Babydoll living dat pimp life

Sunday, 01 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Wednesday September the 22th. Atomic eggs are bullshit by the way. They don't do anything. Sylvia and Doll were very nice to me and kept hugging me and nuzzling which is when someone pushes their nose into you like a cat. It doesn't do anything either so I guess it's ok. Then Doll said we are dropping Sylvia off on the way to my school first because she has work to do and Sylvia said nuh uh she is taking her car because she needs a car and Doll said to her you know I will come pick you up, I have nothing better to do with my time anyway and I think they were arguing and I never saw Doll that way. Then Sylvia said it is because she is a little bitch meaning Doll and that nobody likes her. And Doll started crying! So we both hugged her and we told her Sylvia was only kidding but Doll said she knows it's true. How silly is that!

Then they both got their cars! Doll has her hella cool convertible but Sylvia's car is stupid and small and it looks more like a shoe. So I was standing there like wtf and they were each in her car and then Doll put the blinker on and then Sylvia put the blinker on too and then Doll turned the blinker off and then Sylvia turned her headlights on and then Doll turned on her window wipers! They were so weird! And then Sylvia drove in front of Doll and parked there. And then Doll drove in front of Sylvia and parked there herself. And then they just kept going like that, I was standing looking behind like wtf ?! They just left me behind I thought they were taking me to school but I guess they decided to just go all the way to town by parking in front of each other.

I didn't know what to do, but I was thinking maybe go into the garage and get my bike and put the skateboard on the rack behind and put my rollerblading helmet on and go to school like that! But then they came gangbusters down the road, Doll was on the other side driving normally and Sylvia on this side driving in reverse the whole way! And they were honking and the blinkers were blinking and they blinked their headlights too and it was like a circus act! So then they stopped by me and I got into Sylvia's car and Doll turned her wheels left and right and left and right a while and then came and parked her car in front of Sylvia! And she backed up more and more very slowly until they were almost touched, and then she got out of her car and went into the house and got Dad's old car out of the garage and parked it right behind Sylvia and we were wtf is she doing !? But before she did all that I sold Sylvia look, you have to come with her car because we can't go in two different cars but she said nuh-uh, she is a professional woman and she needs to have her car and I told her it's a shitty car anyways and she said whatever, this is her other car, her good car is in Europe and besides this is electric. And I said so what and she said so it can go in reverse just as good as forward and I said oh and she said ha! And I said but it still sucks and she said she knows. But then I said I thought you loved Doll and she said she does so I asked her what is going on and she said she doesn't know.

So I got out of her car and got into Doll's car and she was like "sup Babydoll!" and puppyeyes and I said why are you such a little bitch Doll and she said she doesn't know. And so I asked her what's a little bitch and she said when you do bullshit things you don't even know why you're doing them and I said oh that's you right now and she said yeah. So I said Doll you have to go beg Sylvia to take your car and drive it and give her your car keys. Her eyes got all big and wet like she was going to start to cry but I said she's a professional woman, meaning Sylvia, and she needs a good car like this one because her car is kind-of bullshit and you don't need it anyway because you don't do anything. Doll starting crying and snotting out of her nose and said "Babydoll you are hurting me so much" and I said that's what you deserve you little bitch now go do it and she got the keys out of the ignition and got out of the car bawling widly and went over to Sylvia but Sylvia also went out of her car and hugged Doll and they came together like that propped like drunk people and Doll got in the back with me and Sylvia didn't even know how to drive manual but Doll told her how to put it in automatic and then I said kiss my hand Doll so she kissed my hands many times and I was like now say thank you Babydoll for taking my car away from me and she said it and was crying all quietly and sobbing and then I said Sylvia you have to take her with you and introduce her to people and Sylvia said Ok! and Doll was just looking at me kinda surprised and then I said why are you crying Doll, nothing has happened yet! And her mouth just opened and then they both starting laughing their asses off. They were still laughing when they dropped me off at school and they told me that they had a great time together and maybe Doll will be Sylvia's personal assistant from now on when she needs her to and she got a lot of samples of beauty things like three bags full.

