Kitty Freipurr von Meow and other tales of Bring Your Own Adventure to Tamarindo

Thursday, 16 April, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto: Can you explain the differences between a formidonologist,
a formiphenomenologist and a formiphenomenophenologist ?

It will be your hopeless if thankless lot today to try and make sense of what's what and which puzzle piece goes where in this our latest installment of Trilema verbiage (and unlike all the other times). But don't worry too much about it : you have me on your side, and I promise to not help nearly as much as I hinder. So... are your spurs ready ? Is your spont-aneous gland in gear ? We begin!

First off, and to be immediately left aside, you'll have to identify whom the kitten is.

Then, of course, comes the self-serve bowl of factual matters and things such as they are, in the shapeshifting presentation of a bunch of truthful and correct statements bereft and well peeled of any context that'd permit them to also be meaningful. These'd be : 1. A kid who used to MongoDb ; 2. A kid who went to MIT ; 3. A kid who's gonna ride the wave of being a surfin' fool captive in the hot body of an ancient Greek god for as long as that lasts, and then... whatever ; 4. A kid who got out of the zone just in time ; 5. A kid who's gonna work hard and make shit work, enough of the bullshit already ; 6. The piece of land one of the kids bought, which has a well and some previous developmenti ; 6. The teenybopper homemaker-wannabe ; 7. The good Spanish girl, quite ready for the yoke ; 8. The girl who's not quite yet decided if she's gonna live or if she's gonna die ; 9. Teh girl who's quite made up her mind this'll be the last try ; 10. The girl from Texas ; 11. The girl who's happy. 12. The girl who's sad ; 13. The girl that's blonde ; 14. The girl that's shy ; 15. The girl that only now realises just how much mileage her boo-hoo joke's gonna get.

You realise, of course, all the girls wanna be good an' all the boys wanna make something, that much is a given. That much is always a given. Now : who's the kitten, why's she meow, and whence freipurrs ?!

While you let all that sink through the thick, let's go for a ride. It'll be fun, and besides, gotta respect dem quarantines, don't we ? So then, adelante, dark peshkesh horse of apocatastasis!


But first, let's have a bite to eat.

I find travel proceeds much better after having eaten, don't you ? There's a lot more patience for all the nooks and crannies of immediate experience, not to mention quite a lot more inclination towards the fair valuation of the fuller parts of existence. There's no such thing as fine wine in a hurry, hence fast foodii, and moreover there's an impedance mismatch in the complexity involved : everything insufferable is thus very grossly, whereas everything delightful is delightful in detail, and especially in the interplay of abundant detail precisely fitting. Some ugly broad is just some ugly broad, directly, but the best slut you've ever had is the best slut you ever head because of the exact moan she let out just as she was melting and also everything else, lots and lots of tiny, numerous, giddy somethings elses. The list of why a broken piece of software is broken satisfies if it's one element long, whereas the list of why perfect software's perfect tends to outlength the software itself. In all cases the unfurling of the story of why good is good takes a while, and if you've not eaten you'll miss out on it.


There's scarcely imaginable a place in creation blessed with less efficiency of capital good utilization. You think this is the first semi carrying a half-wheelbarrow's worth of bricks ? It wasn't even the first one that day!


Then again... that might be a good thing.


As I was explaining (and illustrating, again and again) a coupla years ago, Costa Rica doesn't exactly sit on stable terrain.


Admittedly the roadside decorations are a lot more interesting than commonly seen in Europe. I was about to write out "albeit unintentionally", but really there's no room for that albeit in there. Specifically because unintentionally, homo homini lupus est by intent and by nothing else. By the best of intentions, and only by the best of intentions, everything's always ruined.


And now we come to the eternal Taiwanese Friendship Bridge. Costa Rica being one of the ever-vanishingly fewer countries recognizing the white government of China (in opposition with the red government currently in power over most of the mainland), the grateful state of Taiwan donated this bridge (the policy was later reversed through the good offices of the ever-more generous donation of the Sabana stadium by the commies, yet the bridge still stands, epitome of that endless story of friendship, truth and human "arbitry of all creation").


