Mr. Riker visits the sleepologist

Thursday, 01 October, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Well now... so what seems to be the trouble, Mr... Riker, is it ?"
"Yes, sir. It's... hum, I have a lot of trouble sleeping, sir."
"Do you mean, falling asleep at all ? Or do you mean, staying asleep, after you fall asleep you just wake up ?"
"The former, sir. I fall asleep easily, rather all the time. But then I suddenly wake up."
"That'd be the latter then."
"It's what I mean."
"Alright... why do you think is that ?"
"I think it's what I mean because that's what I meant."
"No, no."
"Oh, oh. I think it's the former because..."
"No, Mr. Riker, pay attention. Why do you think it is you wake up ?"
"Oh, I see. That'd have to be the dreams. I think."
"What dreams are those, then ?"
"It's really always the same one. Dream, I mean. It's true that it always starts different ; but it always ends the same way, which is what makes me wake up."
"Would you kindly recount such a dream, Mr. Riker ?"
"Yes, sir. I beg your pardon sir, but it is... rather... What I mean is..."
"You needn't worry about any of that, Mr. Riker. We're here to get to the heart of the matter, and only for that. I can firmly assure you these walls have heard the worse of whatever it may be, you needn't worry yourself for me."
"Well sir... the heart of the matter's my wife. You see, however the dream may start, there's either a break-in, while we sleep in bed, at home ; or we're out at a picnic or even without picnic just going for a walk on the riverside ; or even on the bus or traveling abroad in a hotel or once on a boat, but the heart of the matter is, there's always my wife. She's on her back, you see, her twat forced wide open by one of those metallic things."
"A retractor."
"That's what it's called ?"
"I do believe it is, yes."
"Her twat's forced wide open by a retractor, and her head's forced, bent down. There's a man there, you see, a man hung like a beast. You know what I mean ?"
"Actually, Mr. Riker, the beasts in general speaking aren't so well endowed. Pound for pound man holds in his hands, apart from donkey (which, obviously, has no hands), the largest penis of all beasts."
"In that case, sir, there's a man there, above her head, hung like a donkey. He's forcing his huge penis down her throat, forcing it to bulge, hugely. You can see it go all the way down into her stomach and back up into her mouth by how her throat bulges out."
"Like a golf ball through a garden hose."
"I've never seen someting like that."
"It's just a figure of speech."
"It is a figure alright. And then the man behind me -- for there's also a man behind me, sir, and he's... he's..."
"The man behind you, Mr. Riker... he's ?"
"He's forcing himself into me, you see. Inside of me. Inside..."
"Also, like a beast ?"
"Truly it doesn't feel all that excessive, so to speak."
"Rather pleasant, in fact ?"
"I... I..."
"It's quite alright."
"I suppose so, sir. But then he says, 'lick her throat, boy'. He whispers it in my ear, as he's going in and out, as the other's going in and out making my wife's throat bulge, he whispers very warmly in my ear, though frankly it's more an impression than real speech. He wants me to lick the other man's cock, through my wife's throat, is the thrust of it."
"The man behind you, fucking you in the ass, wants you to suck the other man's cock through your wife's throat."
"That's it. That's when I wake up."
"Has anything like this ever happened to your wife, Mr. Riker ? That you know of, I mean."
"But... I'm not married, sir."
"Oh, right, right. Uh... hum... It says here you're nineteen."
"That's right."
"Are you employed ?"
"What is that ?"
"I see. Are you sexually active ?"
"I've... I've never had... I..."
"There's nothing to be worried about, Mr. Riker. I will ask you a few questions. Just relax, and answer my questions plainly, there's nothing to it. Have you ever seen the female genitals, in person, and upfront ?"
"I've never actually seen a twat..."
"Alright. Is there perhaps a very special..."
"Here's the truth : a coupla months ago this other boy came up to me, and he said..."
"What were you doing ?"
"I'm sorry, do go on. This other boy came up and said..."
"He asked me if I'm a boy or a girl. Because he thought I'm not really a boy like him, he thought."
"Why did he think that ?"
"Well I am nothing like him, sir. We're completely different, you know."
"I see."
"So then I had to be checked, if I'm really a boy, you know. It's how it goes. So he took out his thing, you know, out of his pants ; while I had to take everything off, you know."
"Why did you have to do that ?"
"Well, it's like he said, you know, white girlyboys can't just take it out of their pants like real boys, they have to strip naked for the test."
"I see. So you took everything off."
"Yes, butt naked. And then... well... you know my thing's nothing like his thing."
"So he said I look more like a girl to him, and he asked me, you know, he asked me what I thought. Which I did have to agree, he wasn't... I mean... honestly..."
"Go on, Mr. Riker."
"That's when he said I have to take the real test."
"What is the real test ?"
"You know, the girly boy lays on her back, and the real boy puts the... puts his... inside."