Then at school I said hey Key! I'm going to enslave you and she said wut ?! and I said because your parents are poor and black you have to be my slave and she said that's not fair and I said it's just how it is and Chris said how come she can't be my slave and I said because your parents love you Chris and she said yes but they're so annoying she'd much rather they didn't and I said sorry baby and she said it's not fair and I said that's just how it is. Then Key said there's no slaves no more and I said of course there are and Key raised her hand and Mz Rice-Davies asked her yes Keysha, would you like to contribute to the discussion and Key said is it true that there are slaves today ? like little girls ? because they are black and poor ? and Mz Rice-Davies said that is a very good question and made the whole class about something with human traffic and little girls from Africa and Pakistan. It was very boring and eventually Key said I guess so huh and I said see ? And she asked me what is being enslaved and I said she has to do everything I tell her to and she said but Babydoll, I was already your slave and I said yes Key but now you're going to live at my place and you will be my slave all day long not just a little. And her mouth opened and I thought Chris was going to cry but she kept whispering it's not fair it's not fair and Key said are you fo' real and I said yes when Doll comes pick me up you get in the car and be respectful to her. And I told Chris we can still be friends and she can come visit but she was very sad. So during lunch break I told Key to take Chris to the bathroom and make her have it and then she told me she tastes like soap.

Then after school Doll's car was there and we got in and Key was very shy and kept looking down but Doll wasn't there because Sylvia was driving her car. So I said where's Doll and she said she's playing with your Dad and I said this is Key, I enslaved her. And Sylvia asked o yeah, how come ? And I said tell her Key and Key said very softly that it's because her parents are black and they are poor and it's an ancient tradition in Pakistan and in Africa. And Sylvia said oh good, one should always be respectful of traditions just as long as they're not your own and Key said yes ma'am and I said what are you doing sitting on the seat Key, you'll get it dirty! And I made her ride kneeling in the space the whole time, and I told her to rest her head on my sneakers and she did. She looked very good and funny like that, almost like she were a puppy so I said to Sylvia she looks just like a big puppy! And Sylvia steered the car suddenly and I asked her whoa! and she said hang on I got an idea. We went to the pet store on the way over and we bought leashes and doggy collars which made no sense but Sylvia was very excited and I didn't want to say anything but then in the car I asked her I said you know Sylvia we don't have any dogs and she said that's what you think and I thought maybe Dad got some puppies or something ? But after we got home Sylvia got out of the car in a big rush and started talking all her clothes off quickly and said come on Key, strip and then she said to me "put a collar on her" and then she was naked and grabbed a collar and put it on herself and put the leash on it and ran off.

I asked Key hey would you like to be my little puppy dog ? And Key said Ruff! Ruff!! and she licked my face, with her tongue. Ew! So I told her to kneel down and I got the prettiest collar on her neck but not too tight and then put the leash on it and I walked her to the pool. Dad was there by the pool sitting on a chair and Doll sat on the chair next to him at the table but she was naked and Sylvia was kneeling next to Doll and Doll had her leash in her hand. So I walked Key all the way to them and I said Daddy, look what a cute little puppy! Can I keep her Daddy ? Please can I keep her ? Please Daddy! And Keysha said Ruff! Ruff! and then held her tongue out and panted like a doggy. And Dad said "Well, are you going to take good care of her ?" And I said "Yes Daddy, oh yes I promise!" and he said alright then, she can sleep in your bed with you. And I was like "Yeah!" and Sylvia crawled over to Key on all fours and started sniffing her like dogs do but Doll pulled on her leash and Sylvia ran off back to her and kneeled at her feet. Then Doll got a little icecream on the spoon from the bowl in front of her and threw it on the floor, it landed sorta close to the pool and Sylvia ran over there on all fours and licked it off the ground and then came back to Doll and groveled at her feet and rolled over just like a doggy. Then Doll got a larger bit and threw it kinda closer to Key and I pushed her a little on the hip so she crawled over there real quick and started to lick the icecream off the ground but Sylvia also came and started pushing Key away with her face and trying to lick at the icecream but Key growled and showed her teeth and Sylvia was just playing with her like a small puppy dog and then kissed Key and licked the icecream off her lips.

