Night And The City

Sunday, 13 September, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I don't suppose anyone in any capacity involved with the production of Night And The Cityi ever figured out it's just Accattone reshot ; but it lives its own life because the background's New York (ie, London), and the naked city, even on its deathbed, even on respirators, even mostly expired is still way the fuck more intellectually interesting, more enticing to the spirit, more altogether fascinating than eurural shitholes ever could hope to be.

In incidental "racism" lulz : De Niro, who probably never moistened his pecker in anything less dark than burnt coffee beans, plays some guy who (very much accurateii to the time and place) won't hire good boxers to prop his song-and-prayer boxing promotion business because they look like they're from uptown, what the fuck is it, fucking Nairobi over here ? He'd rather have some flabby jew, random korean fried chicken, anything, really, anything whatsoever. Now tell me again about how depiction's reality, and how you're saving the world by never acting the part of someone who won't hire blacks to save his life. Yes ? Your personal brand and shit, rite ? Fucking subnormal agricultural workers...

Anyways, Jessica Lange creates an exquisite knockaround girl, and De Niro's continuation jerkoff's even stronger than the original version -- who ever saidiii youth's a boon ? It ain't anything like a boon, not unless you're a baboon or something.

Ultimately, the problem with York, New or otherwise, is perennially you.

  1. 1992, not the 1950 London-based original. By Irwin Winkler, with Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange. []
  2. Speaking of which : if I were the Wayans brothers (and the year was in the 90s) I'd totally make a "color blind" Civil War biopic. Black general E. Lee, maybe a speedballin' lil' azn as Abraham Jefferson... wouldn't that be disconcerting ? Because concerts are the home of music an' disconcerts the source of humour, so... I expect it'd work towards ... entertainment. Well... for me, in any case. []
  3. An imaginary black man, of course, because yeah, that's how it is for monkeys, back in fucking Nairobi where they come from -- or rather, where they should've fucking stayed. But... well... it doesn't have to be. []
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