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Monday, 16 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author:
feedbot: << Bingology - The Blog of Aaron 'BingoBoingo' Rogier -- Qntra: A Plan For Action [02:50]
diana_coman: bvt: thanks! [07:30]
diana_coman: I'll get around to it later today and will let you know how it went. [07:30]
diana_coman: bvt: the antecedents/descendants commands behave as expected now indeed the output from vtree though seems confusing as it is now because of the order in which children are apparently shown in between siblings so that one has to track and count spaces to be able to say what belongs where and what seems the child of the node immediately above turns out to be meant instead of child of node 2 lines above, not sure if you intended it like ... [10:44]
diana_coman: ... that for illustration, here's the output from vtree and antecedents on eucrypt_oaep_fix_checks.vpatch (ran in the same test dir that can be had from here) antecedents gives the correct path genesis->ch6->ch7->ch9->ch10->oaep_fix_checks, but in vtree's output it's very hard to tell that ch10 is meant as child of ch9 rather than ... [10:44]
diana_coman: ... of mpi_fix_copy_incr [10:44]
diana_coman: bvt: also, mind packing in next vpatch either removal of that Makefile or an update to it so it covers the new .gpr files? As it is now it's doing half a job and even that unclear why via makefile anyway - it would possibly make more sense to just have one .gpr file that allows you to build all with a single command but anyways. [10:47]
spyked: mp_en_viaje: [11:16]
feedbot: << Qntra -- Circuit Breakers And Blood Fiat Markets Open With Losses [16:37]
mp_en_viaje: jungle internets, tsk tsk [16:54]
feedbot: << The Tar Pit -- Work plan for M3 2020 [17:00]
mp_en_viaje: spyked, mbine [17:07]
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