Princess Babydoll and the pleasure of pain

Thursday, 05 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Tuesday October the 5th. Doll was just by herself at breakfast looking all melancholy which is how you say very sad that can't be fixed. Because many times when whores are sad you can fix it for them easy, but not melancholy. I asked her where Dad is and she said he's left her to be with that Sylvia slut but I could tell she's just messing because that's just how Doll is, she likes to play pretend a lot but she likes to just say something all normal and not tell anyone she is pretending but you have to guess and play with her which I like to do very much and also she does it back if I say something to mess with people she's right there with me! It is the most fun thing in the world and also it is very Platonic, because you have to think about what everthing means very fast and what is possible and how come, which is a lot of fun also.

I whistled my whores because we have a whistling now and they know they have to come running when they hear it so sisi and dogslave were like wut? and I said look at this old whore down on her luck! She is all alone and by herself because she has no one to love her anymore because everyone left and forgot about her! And sisi started crying and dogslave leaped over to Doll and kneeled on all fours and was nuzzling her knees and I said no bitches, she has to pay for her crimes! Then I said to Doll "Why did you complain to Daddy when we were in the big bedroom, bitch ? You know we deserve it and you don't!" and sisi went over there and was hugging her and crying and said "please Princess don't punish her, she is so sad!" and Doll said "I am sorry Princess but I did not do anything. Sylvia came home after you went to bed and she went into our bedroom but saw you were asleep there and she came to your room then and got in bed with me. Then Daddy also came after that and we had to sleep on the floor in your room because we are dumb bitches and we let a bunch of twelve year olds walk all over us!" But I said to her "That's what you deserve!" and she said she knows it and dogslave and sisi were looking at me with big eyes and hugging her and I said then to Doll "you will have to be punished more!" and she said "I am sorry Princess" and I said "Where's your Daddy now ?" and she said "I don't have a Daddy. I don't have anybody. I am all alone." and I just laughed at her ha-ha-ha! and did a twirly dance. Then dogslave crawled over to me and whispered in my ear "Please Babydoll why are you doing this to her, she is so good!" and I told her in secret that it is just playing and Doll knows it too and she is having fun but don't ask her because it will ruin it for her. And dogslave was smiling and all happy and she said "Oh Doll Ma'am, you're in trouble now!" and Doll said "oh no! but I really have to take you darlings to school!" and I said "Oh no you don't. You're not getting off that easily! You have to call school and say we are sick!" and sisi said "How can all three of us be sick on the same day ?" and Doll said "Do I have to ?" and I said "If you know what's good for you!"

So Doll called the office at school and told them Saturday there was her wedding party and there was a problem with the catering and unfortunately Ashley Keysha and Christine all have the stomach flu pretty bad but it was worse yesterday and worst Sunday but now it is getting better so she thinks they should be ok tomorrow." and that she doesn't want to make us go to school today and Mrs. Plowski said no problem and wished us speedy recovery!! But I said "Doll omg we were in school yesterday and we were ok!" and she said "Yeah, and who knows that ?" and I said "What do you mean" and she said "Weren't you not in class because of that TV thing ?" and I was just wow! She didn't mean nobody saw us, she means nobody that matters saw us because the teachers didn't and even if they did what are they going to do, invite Mrs. Plowski over for coffee to tell her ?! This is what Doll figures out just like that she didn't even have to think about it or anything and she always knows what to say. I think she might be the smartest person on earth and when I grow up I wish I was half as smart as Doll!

But it also made me jealous a little bit and I really wanted to hurt her for it for real, so I said "Now you have to tell us your first name, like your old dressed name from before Doll and Candi so we can all make fun of you for how stupid it is and so you can't be a slave anymore." and she started crying and she said "Please Babydoll, would you do that to me, I love you." and I said "then why did you tattle you bitch!" and she said "No Babydoll please I did not tattle please believe me and I am your stone sister remember." and I was trying hard not to cry but it was impossible and I just said you know Doll I am only doing it because you like being hurt when you are sad and she asked me if I don't like hurting people a little bit too ? And I wanted to say no but I had to say kinda and then we were all crying and hugging and I felt like I was a wet rag someone twisted and all drained like my whores made me have it 500 times in a row. And then when she came to kiss me goodnight Doll whispered in my ear secretly that her stupid name was Melissa but I will never tell it to anyone but I think it is a very pretty name.

