On democracy, the electoral process, electoral legitimacy etcetera

Saturday, 10 October, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I do not believe religious observances bestow any kind of special blessing upon the respective warlord ; taking particular care to only ever call such religious observances "democratic elections" in preference of other labels historically preferred doesn't magically produce basis for special pleading.

Certainly it can't be claimed poorly attended public prayer meetings add any measure of legitimacy to some random monkey's perceived importance ; taking particular care to only ever call such prayer meetings "elections" doesn't change anything, nor does the attempt to only ever discuss their intrinsic pointlessness solely in terms of attendance somehow resolve it.

Distinctions without a difference do not enact the undifferentiable object spuriously distinguished into some kind of magical repository of peternatural properties ; purported agreement among large masses of people is excellent proof as to the respective people's desire to think themselves in agreement with large masses of other people, but besides that it has no importance and in any case offers no indication whatsoever as to the supposed thing supposedly agreed upon.

Imaginary friends in the sky, of whatever sourcing or derivation, aren't capable ; behaving as if they were capable doesn't make them any less, or any more capable ; this general principle stands beyond exception, and it unexceptionally doesn't magically "go away" if the imaginary friends in the sky are particularly called "a corporation", "public office", or anything else whatsoever. A purported distinction between Joe and "Joe as a public official" is of the exact same substance as any other distinction between Joe.

I do hope we understand each other, even though I've no serious expectation in that direction.

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