And here we are, the destination of our pleasant little jaunt, three hundred kilometers that passed like nothing : billymg's Jardin de los Mangos (sadly the trees in question were not properly tended during the interregnum, and as a result there's no fruits this year ; but as Rosella O'Tree once aptly observed, "tomorrow is another year"). Whaack joined us later, because their car is that proportionally slower! And so in the time we drove twenty miles to the local Automercadoiii and back they managed twenty miles from the beach (in fairness though -- uphill. It matters, because por algo es Toyota).


Above : the little slut's room.

Below : the master bedroom / livingroom / kitchen / fuckery / etcetera. It's not a bad plan, there's a half dozen or so such units on the property, each comfortably housing a man with his travelling trim-down of a harem (logically since you're not going to take more than three girls to the car, therefore four beds roughly suffice ; if you take more cars take more units). It's almost as if the place was built by someone after my own taste (from what I hear, rumour has it some runaway / retired Nazi did it, which seems to check out). There's also a porch with hamock, lounge, armchairs and so on for all your public exposure needs.


Above : there was a bird hidden in this tree. I was certain I got a great shot of it, but now reviewing the pictures for publication... I can't fucking find it!

Below : the most recent model of wi-fi appliance (I have it on good authority).


Above : ministrations towards a coconut that fell right out of the tree as we were lounging about.

Below : iguana entertaining his own reflection. Maybe it's a friend ?


Time to hop in the pool! Guanacaste is pretty hot, which means the water is absolutely perfect.


One of the units has this large self-portrait of a toucan enthroned as if he had been you know, the master of the house, and had his face there so everyone coming in knows it's his housy. Goosy boy found the idea mindblowing, and sat there as you see him, in quiet contemplation of the wide horizon and vasts oceans of possibility suddenly open before birdkind. If this Mr. Toucan could make himself such a great house, what could a goose do ?

And not just any goose, mind you!

Endless stale bread granaries sprawled before his very eyes, goosy effigy made out of barley in wheat bread, what could the limit be ?!


The next day,


That's right, he even has convenient little girls rooms / jails scattered throughout the property. "How come you have so many of these", inquired the bimbo ; the host didn't quite know what was being asked, for never having encountered their proper use in regular practice before. But, there's a first time for everything, and after that first there's always lots of times -- just make sure you pick a good one for the punishment of insufficiently eager dishwashing (pro tip : store a few inches of nettle on the floor, for the educational needs of the barefooted wayward girls).


And with that, we're back on the road. Goodbye!

  1. And is actualy surprisingly easy to reach : you just stick to the 1 forever -- past San Ramon, almost all the way to Nicaragua -- but turn off to the 16 towards Santa Cruz and then make a right at the Pipa Fyia stand towards Lagunilla. Your destination's beyond the small "Jardin de Mangos" ceramic sign propped on a wall on the right side of the road ; if you reach the Chinese restaurant on the left you've gone a hundred meters too far, so you turn like we did. Asphalt all the way. []
  2. You think fast food's bad because governmental conspiracy ? Because fuck-age girlies of little brains personally hate you ? Because capitalism is intrinsically evil ?

    No. None of that. Fast food's bad because there's nothing else it could be intempestively. Then the habit of insulting sense and sensibility forms, and the sin of gluttony's just around the corner -- if you've inhabituated yourself to not care about one thing that matters, what chance do all the other ones have ? []

  3. Which by the way sucks balls when compared to my local version -- they even had the unmitigated audacity to "not sell alcohol", because who knows what bullshit "state regulations" or whatever nonsense.

    Needless to say I fixed that in short order -- ever since yesterday the hapless inhabitants of Guanacaste can buy liquor in the store like normal people, and I bet you dunkens to donuts they don't even know whom they have to thank for it. []

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17 Responses

  1. Does the cat purr freely, then? How do the ants carry so many syllables? And where are the tamarinds!

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 16 April 2020

    I do not know!

  3. Hai MP, sa rida si gura ta aia mare. Sa se bucure si sufletul tau cel negru.

    addictedtolearning Junior Member Joined: Sep 1, 2019
    Messages: 159 Likes Received: 62 Gender: Male

    Hey everyone! :)

    So, I recently started a thread about $50,000 by the end of the year using multiple methods (pod, affiliate sales, Youtube, etc). There was absolutely nothing wrong with this journey, but after I had a long meeting with my partner (we hadn't spoken in a while because life has been crazy), we decided we need to be deeply immersed in our roots, and building our own brands. We had a great talk and discussed what we want out of life. In my last thread, I had mentioned I always wanted to do Youtube, so that will still be on the table. I will still be doing all of the same things I would be doing in that thread, but instead of me doing content that's trending, I will be doing content for the two brands we will be building. Don't worry, there shouldn't be another "my journey" thread after this one :D This is basically the same thing as the 50k journey, but I will be focusing on my brands instead of other crap. I have also decided to change the income goal, as I want this to shape the rest of my life. I want the success of this journey to pave the way for absolute freedom for me and my family.