Then Doll had to go shopping for things and we couldn't go with her because we had to lay low because of school so we all went to the den but didn't play any games or watch any films or anything only we talked about life and sisi told me she is talking to Sylvia on insta and Sylvia really is in Paris! So we talked to Sylvia a little bit but she had to go to sleep because it was very late there because it is different times in different places all day long but she was very happy to see us on her phone! And then we got to talking and took off our school clothes and just hugged in the living room on the carpet and cried and it was sad because dogslave misses her sisters a little even though she loves us very much and sisi is thinking of her mom and I am thinking of my mom too. And dogslave said maybe if we asked Dad to move us far away it would not be so bad but I said then we'd have to make new friends in school and know all the teachers and Doll maybe wouldn't know what to say so well anymore and sisi said where could we move this is the best place in the whole country and I think maybe she is right.

sisi showed us many pictures of the princess from before that was also sisi but really she is nowhere near as pretty. And people back then hadn't discovered being naked yet, so she is always dressed in these carpets they wore around back then. Those would be pretty cool in soccer if you could have one because then you really could goalkeep everything. But I think they have regulations against it. And even though we never saw the older sisi naked I still told sisi she is probably much prettier than her because it is hard to be prettier than sisi! And dogslave said what about me ? And I said dogslave, you are a black girl, you can't be pretty because you are hot. And sisi asked if hot is better than pretty and I said they're just different but sisi said she would like it if it were better! And dogslave said Doll is a little black too and I say she is pretty all the time and I said that's because she is also a little bit white! And doglsave said Doll is the best way to be like a little bit of everything and I said how about Sylvia, she has a career! And she goes to Paris by herself! and dogslave said that's hot and we all laughed. Because it's a joke because of this ugly white girl that keeps wanting to be a princess on TV but nobody cares about her except she had a slave named Kim who is pretty and hot and now everybody loves her although I don't know if Kim is her school name or her naked name because she is naked too sometimes.

And dogslave said she wishes she could be pretty too, and I said too bad you can't, and sisi nuzzled her like dogslave does and I said look dogslave, sisi can be a puppydog also! and dogslave said ruff! and sisi tried to but her ruff is kinda not credible and I said dogslave you can be pretty too because you are! And then I said but sisi can't be hot and they said ok although it is not true because really sisi is the hottest of all of us she is hotter than most girls with naked careers. Then we made ourselves floats for slut breakfast which is like a normal breakfast except you can only eat sweets for it, and we did running competitions through the house and then we had another slut breakfast and then we did naked PE like in school only much better because in school the teacher just tells you what to do but we put PE girls from the Internet on the big TV and did what they did but it was sometimes very hard but it is ok because they were all in leotards and things and we were naked. One thing to do is put your spot right on the carpet with your legs one in front of you all straight and one behind, and dogslave can do it easy even if she is standing up she can do it with one leg on the floor and one leg way up past her head and it opens her flower up and you can kiss her bud easy this way but then she loses her balance. And sisi can also do it just as well as dogslave almost, because they are both in gymnastics, but I can't do it at all! It made me so sad and I wanted to punish them but I can not punish them for being good and because I am jealous but it made me so angry that I couldn't do it. They said remember what Doll always said and to sisi too, it has to work in slowly and don't force yourself too harshly but I just wanted them to punish me for not being able to do it like them! But dogslave didn't want to punish me just help me get better and we practiced lots and lots but it is very hard and eventually my legs hurt inside from it. But we will practice it again!

