Princess Babydoll and the lures of captivity

Monday, 09 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

bimbodollThursday October the 7th. My journal that Doll bought me is full, but I will continue the happiest day of my life in here. In the other journal I said until someone came in. She said, "Princess Babydoll Ma'am, your treatment is ready." She was very pretty, tall and slender and shiny black, much darker than dogslave. I didn't know black girls can be so very black, she was shining with blackness like a statuette. I went up to her, right in her face, hobble-hobble, and I said "Who are you ?" to her all like a teacher and she kneeled down in front of me, but with her legs apart and put her arms on her thighs and said "This slave's name is Meron, Great One." It is a very good way to kneel, with your knees apart like that, I like it very much and I do it all the time now myself. I asked her where she is from, and she told me Ethiopia, which is a place in Africa. I asked her how she came here and she said they hunted her like an animal, caught her, tied her, made her a slave and brought her here. I asked if it makes her happy to be enslaved. She didn't say anything and then she said "Sometimes, Mistress." I told her to kiss my feet and beg forgiveness for not being happy to be a slave in my presence, so she did, she kissed my feet and cried on them and begged to "Please forgive me, great Mistress!" and Doll was looking at me like "wtf Babydoll ?!" but I was all "stfu Doll!" and then I said stand up and lead the way and Meron said "Yes Mistress. This slave was never happy to be a slave before. Thank you Mistress" and she held the door open for us.

I hobbled behind the Ethiopian girl as best I could, but she was so fast! Then she noticed and slowed down, and then we were at a different kind of spa. Doll said "you sure about this Babydoll ?" and I said "Oh yeah love". So Doll sat by my side while I was in the vat soaking in the poison hobble. I turned on all sides although I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but why not try everything, right ? Then Doll wanted to hold my hand but I said carefull Doll, don't touch me, what if you get this stuff on you ? And she whispered in my ear, she said "Babydoll baby, it's just a chocolate wrap, there's no poison in there." So I looked at her like wtf, but she nodded at me, like "ikr!" and I whispered "how would you know that" and she whispered in my ear "they told me all about it, how they're going to tell you it's a poison and you have to take an antidote each day". I whispered "why would they do that ?!" and she whispered "I don't know baby. They told me I'll need all the help I can get." So I asked her, "help doing what ?!" and she said that she thinks they think she has trouble being the boss of me. I said now that's really stupid, and she said "Remember Babydoll... nobody's ever ready for you. I wasn't, nobody ever is". But I asked her why would anyone think she'd want to kill me ?! And she explained that's not it at all. She said you see Babydoll, they're scared. They have this thing called fear, so they think because they have it everyone else does too. But I told her I am scared all the time too! And she said yes, but it makes them do things, their fear. And they think it makes everyone else do things also. So they thought it would be good for me. I asked her "It would be good if I was afraid of you Doll ?!" And she said "They think so" but I told her "How could we ever be ourselves, like we are, if we were afraid ?" And she told me "Babydoll, everyone thinks slavery is love from fear. Nobody knows about slavery when you are not afraid because you want whatever it is, anything it is, because you want anything your owner gives you, everything, no matter what it is".

Meron was nodding and Doll said isn't that true Meron ? And she said "Yes Mistress" and then we were all quiet thinking about it and Meron said "This slave thought slavery is love from fear. This slave thought the bloodhounds and the torches and the ropes and the beatings are all for the fear, so this slave learns love from it. When Adadis, Great One came to Meron she was afraid. She was very afraid, like never before. But then, Great One asked and Meron knew. Because for the first time Meron was happy to be enslaved. Great One said beg and Meron begged with her heart, because Meron was not afraid anymore. Whatever Great One gives, Meron wants to have as her own". Meron bowed and left. Doll looked at me. She nodded and I said "I'm the same way, Doll. I want whatever you give me". And Doll said "I know Babydoll. And you sparked it in me like you sparked it in her. Princess Slavemaker Babydoll".