    Quick Background
    I'm Joseph! I'm 32 and am an organic produce farmer living in upstate New York. My journey with IM started a couple of years ago (before I knew places like this existed) as a social media marketer and manager. I wanted a side income to farming since we make next to nothing (I make 23k a year absolutely busting my ass), and I knew how to use social media pretty well. So, I started reaching out to people and charging $50 a month to help them grow their social channels. This was a nice side income, and I currently charge $250/month and just stick with a few clients that I actually enjoy working with. I could never scale this, as I don't necessarily enjoy the work of helping people grow their dreams while I have none to cultivate - I think this is why I made the switch from the 50k thread to growing my own brands. I need to grow my own baby now. Also, I can't imagine having like 20+ clients at a time, but I guess that's where you just own and manage the business and hire people to do the annoying work for you...maybe this will be implemented into this journey at some point.

    I have a gf of 7 years and she has two kids. Their dad died in a car accident when the daughter was 3 and the son was in the oven. They're now 15 and 12 and are amazing kids that I love dearly. Part of my drive for success is to be able to travel the world with them and give them things they never thought imaginable. Don't worry - I'm not materialistic at all and am teaching them to enjoy moments and memories instead of things, but you need money to travel the world (and experience those moments and make those memories). I'm teaching them money shouldn't be their sole goal in life, but at the same time, it's okay to strive to make a lot of it, as long as your intentions are pure and aren't coming from a place of greed and power/control hunger. Put happiness first :D

    I will be working with two other people. They're a couple of digital nomads currently residing in Costa Rica. One is a graphic designer who is just amazing, and the other is a VA and an (almost) holistic life coach. We make quite a great team with the skillsets we can pull together. Okay, enough about me.

    Macro Goal
    -Start two brands and scale them to a minimum of 6 figures per year in revenue
    -When I have $100,000 in disposable income I will begin my career of swing trading
    -Get to $2,500,000 liquid asset value by age 40 and never have to work again
    -Improve as a human every single day in every aspect of my life every day until I'm dead
    I turned 32 years old on February 3rd. The goal is simple: have $2,500,000 to my name by the time I'm 40, and then do no "work" for the rest of my life. I will live off of market interest, and hopefully the brands I'm building will just bring in passive income at that point with their established traffic. (Why 2.5 million? I guess that just seems like a good number to me to be able to live an amazing life off of the interest in the markets.) I will achieve my 2.5 million by building two brands to 6 figures annually (per brand) and then trading stocks (including Crypto). I have been getting really into trading, and thankfully I have a mentor who has been trading professionally for 15 years. I have been learning at a very fast rate thanks to him, including techniques you won't find available most places on the internet (if at all). These are strategies he has developed from thousands upon thousands of hours of staring at charts, and you can implement a few of them without having much knowledge of trading and make a killing (I'm thinking he and I will have to sell a course down the road). My current portfolio isn't big enough to make trading worth it, but I have some great positions in Crypto and will buy some stocks if we go as low as my mentor thinks we're going. When I have $100,000 available to me I will begin swing trading. This $100,000 can come from both my portfolio and internet marketing. Maybe I'll start at $50,000, but we will see when I get there. I would want $50,000 to be the absolute minimum my bankroll is for trading to make it worth the time. When I get to $2,500,000 I will live an amazing life filled with travel and being able to see my family as much as I want and whenever I want. To be fair, though, if I didn't get to 2.5 million and just had a few hundred thousand and was making low 6 figures annually from trading, that to me is the same success.

