Jojo Rabbit

Thursday, 25 June, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Jojo Rabbiti is rather an entertaining film built on a relentlessly entertaining premise -- precisely the sort of thing that was made possible by Quentin Tarantino's outrightly idiotic anachronistic nonsenseii. While I despised those attempts at the time as rightly they must be despised for being fucking stupid, nevertheless I didn't say anything because, obviously enough, they were road opening idiocies in their own idiotic way. The road they opened leads to better things, such as this Jojo Rabbit -- far from great, and yet nevertheless even further still from the misery that originates them.

The relentlessness may well grate a civilised viewer ; moreover the director's disgustingly faggoty performance is well beyond tedious, especially for some random dork that's not even gay -- yet let us offer the excuse that directors are generally poor actors, and Scorsese's strictly schematic, systematical approach to an imaginary, grotesque tax attorney is not substantially different from this here blackgayface performance (though I'm sure the former offended some tax attorneys just as this campy crap's unpalatable to actual homosexuals, vanishingly few as they might still remain). Apart from these, a certain cluelesness is a definite prerequisite in the intended audience ; the film absolutely relies on a viewer situated somewhere at a level of mental development anterior to literacy, such that simple image processing as'd make up the substance of the confused cogitations ongoing in a five year old provide the bulk of intellectual activity occuring in their noggin. This may be something that you might at any point not feel like emulating, and nobody can possibly blame you for it ; yet if it be found within your mercy to look at this thing as if you were a mouth-dribbling moron, you might find it good -- or in any case, much better than what mouth-dribbling morons generally are fed.iii That's something, neh ? I mean, these are New Zeelanders we're discussing here, they're... they're not even Canadians, you realise. Gotta cut them some slack, you know ?

Needless to say, Nazi Germany as reconstituted on the meagre penetrative powers of the contemporary female worldview (as put forth by the simps&cucks "nice guys" club, of course) barely qualifies as a contender for some dispute with period Croatia, and probably on the losing side at that. The mystery of how exactly this "stupid" and "ridiculous" and etc thing managed to take over the world -- a world much tougher, much better, much stronger and MUCH more lovable than the pantsuitist idiocy they've been marinading in these past five to eight decades isn't given much thought. How come no German pretty blonde girl ever attacked a uniformed male during the whole period is not a concern, why and wherefore their ludicrous fantasies fail to work doesn't fucking interest them.

Well... Heil Hillarytler then, what can I say.

  1. 2019, by Taika Waititi, with Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Scarlett Johansson and Taika Waititi. []
  2. Remember that thing where a buncha black dudes supposedly did and mattered in WW2 ? Or the one where some black dude was killing white people in the Confederate South ? []
  3. And in any case, the idea to use a kid with over-pronounced upper incisives to poke fun at Scarlett Johansson minute defect is such fucking absurdist hysteria I can't possibly accord no points. []
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  1. I can't shake the conviction this dinner party entertainment on mosfilm scrip was shot in Sibiu. Or the regret that those involved weren't.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 25 June 2020


    Anyways, I believe it's the reliably slutty Czech Republic. Sibiu's too... fucked in the head.

  3. Waititi's notion of a woman and her child is very much "single black mother in the Bronx", and obviously this must also apply to WW2-era Germany because "what else is there"/"this is everything" etcetera, so there's this very pronounced "Candice is making breakfast" vibe about the whole thing, a sort of South-African notion of "what people are and what they do" based on not actually having ever seen any (excepting of course of the weird, fantastic retellings). This turns the film's intention very much on its head, it readily functions as demolishing ridicule of the author and his subcultural socio-ideological milieu, which is no doubt why you even reviewed it in the first place.

    It's still not really worth the two hours of anyone's time, let alone paying anything.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 25 June 2020

    It'd certainly be why the pantsuit reception was quite so hostile, in any case. Permit me to highlight :

    Waititi has never shied away from sharing his politics, but Jojo Rabbit feels oddly impartial, keen to note that actually, there were some Nice Nazis Too. That’s not really something we need to hear in 2019, with white nationalism back in vogue and on the march across much of western civilisation.

    Isn't she cute ? I mean, fucked in the head beyond all recovery, sure. But cute, tho. Like a rabbit with its neck wrung, still frothing at the "mouth" a little.

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