Fun, together

Saturday, 27 June, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A tall woman is bent at the hips over a piled jumble, her large breasts swaying this way and that as she's rummaging through. From behind her butt sways, smiling a little cunt now and again.
"What are you doing ?"
"I'm going to beat the young'un. Seems like she needs it."

He says no further, she selects a clankering assorted armful and leaves, plainly. Some curlicue could of course be hung from that readily accessible, self-presenting nook ; but the problem with rituals and courtly life in general is that it rapidly becomes tedious, and thereupon meaningless.

A little later the sounds of implements meeting flesh, and of flesh being met with implements -- namely, various whacks and divers moans -- filter through the distance. Awkward at first, searching, testing, but soon enough finding a rhythm and a reason of their own, and then altogether rhyming quite well. Another little while later he finally stands up, and walks over to watch the proceedings.

He finds the young'un in question on all fours on her bed, handcuffed and blindfolded, hindquarters well grilled. He plays a little with the author of the welts, fondling her tits, whacking her a few times lightly, then selects a vibrator and stuffs it into the aching cunt parting the zebra hide, a part apart therewith. It's a pink caterpillar-looking thing, vaguely reminescent of a succession of doughnuts impaled on a stick. It's thick enough and its counterfit animus quite right, because an even littler while later the receptacle's begging to orgasm as he's driving the thing into her like it were a double-clutch stich shift. You know, the stick stirring the gasoline as the old expression goes.

The squirming subbie's allowed her release eventually, and then presently -- not large a while later -- forced to beg for it again. As it turns out coaxing sexual paroxism out of bound womanhood's quite trivial (if you know what you're doing). He's playing with the other one, disinterestedly stuffing the quivering cunt with one hand, sideways. "Suck my cock, I want to fuck the dumb whore in the ass" he offers, and as his stick's being eagerly worshipped therewith he continues, languidly : "make it big and hard, so it hurts her".

It's a purely stylistic addition, obviously, but style has its place in the world -- and usually that place is up some dumb whore's asshole, as it happens. Then he orders the cocksucker to lube the other up, and as the girl bends over to do his bidding he impales her, authoritatively, patriarchically. She moans and bites her lip. She has a lot of difficulty lubing an asshole while being fucked standing, but her difficulty is certainly his enjoyment, and so she perseveres.

"Hold it in her cunt, I want to fuck her with it in" he says, and the human fucktoy squats on her ankles, holding the silicone fucktoy firmly in place inside the other human fucktoy. Other animals besides man play, it is true, but no other animals besides man play quite as elaborately. Penetrating the overstuffed midsection of the handcuffed slavegirl is challenging, the vibrator's already, at its thickest, deepest pushed in... the vibrator's already at its most demanding asking slightly more than her vagina'd readily offer on its own ; to now receive and entertain a whole other penis... room has to be made, out of nothing something must be made. As it has to so it's made, of course, but...

The vibration rather numbs them both, it's a strange sensation. Neither much use that kind of toy, they're not inhabituated to them nor are their nerves damaged in the manner typical of magic wand afficcionados. He compliments the holder on her excellent form by pointing out he'd like to see her from behind. Knees far apart, butt jutted out, held an inch above the ankles... she very much looks exactly like what she is, the opposite of posing it could be said.

Eventually he spends, the victim is released, they move on, life regains its common pace. Yet it's the first time the young'un had an orgasm, and it's the first time she had to beg for release for having it, and it's the first time he fucked her ass with a vibrator burried in her cunt, and it's the first time...

They have fun together, it's not exactly deliberate, but nevertheless it happens. It's also quite far from a coincidence, of course. It's just what happens, at the interplay of novelty with well established structure they have fun together.


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