Then Doll came back and asked what have we been doing and we told her we had breakfasts and slut PE all day long in homeschool and she said you sugar fiends you know you're not supposed to eat so many sweets and I said but Doll, we didn't eat everything though we kinda did and Doll made us do math problems while she cooked lunch and they were all hard but I knew them all and dogslave almost but sisi din't know many and Doll said hey sisi why didn't you ever say anything and she said she didn't know she was so bad at it which is true because I also knew they are going to the gym but I didn't know I was so bad like I can't even do the simplest of the things they do and I asked Doll if she can stand like dogslave and Doll asked how is that and dogslave showed her and sisi too and Doll was like holy shit I can't do that! And I told her me either and we all agreed we will practice every day because we must all do it, and we will help sisi with math because it isn't that hard, you just have to practice and think about it. And Doll said you should always say when you are bad at things so the others can humiliate you and make you better and sisi said yes Ma'am and that she will.

So then we all made lists of what we are bad at and I will copy them here because I want to remember. sisi said "Hi I am sisi Babydoll's slave whore and I am 12 years old since April and I am very bad at doing math problems and coming up with things to say to people that I don't know so well and also at saying things in languages except English and spelling." and it is true because she had many words spelled wrong like even spelling she writes slepping so at first I thought it was sleeping and I laughed because how can anyone be bad at that but Doll said lots of people are bad at sleeping and dogslave asked "because they kick you in their sleep ?" and Doll said no, because they just can't fall sleep or stay asleep and then they're like zombies. Being bad at sleeping would be terrible!

dogslave wrote down "This dogslave doesn't know many things like French and also Geography and Politics or how to make breakfasts very well and about Computers." and then I read their lists and they asked me "but Babydoll aren't you writing your list too ?" and I said no because I am Princess and I am perfect in every way! and they wanted to say that is bullshit and not fair or something, I could tell! But they didn't say anything just yes Ma'am and Doll too! But I said I was just kidding, and really I am very bad at not being jealous and angry and I don't know what tricks Dad does and Doll and also I am very bad at gymnastics and at having big tits like Doll and sisi and at giving foot rubs and sisi took her list back and corrected it to say "spelling and footrubs" instead of just spelling and I said I am also bad at kissing a girl's bud and it is true that dogslave is much better than me and even than sisi and Doll said dogslave is incredible and Sylvia said this too, long ago back when she was still here and I think that's why she kissed her butthole too! Also because Doll forced her to but let's be real, if Sylvia didn't really want to do it Doll would not have really forced her. Sylvia is really bad at doing what she doesn't want to do but so am I and only Doll is good at it. She is so good at it I can't believe even! But sisi is also pretty good at it and dogslave too.

Doll told us to get the big pool floater into the pool and we were like owww it's cold Doll but she said no it will be fun because the pool itself is warm and we will put lunch on the floater and eat it swimming and she took her clothes off too and that's what we did! And we had soup which is when you boil veggies and things in water and is pretty good then chicken with pasta which is what you call noodles properly in Italian which is what these were, Doll showed me that it says things in Italian on the box and it's not like French because there's not all the accents over the letters like French is full of. I think Italian may be even better a language and Doll says it's much older too! Like people from Rome which is the town of Italian had their own founding fathers two housand years ago which is ten times as much! Isn't that crazy ? It's really great eating in the pool but you have to be careful and do dunkings and things like that further away because otherwise your whole lunch could sink!

Then we were done and got out of the pool and it was really cold and we were shivering and had the bumps but Doll is a little bitch and kept making us go back out for all sorts of pretexts which is what you call things that are bullshit and even made us get in the pool so we'll be wet again when we come out and things like that! And I knew what she was doing and I think dogslave too but I let her do anything to me because she's better than me and also smarter. Then we all got in the shower together which is so much fun and we set it too very steamy but then Doll later just sorta turned the knobs with the back to them while she was talking and it made the water all cold and we were all squealing but nobody got out because we're tough bitches all.

After the shower I wanted to check out more things about Italian and I did it on the computer in the den and the big screen was still hooked to it so you could see everything and we just hung out with sisi and dogslave and talked because there were many interesting things in there but then I clicked on where it said "Italians do it better" and it was wow! It was like slut PE but not just girls but men also and especially their corn cobbs though really it looks nothing like that because a real corn cobb has rows of corn on it but these do not and also a real corn cobb is smaller at the tip but these are like a special pattern that is thicker at the tip and looks like one of those funny sweet bread churches. Doll says the man's corn is really called a penis though dogslave says it's called a dick and sisi says it's called a cock and I said it looks more like a salami really.