I said "So there's no poison hobble, huh" and Doll said no, there isn't, and I was sad. I wish there were, but if you think about it there's no way a thing like that could work with the body. It was a nice dream though, but Doll said "You'll have to make your own hobble, Babydoll" and I said I guess so. It's not the same though. I asked if she can take it off my ankles and she said yes, she has the keys, but they're in the other place. Then I asked her "How about Sylvia, Doll ?" and she didn't say anything. I said "I wonder if she would like to be with us" and Doll cried a little and said she misses her so much. But now we'll never see her again, ever. I hugged and I said "Maybe one day" and she nodded too, tears hanging from her eyelashes. I said "Doll, do you think Sylvia might want to be kidnapped too ? To be with us ?" and Doll just looked at me for a long time, and then she said "I don't know". Then Meron came back, because it was time to get out. She and Doll washed the goop off of me, and then Meron held a large fluffy towel but I said thank you, I'll dry like this.

We went back to the other place, the tunnel air warm and pleasant, and when we arrived dogslave was there! She was crying for a long time, because when she came in there was nobody there, and she thought she would meet us, but when she was alone she was desperate and thought that's it, we'll never ever meet again! She was so sad! Just lay there on the floor crying, but we told her silly puppydog! Doll opened my ankle cuffs and then we washed dogslave in the shower and hugged her and we were so happy to have her back! Then Doll said "guess what puppydog ?" and dogslave looked at her and Doll said "We're sisters now. I'm Babydoll's whore just like you!" and dogslave ruffed happily and licked her face. Then we went in the jacuzzi and we were very happy and talking about things and just as I said I wonder how sisi is doing she came in! She was crying and desperate, because she had been by herself so long, and she said she was afraid, and the man in the beak mask told her many things about what happens to bad slaves and she told him she is always good but he just told her more and did we know how many torture things they have in here ?!

I told them they showed them all to me, and Doll said crazy stuff with the burials huh ? But I said what burials and it came out that they showed us different things! They took Doll to a different place underneath the room with the fire in the wall, and there were piles of skulls and bones and stone boxes with very heavy lids, and spider webs! Doll said the man with the beak said "We're in luck, there's an execution scheduled right now". So different executioners brought in a crying girl, she had red hair and she was struggling so hard but could do nothing, and they put her inside a stone box and pulled the lid over her. And you couldn't hear anything, even if you put your ear on the stone, not the faintest whisper though she was sure the girl was crying inside, because before they put her in she begged and begged and thrashed and cried! So she asked the man "How long is she in there for ?" and he said "Nobody knows. Maybe forever." and Doll said she started crying and kneeled and he said to her "Now pretty slave, it's your turn." and she had to walk into a box all by herself! And she asked before they pulled the lid on her "For how long ?" and they said "You'll find out." and then she was in there by herself and it is just like a tomb, just rock heavy and hard and nothing you can do.

dogslave said that's not what they did to her, they went into another room and there were nothing but small cages on the walls, like six or seven tall, and not very big, just enough for a dog, and a few were empty but many had dogs in them, like real dogs, and some had girls she thought! They made her go in a cage at the bottom, and the bad thing is that whenever any dog in a higher cage poops or pees it falls right on you, and the dogs barked and the girls cried sometimes and it was crazy. Then later they came back and asked her if she wants to stay there, and she said no. And they asked how come and she said she misses babydoll and started crying. So they asked her if she is a good whore and she said yes, and they asked her if she will be a good slave her whole life and she said yes! And then they took her out and brought her here. And sisi said that they took her to a different room and there were many tables and many girls were tied down on them and none could speak but some could look at her and their eyes looked desperate and sad or some just wild and many were just passed out. And there were special machines with cocks fucking them and torturing them in so many ways and with electricity and sparks too and it was so crazy she couldn't even look but they made her look and touch the girls flesh and breasts as they were being machined and she kissed their sides and legs and where she could reach and begged to let them go but they said "Do you want to be a slave or do you want to be here from now on ?" and she told them she always wants to be my slave and please let her go. So they brought her in.

We were all shocked by how crazy and huge the place is, and we talked about it and sisi shaved Doll and dogslave just hugged us all the time and she said she doesn't know if she wants to be puppydog anymore really, and I asked her if it's because of the cages and she said it was so sad! Doll told her that she doesn't have to be a puppy if she doesn't want to, but she also shouldn't go by the worst it could be. She should go by the best she can make it, that she's a really good puppy and if she stops because of that it's like if Whitney Houston gave up music because Celine Dion can't sing, or like if a rich man gave away his fortune because there are poor people. dogslave said that's a good point and she'll have to think about it, and I kneeled down and went ruff! ruff! at her and nuzzled her knees and we all had a lot of fun.

