms! She had a dozen thick bulls there the likes of which you've never seen outside a sports team, which I suppose is not that far off. And after the caremony she blew them too, they just lined up and she serviced one after the next." Doll said "And hung like horses no doubt" and Sylvia said "Yup, you'd better believe it, dudes had third arms hanging down there" Doll said "This is straight from the Pantplay letters" and Sylvia said "Exactly, I would never have believed it if I wasn't there to see it myself." which just means that the bride sucked on all these guys penises until they drenched her with their cum because Sylvia said she covered herself in it, and that's not something they normally do at weddings.

And the ceremony itself, Sylvia said, was changed, because she was standing up before a priest guy but the man was kneeling next to her, and he was dressed funny with a sort of pirate shirt and short pants made of some kind of leather and it's a big deal somewhere but I didn't understand where though it starts also with A but not Africa this time. And then the man said "with this ring I thy wed" and it was a huge diamond ring, but he didn't put it on her finger and she didn't either, instead she put it on a necklace she had, and there were more rings hanging from it so it just went with the rest. And then she said "with this leash I thee wed", and she put a dog collar on the man, but it was prettier than normal dog collars. Then the guy said "you may now kiss the bride", but she didn't lift her veil or anything, instead she yelled out "Kiss my black baby's ass!" because she was holding her small baby which was kinda black in her arms. It was completely naked and very little, because that's why she had her breasts out, so her baby could suck on her boobs the whole wedding! And the guy kissed the baby's ass, and they were married that way. And the reason she had a black baby was that she was very careful to only let black men into her hole and that's what makes the baby be black although it's not as black as the man.

Sylvia said that she heard that even before, at the hospital when this woman gave birth to the little baby she went with both this man from the wedding and another one, because she wasn't married to him then but she was married to the other one! They drove her to the hospital and she was barefoot when she got out of the car for some reason and they had to both hold her hands and she told the nurses and everyone, "this is my husband, and this is my boyfriend" because she was challenging gender and class stereotypes and being activistic, which is when people do stupid shit they don't understand what it is or why they're doing it. And everybody didn't care because nobody knew who she was so why would they care who her husband is or boyfriend or anything, the nurses aren't her mom really, and feminists are secret women nobody knows about, especially theoretical ones. Then the baby came out black and it was very humiliating for the men because they were both white and the crazy woman is white too so it means that maybe they didn't fuck her, although it's not for sure what it really means, they could maybe have fucked her too because dogslave was fucked and she doesn't have any babies and Doll too, so what's the point ? Sylvia also told Doll she fucked while she was away, Doll told me, but she said it sucked, and Sylvia doesn't have any babies either. So I think in the end it's just that they wanted it to be humiliating so it was, which is how it works best anyway, and babies are more complicated than that.

But before having her black baby this woman worked really hard to make it, and she was living with her husband but in her boyfriend's house, and she had the main bedroom all for herself and her boyfriend had to sleep in the spare bedroom but he wasn't by himself because her husband had to sleep in the closet! And he had to pee in a special bucket, and always had to wear maids uniforms and do house chores around the house, and the woman didn't have any sex with her boyfriend at all or with her husband but she only had sex with big black guys and the boyfriend had to watch them do it and take pictures and kiss her after and her husband had to clean up and things like that. Sylvia said she married her other first husband in a normal ceremony years before, right after college, but that his job wasn't really making enough money and her mom didn't approve of the husband so she caged him up and made him her slave, and didn't let him go to his work anymore, and then she met a very rich guy who she made her boyfriend and at first they made fun of the husband together but one day the woman whispered in his ear as they were doing it together that he can laugh at her husband all he wants but it is his own fate too, and he can't escape his fate. She made him beg her for all sorts of things after that and then caged him like her husband too, and it turns out it means something else because caging him up isn't about putting him in a cage like we went in to make Sylvia feel welcome, it's not a large cage that's really a sort of special small room, but it is a special thing that goes on the boy's penis, and it makes it so he is more like a girl somehow, though it's still not really a hole.