"The real boy fucks the girly boy in the ass."
"Yes. And if the girly boy's a real boy her clitty strengthens up, you know, and raises up, all huge and swole. Right ? Whereas if the girly boy's really just a girl, her penis stays soft, like the clit does."
"I see."
"So you know, I tried to get it up, you know, to be a real boy..."
"With your hands, you mean ?"
"Oh, no. You can't use your hands, he told me all about it, you can't use your own hands for yourself. You have to hold your ass open for him anyways, that's what good girls do, anyhow."
"Then how ?"
"With my mind, you know. But it was no good, it was useless, it didn't do anything, just bopped to and fro all limp the whole time. And then, all limp like that, it came, at least I think it did. Maybe. It's confusing you see doctor, it certainly spat out like normal, but it didn't feel anything."
"Like normal, when you masturbate you mean ?"
"Yeah. When I do it in hand it gets hard first, right ? And then when it squirts I can feel it, a certain way, you understand."
"I do. But this was nothing like that."
"I mean... it was very nice, being all full. Very pleasant. Very enjoyable, feeling his going in and coming back and going in again... in me, you know. But the penis itself, it was... not really involved, I mean..."
"I see."
"So then he said I'm clearly a girl."
"Did he stop as you ejaculated ?"
"Oh, no, he didn't stop for that. He carried on, really it happened to me a few more times, sorta, but he carried on until he was done, inside of me. And he said I'm just a little girl with an overgrown clit. And that I have to start dressing like one now."
"Did you ?"
"Well... I mean... umm... I'm wearing girly panties and things underneath, but..."
"Yes Mr. Riker ?"
"I'm affraid, doctor!"
"Of being a girl ?"
"Oh, don't be. It's the most natural thing in the world ; why, think you about it! The majority of manhood's girls."
"Is that true ?"
"Of course it is, there's always more girls born than boys."
"I didn't know that."
"They used to teach it in school."
"So what should I do ?"
"Clearly, Mr. Riker, your trouble sleeping comes from this same place. You see, you very much wish yourself used, sexually, as a girl. Your body needs it, clearly ; your mind needs it too. But, for some reason, you're affraid, and this creates a blockage, which leads to frustration of natural impulse. Your trouble sleeping is basically your body and your mind rebelling against your hesitancy."
"Oh ? Really, sir ?!"
"Then what should I do ?"
"First, you take off your shoes."
"But doctor, they already made me take off my shoes. I had to leave them at the entrance, in the box. I don't have another pair, those were my only shoes."
"Oh, right, right, the new CoHysterid regulations, they just came in force since ten o'clock. It's quite alright, no matter. You paddle down the corridor to number nine. They'll take your clothes from you and give you a strap, and a ring."
"A what, sir ?"
"A strap, it's like a special kind of shirt, but it's made of sturdy fake leather, and the sleeves are long, with no openings. It ties your arms behind your back, so you can't move them at all. It's actually quite comfortable, especially considering the alternatives."
"And a ring is a special masticatorial aid. It goes in your mouth, and keeps it nice and open. Lets your tongue out."
"Why... why is that ?"
"It's so you can be fucked in the mouth whether you want to or not."
"You see, that way you don't have to worry about it. Since there's nothing you can do anyway. There's going to be as much cock in your mouth as anyone feels like stuffing in, and that'll be that. It will put an end to your psychological problems, which all come from your misapprehension of choice. You see, it's because you think you have an option that you can't sleep. You think you're supposed to figure out if you should suck cock, who knows, maybe even which, you think you're there to pick and choose. That's why that whole rigamarole with an imaginary wife and her throat, even though you've never even seen a woman upclose, let alone find one to marry you. But in your mind this wife is, you know, a fatherly figure, you look up to her, and want to do right by her, so that's why the mediation of her throat. It's making it alright, in your dream, to kiss the cock you need to kiss, in reality."
"Oh. And this is just as good ?"
"Be serious, Mr. Riker. This is modern science. There's nothing better. Certainly not such crackpot notions as stemming from a poor intellect yahooing ad hoc answers to life's great questions, on its own. We're really, as a society and a civilisation, advanced quite a little bit past that. Modern democracy, and the implicit progress in that great..."
"So... uh... do I have to say all that ? To them at number... what number was it ?"
"Don't you worry about it, I'll write it all down for you. Number nine. You take this reference sheet to number nine down the hall, they'll know what to do."
"So will they... I mean will I... right there ?"
"No, they'll give you a reference, just like I have. Once you're prepared you'll get another room number, just like you did here. Probably on the seventh or eight floor."
"But will I... Could I... I mean, would it be possible to keep my panties on ? They're really pretty, and they're slutty, too. All see through, they don't get in the way of anything..."
"Ask them in nine. And call the next one in, please."

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