Then Meron came back and told us we are invited for lunch in one hour with the owner! And sisi asked if it is our owner and she said no, the owner of the whole place, the boss! She said he is flying in special to see us, and that they say this is new. I asked who are they and she said the handlers. Then Doll asked her if she is our hostess or something and she flushed a little and said she doesn't know, it's never happened before, but they told her to serve us but nobody could tell her how it goes or what she has to do exactly because they don't have any procedures but that she hopes we aren't dissatisfied with her services. So I asked her if she knows how to do massages and she said "yes Great One" and I told her to stop calling me that and she asked if Adadis is ok and I asked her what that is and she said it's Great One in her language. I told her ok and to give sisi a neck massage because she is very tense and Doll got out and started rubbing my neck and sisi asked her if everyone in her country is as pretty as she is and she said no Mistress, only the girls in my tribe. And dogslave asked her how can she be so black, and Meron said she was born that way.

It was so weird to see anyone call sisi Mistress! Meron also told us we are the first group like, ever, because all the slave girls come alone even if they are brought at the same time they're always by themselves and they separate mothers and daughters and sisters too. And she also told us that she heard from the handlers talking that the psychs argued all day and literally threw books at each other about what to do with us. Then sisi asked her what are the handlers and she said they are the people who train slavegirls, like there's beastmasters for very bad girls that often get killed and there's trainers for basic girls or very young girls that have a lot to learn, and then there's trainers for real slaves. But it seems they have been discussing because we should have a trainer because we are so young, but the trainers said we should have handlers because we are very advanced and then it was discussed if there should be one for the whole group but nobody wanted to do it because it's too much responsibility and it isn't how it goes in their procedures which they don't have for whole groups anyway and the head psych didn't agree to split us up but even then nobody really wanted to do it if they had split us up because they say it is a lot of responsibility and then they agreed to make a committee and just send a girl to serve us for now. "So why did they send you ?" I asked her. "This slave is the senior slave girl in residence, Adadis. I have been here nineteen months. I make the bed for owner when he comes."

It was so weird, how she said it, we all started laughing, and I said "So you're basically the house mother ?" and Meron said "No Adadis, Meron is just a slave." and dogslave asked her "But who are you a slave to ?" and she didn't know who to say! Then I asked her "But are you a whore ?" and she said she was never used in that way, and I asked "In what way ?" and she said having to work in the brothel or walking in the street to fuck many men. So I told her we're all whores but we've never been in a brothel or ever fucked any men either, well except once but it was not for money anyway. She asked how is that possible ? And I explained to her that a whore is a woman that makes things so her pimp takes them from her so she has nothing, like a flower makes nectar but the little bird comes and licks it all off and the flower just has to make more. She was very confused and said "But isn't that being a slave ?" and I said "No Meron, you are a slave when you want whatever your owner gives you, because there is no more good or bad, you want it all whatever it is because it comes from them and it is good for you no matter what it is." She looked at me and said "But aren't those the same thing ?" and I told her it is best when they are, but that's not always, there are misfortunate women whose owner is not their pimp, or don't have a pimp but have just an owner, or don't have an owner but just a pimp, and often they don't even realise what's wrong or why something feels missing.

Doll said "Babydoll, you have more procedures in that pretty head than this entire huge place" and everyone laughed, but Meron was thinking and she said then it must be that she is my slave, because nobody made her feel that way before, that she wants whatever they want to give her, because there is no good and bad anymore. And that her pimp then is the place, yeah, because she works for it every day to make it as good as possible. But I told her "Meron, see if you can look at the owner as your owner, when you make his bed. Because we will be sold and leave here, but you will be left behind." and she said "Awesome Lee who lame tazer, Adadis" which is in her language but means she will do what I tell her to. Then she told us we should go and get dressed, because there's a special dressing room upstairs with many dresses and shoes and everything. But I said "Puppy, you wanna be dressed ?" and dogslave just said Ruff! Ruff! and then I asked sisi but she said she wants just what I want, and then I said, "Doll, we're slave whores, we're going naked to lunch, what the hell is this!" and she said "Right on Babydoll!" so I said to Meron we're not dressing, we're coming naked but we want lube because we're putting our slave stones back in. And then I looked at Doll and said I don't care what the rule is, this is the time we have to have them in no matter what happens and Doll nodded her head.