    Micro Goals
    1. Get both brands socials and sites up and running
    Project 1 is in the vegan niche. I began that about a year ago growing a Facebook page for fun when I started actually getting more into internet marketing. I grew it to 10,000 follows but reach kept dying with each new Facebook update, so we decided to start a group. The group is at 2,700 members after a couple of months and is growing at a nice rate organically. We will be doing more to grow this faster soon. We have 1,400 followers on Instagram and get about 100,000 monthly visits on our Pinterest. My graphic design partner, Max, is learning how to do crazy-awesome animation videos. Soon we will add Youtube to the mix for this project. All videos will be original content. We will be doing videos featuring us, as well as many animated videos. We will also be using Reddit and Quora to drive traffic to the site.
    Project 2 is a niche I won't reveal at this point in time. Max is currently designing a logo for us. We need to set up all of our socials and start growing these. This project will also use Youtube and it will be original content. We currently (also) have an email list that's 1,000 addresses long.
    Both projects will use Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, Linkedin, Youtbe, Tik Tok, Medium and Twitter to drive traffic.

    2. Finish two ebooks for both projects
    We're currently working on four ebooks - two for each project.
    For the vegan niche, we have one that we will be giving away for free in an attempt to capture more emails and build our group, and then the other we will be putting on our site and Amazon kindle, and we will begin marketing it soon. We will also have affiliate offers in it and we will promote our socials and group in it. We will initially offer it to our group and socials, and then with any initial sales (or even if there are none), we will pay influencers in the vegan niche to promote it.
    For the other niche, both ebooks will be for sale and listed on Kindle. I will be promoting one of the two really hard. It will reference the other book and link to buy it, and it also has about 6 affiliate offers in it. I will be using influencer shoutouts to try and sell the shit out of it. I will use some people from my vegan niche to buy it and leave me good reviews just so it has an initial 5-star rating on it. I'm hoping if I can deduce the correct influencers this book will actually sell quite a bit but am trying not to have any expectations.

    3. Post every day on Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter for both projects
    I want to stay consistent with producing content. I want to make sure I post every day to these channels to keep my audience engaged and growing.

    4. Keep adding to my Crypto portfolio
    Any disposable income I have I keep adding to my positions. I think the Crypto market will see a huge run by the end of 2021 (surpassing the 1 trillion total cap mark) and I'm hoping my portfolio is worth multiple 6-figures (which would make this journey much easier). I will also take a percentage of profits from my brands and invest it (assuming I make any money anytime soon ;)).

    5. Keep improving as a human
    Every day I want to keep getting better. Here's the plan for this:
    -State everything in life I'm grateful for immediately upon waking up each morning
    -Meditate at least 5 minutes daily
    -Workout 6x a week
    -Play guitar 15 min a day - I used to play a lot and miss it. It's time to get that creative outlet back
    -Read at least 15 min a day of some sort of book that will help me improve as a person (just got The Millionaire Fastlane as per a recommendation on BHW). Audiobooks are fine, too.
    -Scan BHW for at least 15 min a day to keep learning IM
    -Continue improving diet. I consider myself to have a better diet than most people. I eat WFPB, which is basically vegan but without the processed shit foods. I occasionally have some junk, and I want to cut that out completely. My diet mainly consists of lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, fruit, nut butter, veggies, tofu, and tempeh. I have never in my entire life felt this amazing (grew up on the standard shit American diet), and I want to continue getting better. Current protein intake is 100-120g a day and I want to increase my calories a bit and bulk up.
    -Judge less. Since going vegan and watching a ton of factory farm footage I have become quite judgemental about others' choices. It's especially hard with loved ones when I watch them cram nothing but empty calories and foods high in preservatives, antibiotics, fat, etc, down their throats and fear for the health of their future selves. I need to stop, though, and just set a good example and try to skew my thoughts as far as possible towards only things coming from a place of love.

    So, that about wraps it up for now. Again, sorry for starting a new journey since I started one a week or so ago. This really epitomizes what I want to do, though, and this IS THE ONE. I want to do a journey so badly because I feel it keeps me accountable for my plans, and it brings people together in an effort to all get better. When people who know more than you see you TRULY putting in the work, they'll take some time to drop some knowledge to help you. I also realize that I'm at a farther point in my IM journey than all beginners, so when they come to find this thread maybe it can help them get started on their own path to success. Basically, this thread can evolve into something beautiful with a wealth of knowledge in it from many members of this community and can be a lot of help to those who need it. It's also just a great way to think out loud :p

    I love the community here. I've only been a member since September, but this is one of the best things in life I have randomly come across so far. I had shiny object syndrome at first (I'm sure most people new to IM who find this place also experience that), but I'm now learning how to properly utilize this site to achieve my goals instead of just trying to replicate what others have done before me for success. I feel like my future success (sans trading...though that's attributed to randomly finding the right source, as well) will be 95% due to BHW. I love all the journey threads. They're so motivating. I love that we can all help each other succeed and to form the lives of our dreams. I hope I look back in a year, 5 years, even 10 years, and see the start of this thread, and remember this moment of sitting here typing this out as the first step in a journey that transformed my life forever. I also hope to continue to learn and still be on this site in many years giving back to the community like so many of you do.