It was crazy and I was like whoa! because the men were forcing their salamis into the whores' holes all hard and it was something else and I yelled out Hey Doll come check this out! And she came over and was like oh. "That's porn, Babydoll" and I asked her what is it for and she said it makes men excited if they watch and also their penises grow big but I think it makes everyone excited and she said that's true. So we watched it a little and then I got on top of sisi and dogslave got on top of Doll and we all kissed each other like that while the whores on the screen were all going "oh yeah! oooh yeah!" because the men on the screen were forcing them with their penises. It was kinda fun but I think a little bit distracting and I think it made dogslave and especially Doll very eager for a man to force his penis into them although dogslave doesn't even have her hole made in her yet! And sisi couldn't make me have it though I made her like three times and then dogslave tried too and she couldn't make me either which has never happened before and then Doll turned off the porn and then both dogslave and sisi made me have it and Doll said "I think you might be a lesbian Babydoll" and I asked her what that is and she said there are two kinds of whore, depending of what she likes, that most whores like men to force themselves into them, but a few like other whores to kiss them and frolic and play with, and some are in between. And the ones in between are called bisexual and that's what she is. The ones that like other whores are called lesbian, and it's really what Sylvia is though she can take Daddy but she almost never wants men. "What about whores that like men ?" and she said they're not called anything or vanilla maybe, but that it's just assumed, and some people don't even believe lesbians exist at all. And I said "well that's silly", and it is true, too, I tried many ways but I can't have it if there's porn going on because it's too distracting for me. And it made me really sad because if my whores like men best what will become of me ?

So we went to my room and we just cuddled in bed and dogslave told me that she is only lesbian for me and sisi and Sylvia and Doll and that she dreams about men and horses and baseball bats and things all the time even very thick and sometime monster dicks with teeth and claws on them that hurt her really bad inside and tear her apart. But that she would never leave me just because of that. She said the things someone dreams about aren't always the best for them or what they really want. But I said dogslave, after a man makes your hole in you everything is going to be different and she said no, and then she said she's never going to have her hole made unless I'm there and I hold her down and order her to take it in. And sisi said she doesn't know what she is, because she never dreams of love just of humiliation like being in the auditorium or in gym without her clothes or on the street all naked and everyone laughing at her and pointing and laughing all the time. And she said sometimes it happens even in the daytime, like when teachers call her name she sort-of dreams about them ordering her to take off her panties and sniff them and the whole class is like ewwww! and they are so wet so everyone knows she is a slut and then the teacher makes her go to every desk and lift her skirt so people can see how wet she is and that she is a slut and they make her split her kitten with her fingers to see better and she said since she saw dogslave sweetpee she is dreaming about that too almost all the time. So then I said to dogslave let's see if she can have it like you, and we took off our clothes again and went into the shower and dogslave was to kiss and lick sisi in the butt because I had already done it to her and it hasn't been long enough for me but I explained it to her how to do and how it goes kissing her mouth, and I kneeled in front of chris and licked her bud. We made her have it many times until she was trembling and could not stand on her feet anymore, but she never had the sweet pee so dogslave brushed her teeth again and I spooned sisi and dogslave spooned me and we went to sleep.

While I slept I had a great dream that was very clear like watching TV and in it I was the Princess of a kingdom from long ago and I had knights who were all girls pretty and athletic like dogslave and they rode horses and had armors on like from long ago all shiny but their big tits were out because the armor had holes for them and also their butt and we went like that through the lands and caught young whores like sisi who were doing peasant things like hanging out with cows in the field or washing their clothes naked at the river or many things and sometimes we would catch their mothers too, who were all like Doll but only a little different, but it was more like Doll with a little disguise. They begged us not to take their daughter and we'd laugh and say beg us to take your slut daughter and you too and make you real whores instead and so the Dolls would beg us to make them whores and their daughters would be all shy but they really wanted us to do things to them, and we put them in this special cart like a cage on wheels and took them back to our castle and there we'd frolic and play all day long! It was the most beautiful dream and also my first time dreaming things like this, and when I told everyone at breakfast they said that's what real Princesses dream about!

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