Meron was looking kinda blown away, but she left and after some time she was back with a tube in her hand, like a perfume maybe ? And she said she told we will be naked and nobody said anything just were kinda wtf, and gave me the bottle. I said "what is this ?!" and she said it is lube, and it said on it too, but it was totally not lube. Who ever heard of spray lube! I gave it to Doll and she looked at it and she said "Oh." and she told Meron we need vaseline silly, what is this water-based crap. So she left and she was gone even longer and then she came back with a big box of axel grease! Which is what they use for the racks and things, because they had no sex vaseline at all! But the maintenance guys for the fireside room said it's pretty much straight soft paraffin so it's the same thing, and so we put our stones in with a little bit of axle grease on them like we were industrial machinery! But we only used just a very little anyway. It was just in time too, so we took off and followed Meron to lunch.

We went down the corridor and then turned and there was an elevator! But you really had to know your way to find it, and also the button to call it read fingerprints, so only Meron could call it and I guess other people too but none of us. Inside the elevator we found out we were three out of five levels underground, and we were going three out of three levels up! Top of the world yaay! Meron was really uneasy and Doll asked her what's the matter and she said she's never been above ground naked like this before, that it's ok underground but slaves always dress if they go to the surface. She had a point too because it was a little chilly, and it gave us goosebumps at first, but also when the elevator opened it was in a large lobby, and there were many men and even more gorgeous women and I thought they were all slaves but Meron said no, many of them are free women and some of them even come to buy slaves for themselves! I don't know why she thought this is such a strange thing, I told her both sisi and dogslave were my slaves and Doll is my slave now too, but she just looked at me like maybe she thought only men can own slaves ? Meron really has some very confused ideas about everything and to think she's been a slave for nineteen months! What has she been doing all that long time ?!

We went through the lobby thing, there were two large bars curved on left and right kinda behind the elvators, of which there were like five but of course I guess only ours went so low. Everyone stopped talking and everything and were looking at us, and it made Meron so uncomfortable! Like she kept wanting to cover herself with her hands and then stopping herself, it made her walk funny. But we walked all proud like true whores past the couches and to the side where we went through a balcony over a large restaurant hall below, where people were eating but nobody noticed us, but it was still so great to finally be naked with so many people! I told Doll this is such a great day! And also it was so nice to see the Sun after two whole days of being in the hole, because the balcony we were walking was on the side and it had windows all along it really large and the Sun was right on them, and it made dogslave's skin look beautiful, and Meron's even better. Black girls look really good in the sun! Then we went through a door into a small salon, which is what you call basically restaurant rooms that are to the side for privacy. There was a large table all prepared, like in a very nice restaurant, and three men were sitting down. We went a few steps in and kneeled, Doll right behind me to the left, and dogslave and sisi behind me to the right. The men were looking at us. One in the middle was kinda short and he had bald hair and his eyes were sparking but a very strange color like not normal blue like people have but very dark blue like almost black, like on the back of that beetle. It was very distracting. Next to him was the man from the torture rooms, with the beak mask, but I recognized him from his voice anyway. He was kinda tall and skinny and he had a moustache and really big ears. The other one was the man who brought us our gruel this morning, he just looked like himself from before. Of course I didn't look at them at all when we were kneeling, because my eyes were down, but I looked afterwards and it's the same thing.

