Coffee and Cigarettes

Monday, 06 April, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Coffee and Cigarettesi is a collection of vignettesii strung together by Jim Jarmusch. Other than Renee French being pretty hot as a solo coffee vamp even if not really an actress (this is how it works though, every healthy adult female can act that part or else the species fucken ends) and Tom Waits being a natural born asshole (something we already knew anyway), the most striking aspects are, on one hand, just what an excellent sad, modest, diminutively submissive man Iggy Pop can put forth ; and just how fucking irrelevant to anything black people find themselves, in spite of evident effort poured in with the best of intentions.

As to Iggy, I suppose it's as Hannah said, "He's a thin old guy with really big eyes, how could he not look sad". He is, all that, but truly he projects above his natural gifts of physique, I now want to cuddle Iggy fuckin' Pop for having watched him smoke because it's ok, he can smoke now that he quit. As to the blacks... look, Steve Buscemi catering to a pair of twins can't manage to arouse the slightest interest, I couldn't care less what a pair of metrosexual black kiddos are up to. The couple of Algerians or whatever they are, French-accented dudes ? Holy god, entomology is more captivating. I really can't imagine a future for black people, they're structurally disinteresting (more's the point : you'd better hope and pray the little yellow men find you interesting, becauseiii...)

Anyways, the way "there's no smoking in the lounge" only starts happening once the person left... Yeah. You're gonna be seeing lots and lots more of that...

... and much, much less of everything else.

  1. 2003, by Jim Jarmusch, with Roberto Benigni, Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Cate Blanchett []
  2. Originally I was looking for the Cristi Puiu homonymous creation, but whatever, we talk about that one next, I was derailed & sidetracked. []
  3. From what I hear, they actually find blacks a lot more captivating, so I'm guessing once the "virus" is done, Africa remains what it's always been, an open air zoo, and Euronorthamerica get recolonized ? []
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