If any of Reggie Renner (CEO), Mike Langin (CTO), Brian White (COO), Pete Schiecke (CCO), Joe Bossone (CFO), Trey Blazic (VP, Ads), Brandon Caudill (VP, BizDev), Mike Harmon (VP, DOps), Kimberly Leatherman (VP, Eng), Mike Beamon, Peter Cheng, Ilaina Dassatti, Brad Fleischman, Branden Stall, Ari Sterenson, Mitch Widau, Megan Adams ever google their own name...

Sunday, 13 December, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

... jesus there's a lot of youi, especially considering

my personal blog's been owning your collective efforts since bloomin' August

my personal blog's been owning your collective efforts since bloomin' August

Anyways, I might be interested in buying your decayingii thing, so get in touch. As the short guy once saidiii,

Let's have the intelligence, let's have the decency to sign the death certificate, collect the insurance, and invest in something with a future.

  1. And I abbreviated something fierce, they actually claim no less than 108 employees for bezzle purposes, of which no less than 53 from Indiana. Speaking of which, have you ever seen Breaking Away (1979) ? Not a terrible film, and I suspect rather on point, which'd be my very haughty way of pointing out that they moved on from New York recently, or to quote the Carmel-Fishers-Geist-Noblesville-Westfield-Zionsville Current of November 12th 2020,

    ZergNet plans to expand its Indiana-based video studio and seek M&A opportunities. Since March, ZergNet has hired 20 employees in Indiana, achieved record revenue and more than doubled its profit year to year.

    “We fell in love with all the new development and the overall atmosphere in Fishers and think it’s the perfect home for tech startups,” ZergNet CEO Reggie Renner stated. “We’re excited to move in the spring and hope to fill the office with more Hoosiers as we expand our operations.”

    The City of Fishers provided support for the project through its master lease program, which provides companies flexible and short-term lease opportunities in Class-A office space, backed by the Fishers Redevelopment Commission. The RDC approved the master-lease agreement during its Oct. 29 meeting.

    or in other words "life's work, and paying bills, and MP doesn't mention you on Trilema until the day you die".

    Imagine that wonder, Class-A office space in Fishers, Indiana. Oh, how the scar tissue empire hath sunk... []

  2. zerglol

    Leaving aside the absolute dearth of splash in the intervening half-decade, the way I figure it 3.2 million for a hundred princesses should just about've run dry by now, even at the four digit a year sort of "salaries" they're well inhabituated with by now. N'est pas ? []

  3. In lieu of PS, and under the generous aegis of "and our devoted employees, who have taken no increases for the past three years," or whatever, let's point out that them employees ain't very happy :

    zergs []

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