Doll said that's so fucking sad, and Sylvia said that poor woman, you know ? She has three babies to take care of now, one who maybe ever grows up but maybe not and two who never ever will for sure, because it's too late for them by now. And Doll said "And all because she took seriously what she read in porno mags". And Sylvia said "So that's why I didn't care how scary it was when she asked me", meaning when I asked her, to come over and be with us! I snuck back out and into bed, silently, but I was so happy I can't say into words how happy I was, and Doll if you read this sorry for snooping but you know she is a little my whore too, just like you are!

Soon a different girl brought us breakfast, and she kneeled when she saw me and dogslave going out of our bedroom and then she bent her body forward and bopped her head against the floor and put her face down on the floor after she had enough head bopping. I asked her if her belly hurts but she started crying a little and said no, it is just her dream come true to see me and all of us and that we are her real saints and she prays to us all the time for miracles! Because I am a virgin just like Mary only better, and all the other holy glories of heaven with me, meaning Doll and everyone, and we can make miracles if worthless lowly slaves like her have good faith in us and our power! So I had an idea and I asked her if she'd like a gift, and she just sighed and said anything, please anything! so I ran into the bathroom where Doll was clipping her nails and I took a clipping and ran back to the crazy girl and told her it's mine and she can have it! She took it and I think kinda sniffed it a little, and then shoved it hard inside her bellybutton and I think she hurt herself with it because there was a very red tear of blood dripping away from her slowly. Then she crawled out! She was a very pretty girl with long curly hair and her skin was a lovely warm color of honeycomb, too bad she's retarded though.

Then we went to the gym because we didn't go yesterday, right, and we were on time and we didn't say a peep! The trainer patted my butt and said I am making progress, and Doll saw it and I could see it made her so happy! Then the trainer went right past her and didn't say anything, and Doll was so sad! Then she looked at me and she was happy again, like a carusel. Then after workout in the shower I got close to a very beautiful girl right next to me that was at least seventeen or even more, and I said "Hey". I think I know her maybe from somewhere though I don't remember her name. She said "Hello Princess." with bated breath and was all excited to talk to me. I hugged her and she hugged me right back and she went to kiss my mouth because she thought I was, but I really just wanted to whisper in her ear, so she reclined her head on my shoulder and I whispered "Are there any trannies here ?" She turned her head and said I think so, then kinda looked around and said "Sure, there's Fran." I turned around her and held her from behind to look where she is looking. I had my hands on her hips but she lifted them with her hands and rubbed her boobs slowly with my hands under hers, and she wiggled her butt into me. I asked "Where" and she pointed with her nose, and then I said "Can we talk to her ?" and she nodded and wiggled her butt more and then we went over holding hands. She said "Hey Fran!" and Fran said "Omg Nitty, is that the Princess ? Babydoll ?"

I giggled and said no, really I am her evil twin that is mean to everyone and tortures girls especially trannies and they both laughed. We went over to dry off and Fran showed me her cunt, but it's really nothing like one! She has a small penis where her cunt should be, it's just like a normal penis and she told me that is true herself, but it sits inside a very tight little sheath of thick clear plastic so it can't ever come out or cause any trouble. Fran told me it is the most important for girls like her to not ever have any stimulation of the penis at all, because that way their body learns better and they become sensitive in their butt because trannie whores have a small nut inside their butthole on the side towards their belly not their back, that girl whores like me and Nitty and everyone don't have, and it can be very sensitive especially if it learns to be and it makes trannies have a sweet pee just like girl whores only much easier to bring out. But really I think trannies are just boys in disguise because their trannie cunts just look exactly like a normal penis and there's even a ballsac there which is how the plastic sheath is anchored in fastened in the first place. I went for it and grabbed it in my hand, and Fran was like whoa! because it's very sensitive and delicate and I grabbed it too roughly. But then I did it again and Fran started to tear up, so I said she has to show us how her sweet comes out or else I'll do it over and over again. Nitty was laughing but Fran was really antsy and said that masturbation is forbidden in the gym shower.