Meron said "Sir these are the four slaves. This is Babydoll." and he gestured for me to come over, so I crawled over to him. I don't think that's what he meant, he probably meant I should walk over, but he could have also said so no ? But once I was kneeled next to him he put his hand on my throat, and I pushed myself into it a little and raised my chin so he has a better grip. He said "Hello Babydoll" and I said "Hello sir" and smiled. He didn't smile back, instead he started squeezing my throat. It was choking me. I started feeling faint, and then the room started spinning, and I fell over. Doll told me that I was only out a moment, but when I came to I was crumpled at his feet. I lifted my head and looked at him. He said "Babydoll, you'd let anyone kill you ?" and I said "No sir, not everyone. Only those who can do it." and the guys he was with started laughing but trying not to, and I think maybe Doll too, but she was much better at holding it in. He looked left and right at his guys sputtering and slapping their knees and then back at me. I went back on my knees and he put his hand on my throat again, and I pushed a little in and lifted my chin again, and smiled at him again. He said "Are you crazy, little girl ? You just insulted me, aren't you afraid ?" and I said "You do with me what you want to, sir." and he looked at the psych guy who said "Now you understand our problem." He turned back at me, his hand on my throat still, and he said "choke yourself, slave". I grabbed the hair on the back of my head with both hands and tried to push myself into his hand, but it wasn't really doing anything, so I put my hands on his hand and squeezed it hard around my throat.

He didn't let me pass out though, but he immediately lifted me up to my feet. "Who are the other three ?" he asked me, and I told him "There to the left is Doll. Next to her in the middle dogslave, and on the right sisi." He said "Why don't you take a seat ?" And I said "With pleasure" and I sat down in front of him. Then he said "All of you" and so Doll came and sat next to me and sisi and dogslave too. Then he pointed to the psych guy and said "This is our chief psychologist here at the facility. And this is the head of operations." and I said "Oh good, I was afraid he's the chef" and we all laughed, and the chef too, I'll call him that. He explained to the owner that it's because he brought us our oatmeal last night and this morning, and the owner snickered. I don't think he has the best sense of humour. Then the psych said "She asked me if I loved her, you know." and the owner looked at me and said "I hope you told her yes" and the psych said "Indeed". Then the owner looked at me and said "Such a fine lady" and I said thank you kindly, sir. He asked me if it's my first time, and I said I've never had a compliment after being strangled before, and the psych asked me if I was strangled before and I said "No, sir. It's not changed since this morning." then the owner said he meant at a restaurant, and I said No, sir so he gestured for the waiter who came with the menus. I said Chateaubriand, four, point bleu. They all looked at each other. The owner said "Seven! And claret." and the waiter bowed and high-tailed it the hell out of there. The chef almost started to say something, but he thought better of it. I don't think he likes his steak blue. Doll looked at me and I looked back at her like, now's the time! and sisi said "Lovely weather we're having, don't you find sir ?" which was so fucking funny everyone just lost it laughing, even the owner guy. Except sisi wasn't trying to say something funny so she kinda laughed guilty with us.

I said "Will you split us up ?" and the owner said "No." so I asked him "Do you promise ? And swear ?" so he looked at me like it made me think maybe I'd better go on my knees but he said "Why would I do that ?" and I said "I don't know, sir. Maybe you feel like it." and he said "Are you really all they say about you ?" and I said "Yes sir." so he said "Then what do you need promises for. I have no bargaining position, you can always turn stupid." and I said "Only after you, sir" and he said "I've never turned stupid first yet." and the psych guy said "What splendid basis for an understanding!" and the owner said "I really want to whip the snot out of this bratty cunt". He meant me! It made me so sad, I thought we were joking around. I told him I am so sorry sir, please forgive me but he just waved his hand and said "Baah!" like a sheep! He's a very strange man. I looked at Doll, and held my breath, and then I said "I'd like to make you a gift, sir. May I ?" and he asked "What kind of gift ?" and I said "There's a fifth. She's not with us, and we miss her." and they were all surprised. The owner said "Oh ?" and I said "But we don't want her taken if she doesn't want to come. But if we arrange with her to give herself up, will you take her, and bring her back to us ?" and he said "What do you need ?" and I said "We need to talk to her." The chef said "This is high risk" but the owner said "No, see, that is the gift. She's not giving me her confidence, like every con man since Cain. She's asking me for mine, like every woman since Eve. The great old gift of gimme." It hurt so much, what he said, and it made me so sad! I said I am sorry you see it that way, sir and drank some wine because the waiter just brought it. Doll said "Babydoll!" and I nodded at her, but afterwards I kept drinking from the glass until it was gone, and maybe the waiter even put more in, but anyway the rest that I remember is waking up with my girls the next day.

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