    Now it's time to keep working. I will just keep grinding out these two brands and will check back every day with my progress! Good luck to everyone on their journies!

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 17 April 2020


  5. Logofat Tautul`s avatar
    Logofat Tautul 
    Friday, 17 April 2020

    The goal is simple: have $2,500,000 to my name by the time I'm 40, and then do no "work" for the rest of my life. I will live off of market interest, and hopefully the brands I'm building will just bring in passive income at that point with their established traffic. (Why 2.5 million? I guess that just seems like a good number to me to be able to live an amazing life off of the interest in the markets.)

    Funnily the free interest rate on those 2.5mil should come to just about 23k a year. A fucking leech will always reconstruct the swamp it came from, were you saying? You were right, of course. Like always.

    including techniques you won't find available most places on the internet (if at all).


    These are strategies he has developed from thousands upon thousands of hours of staring at charts

    Macar te-ai antrenat?
    Daa... am stat si-am meditat.

    When I get to $2,500,000 I will live an amazing life filled with travel and being able to see my family as much as I want and whenever I want.

    Read at least 15 min a day of some sort of book that will help me improve as a person (just got The Millionaire Fastlane as per a recommendation on BHW). Audiobooks are fine, too.


  6. Most fun we've had since moving here, that's for sure.

    > ever since yesterday the hapless inhabitants of Guanacaste can buy liquor in the store like normal people

    Heh, always funny the timing of these "coincidences".

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 17 April 2020


  8. Hey, here is 7 & 11. My contact details are on my site. It was a pleasure, we are ready for the next party ;) Sending love to all from the jungle!

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 18 April 2020

    Ha! Well.. how about you come over to San Josy (ye fla'ar o' Costa Ricky) for a daytrip ? I'll feed ye, how's Indian sound ? Seeing how there's exactly one decent Indian restaurant in the whole country...

    Alternatively I suppose I could also organize a group buy for an Arenal trip, put that bathing suit of yours to use. Seeing how teh billymgs were going to go anyways...

    But what I really want to know is how exactly did you figure out what to do to have your avatar show up by your name.

  10. Soo much fun, can't wait until next time! The goose has locked himself away & is working on his blueprints for a 'bread palace'.

    billymg - your cold brew coffee recipe is absolutely excellent. i shall never sleep again.

  11. In mostly unrelated lulz, there's a forum cartering to that lovely crowd (Black Hat World). One of the most popular moderators met probably the most heavily invested user last year, and it sparked!

    So my wife and I were well beyond fortunate to break bread with the @MisterF's as they are traveling and were in our neck of the woods.

    He married well above any measure one would use to indicate the quality of a person as his wife is super smart, beautiful, more gracious than a Head of State and so interesting our evening was a 5 star event.

    @MisterF is not unlike his wife in terms of a quality person and has a lot more going on upstairs than he lets on here but does not have the social graces his wife has cultivated over the years.

    I'm borderline without words when it comes to how enjoyable it was to spend time with them and how impressed I am with both of them as to being humans that we would all hope to elevate to but most of us will never achieve that level of quality.

    On top of that they have a dog named Reginald. How cool is that.

    We did have some anonymous person ask to take our picture as they heard we were Mods on the best IM forum on the planet and they were kind enough to send us that pic so I posted it below.

    Archived for pictures of the two fatsos (the socially gracious beauties & heads of state not depicted, for whatever reasons), and other comedic gold.

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 19 April 2020

    Lol, well... what do you want from people?!

  13. lexy229`s avatar
    Saturday, 19 June 2021

    > how exactly did you figure out what to do to have your avatar show up by your name.

    Not anymore. Her site is stone dead now.

    PS. is not enough, because of Kitty Foyle. Cwazy.

  14. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 19 June 2021

    Heh. Nothing lasts forever, and the "independent woman" least of all.

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