I said that's ok, you'll just get punished for it. It's what you deserve for being a trannie anyway, isn't it Fran ? and I went for her balls again but Fran said yes yes please let me show you how I do Princess and put her thumb up her butt while I was holding her balls in my hand trying to be as delicate as possible. dogslave came and joined us but I don't know where sisi was, probably whoring out with some older whore with big boobs, and Fran pumped her ass againt her finger making it difficult on herself with her balls still in my hand and then she made a little thick in her palm and held it up for me to see. I said "is that it ?" and she said yeah so I licked it a little to taste it. The taste is very strange because dogslave's sweet is much more watery than this, but man cum doesn't taste anything like it either although it is also thick like that. But dogslave said no, it tastes just like real man cum and sisi also joined us and she said it's definitely cum. So I was like hmm and Fran thanked us for using her and went towards the showers, but I said "Where are you going Fran ?" and she said she's going to shower and doesn't like to take her finger back out before she gets there. But I told her no, she has masturbated which is forbidden, she has to turn herself in now.

Nitty was like o wow and Fran started trembling but I said she has to do it no matter what so she minced steps all the way to one of the trainers and cried and told on herself that she is a bad trannie whore that has to be punished because she masturbates look and showed the trainer her hand. The trainer just laughed and all the girls training laughed too, and then the trainer told her to just go wash off and three or four of the girls that were training pushed their pants down off their butt and showed their little trannie penises and ballsacs for just a moment. One even had a slave stone inside her butthole just like we wear! This is a thing trannie whores do, whenever one of them is in trouble for being a trannie they flash their little penises so everyone can see they're that way that too! It's called solidarity, and it only works because there's not so many of them, because if we girl whores did the same thing it wouldn't make any difference because everyone knows there's so many of us and how our cunts look. I think it's a good idea though and I think if a girl is in trouble or being raped or hurt and there's only another one girl there she should show her cunt just like the trannies do so the people do whatever they're doing to her too maybe. And the other girl will feel a lot better about what they are doing to her because someone loves her so much, and everyone will be happier.

On the way back to our place I told Doll and Sylvia about the strange cum but sisi said it's just normal cum really and Doll said Princess, when did you taste man cum ? And I told her, remember when the men made dogslave her hole ? And she asked me if Fran's the first time ever since then ? And I said yeah remember, the owner didn't want to touch me with his bent penis. I only had it from dogslave, what was left behind in her and the guy that fucked her then forced his cock into my mouth and after him the guy that fucked you in the ass. She said "Princess... they tore my asshole, I was bleeding." And Sylvia said wow and sisi asked what's going on and dogslave said "Princess thinks trannie cum doesn't taste like real man cum because she thinks real man cum tastes like cum mixed with blood because she only tasted it mixed with my cunt blood and Doll's anal blood." and everyone was like wow wtf.

So I said wait a minute then, there's really no difference, Fran is just a little boy ? He has a ballsac just like any man and makes cum just like any man, Fran is not a whore at all! Sylvia said "Oh brother!" and Doll said "What now." and Sylvia said "Princess, being a whore is a state of mind, not a state of ass." and I was like "hmmm" and Doll said remember when you said Alana is prejudiced ? I said "sure, it was yesterday" and she said "Well, you said that because she thought she's a whore because of what she does, but that doesn't matter so much, what matters is what you think while you're doing it, right ? If you think like Alana you can whore out ten ways from Sunday and you're still just a mom whoring out". I said "but then anyone can be a whore, like Psych could be a whore" and Sylvia said "Honeybuns, Psych is more whore than all of us together." but I got angry and I said "This is bullshit, everything is a whore like that, milk is a whore!" and they started laughing and saying it over and over, "Milk is a whore! Milk is a whore!" like crazy people. It's all bullshit, maybe a car is a horse really because it feels like a horse when going uphill so that's what matters, but Doll said "Some whores are terrible at it, that's all, it doesn't mean they need a special word."

We argued about it all the way to lunch and while we ate, and then we went to the library to see if there's anything good about it in all the books, and then we were there very late because there's much more interesting things in books than that. Like the story of the little girl that kept putting things inside herself like crayons and little pebbles and snails and everything she could find. Whenever she'd go anywhere she'd first pack her hole with the environment, if she went by a river she'd get some mud from the river side and shove it in herself, or if she walked through the forest she'd fill her hole with leaves, until one day she shoved a little spider in there. This spider was very smart, and he went for a walk inside the little girl, checked out all that she had in there with his little spider magnifying glass collecting clues and took samples of her and studied them in his spider lab which he had and investigated her place where her babies grow and everyhing. Then he ran out of her while she slept, and went and showed the other spiders his notes and samples that he took and he explained theories of his to them and they even had a little astronomical observatory with lipstick tubes with magnifying glasses in them attached to the roof because they were very civilised and scientific spiders. And they figured out a lot of things and in the morning they sent a delegation to the little girl, to invite her to visit their lab deep in the forest.

The little girl thought it's a great opportunity to shove some soft squishy mushrooms in herself maybe, or some slimy green moss or something, so she went, but when she got close the spiders all had a signal and they all bit her and she fell asleep from it because they had their poison set to sleep. Then they ate all her clothes away with their spidey acid and cut them off of her little bit by little bit but there were so many of them that it took them no time at all to do it because once she was asleep they came from all around hordes and lots and throngs of spiders because it was such an exciting event in spider world! So they tied her down with their silk all completely naked and then some spider queens went inside her hole, deep, deep inside, and spider scientists and more spiders dragging operation tables and spider instruments that they had, and they made an operation on her and gave her spider queen ovaries which are the things inside a whore making her periods. The little girl could never leave anymore, at first spiders just crawled on her face and stuffed her mouth full of flies and things they caught, but half-digested by them, and then she didn't want to open her mouth anymore so they silked her mouth shut together and just put food into her stomach through her nose, because there is a connection, and she could never open her mouth again or talk or yell or anything, because the spiders ate her lip skin and put them together with their silk and spider pee and it welded together so her lips did not have an opening anymore but it was just like on a butt, all smooth.

And they crawled inside her ears and banged spider pots and pans together very melodically which sounded like a voice saying things to her like if she isn't a good spider whore they'll do the same to her eyes and she will never see any stars at night or anything anymore ever again, so she tried to promise she is going to be a good whore but of course there was no way for her to speak anymore but it didn't matter because the spiders sat on her throat all the time on the outside, and they could tell what she's trying to say because spiders are very good at understanding vibrations and making sense of them because that's what they do best. So all the time there were many spiders going in and out of the little girl like she was a spider building, and slowly more and more parts of her became made of spider, and every time she had her period just lots and lots of spiders came out of her cunt, but some were really broken and had like, an ear on their back like a baby ear or a clump of hair like that old comedian guy that's not funny, but many were very good and some had little tiny hands instead of the pokey hairy things they have and the spiders became much greater scientists than before and they started hunting all the little girls and planting forests everywhere and after that the whole world was just spidey buildings meaning big piles of skin with spiders inside and parts leftover of little girls that the spiders kept and spider webs everywhere and just forest and darkness and lots and lots of spiders. The story said that if little girls put things inside or touch their cunts that's going to happen to them too, but honestly I think the entire thing might be just made up bullshit, just like tranny whores in the first place.

Then we went back to where we live and went to bed. I think it should be called something so I'll call it The Occunt, because I like how it sounds. And I said Sylvia can't sleep with Doll anymore because they're too annoying, and dogslave can't sleep with Doll either because they're Princessmancumbloodsisters now, and I won't even sleep with them because they'll probably rub my whore off of me with their nonwhore boobs and arms so I slept in the armchair but really it was too uncomfortable so I went in with Doll and sisi and they hugged me and we fell asleep. But then I woke up later to pee and I went to sleep with Sylvia instead and dogslave, and they hugged me too. And then dogslave got up and went to sleep with sisi and Doll, and then Doll came over to be with me but I think really she wanted Sylvia and Sylvia then got up and went over to be with the young whores because Doll is too old to be a whore and we really deserve each other, and so I slept with Doll but really we only slept like an hour at a time like cats and kept getting up to talk except for sisi who just slept like a log all night through and then asked wtf happened because she's in bed with different people but we just told her she's a whore.

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