I said "Daddy I'm going to my room" and Dad said "take your puppy with you" and I said Here Keysha! and we went upstairs. And I asked her how does she like being my slave and she said is this fo' real ?! And I said I think so, Daddy said he was going to buy her from her parents and she said Whoa! and I said yeah, this is your life now. And she said "your place is so cool..." and she was going to say Babydoll but then she said Ma'am instead and looked down with her eyes and I said "who's the boss of you ?" and she said "you are Ma'am" and I said "what are you ?" and she said "I'm the dog slave that used to be Keysha Ma'am". And I said haha, that will be your naked name now Key! You're dogslave! And she said I don't want to be Keysha anymore and I said you still have to wear it in school and things and she said "I'm still going to school ?!" and I said yeah of course, I have to keep an eye on you. So then she kept quiet for a little bit and then said "Are you going to make me whore out ?" and I said "what do you call all this ?" and she said no but she means gangbangs and stuff. And I asked her what is a gangbang and she showed me on her phone. You couldn't see very well because her glass is broken but a gangbang is when a lot of men all push themselves into one girl, it's scary. But I don't think Keysha thought it was scary I mean dogslave, because she was getting very antsy and she was very wet and when I kissed her she had it instantly. And she said oh Ma'am you shouldn't kiss dogslave down there and I said why not and she said I should let her go without for a very long time so she misses it very much and I said but Key, I love kissing you and making you have it and she curled around and pushed my panties out of the way and started kissing me wildly.

Thursday September the 23th. Sylvia was making breakfast and Dad was there too with Doll and Key also but she was naked and she had her dog collar on because she had slept with it on, she just curled at my feet and I think I kicked her a bunch of times because I remember her kissing my feet all night and I asked her what is she doing she said she is kissing my foot and when I asked how come she said because I kicked her. But I didn't mean to. And we were talking about yesterday and how crazy they were and Dad just laughed and laughed and I kept telling it over and over. Then we were like ok, let's go to school, except Sylvia was staying home to do the floors and the bathrooms and serve Dad but Dad was like "she can't go like that" because Keysha was still completely naked. So I told her to get back into her clothes from yesterday and Dad was like hm and I said "it's ok Dad, she's poor, nobody will notice anything" and Dad looked at Doll and said take them shopping on the way back and she said Yes Master. And Key smiled, she just looked so happy she beamed, and maybe somebody else could think it was because of the shopping, but I knew it was because she saw Doll call Dad Master like that. And I knew they'll be best friends.

School was boring and Chris was sad but I told her I'm going to ask Doll to get her parents to let her come spend the weekend again, but she said she doesn't think they'll let her. Keysha wore her dog collar in school but nobody said anything, I guess maybe they didn't know what it was or what it was for because I didn't have the leash on it. Then Sylvia picked us up in Doll's car and I was like hey wtf you doing with Doll's car but she was like Babydoll, you gave it to me, remember ? and I said nuh-uh and she said ok I stoled it. This is Grand Theft Auto. and she started driving funny. Then we went to the mall because Dad said we should buy dogslave clothes and I asked her what clothes would you like ? And she said maybe a pair of jeans if that is ok ? And I said I do not think that is ok and Sylvia shook her head and said that is not ok either. So then dogslave said we could go to salivation army and they have pants there and they're not expensive but I looked at Sylvia and I said I have never heard of this starvation army store. So we took her to Gucci and first thing we bought her this gold dress which looks so good on her because she is so athletic and beautiful that Sylvia said she looks better than anyone she knows and Sylvia knows a lot of people. Then we bought her more things there and then we went to Neiman and we bought her seven pairs of jeans one for each day plus a bonus pair whichever she wants and she was just like someone hit her in the head, poor dogslave, was just wandering around like a zombie saying "omg this is worth more than my life" and clutching different clothes from her bags. And we also bought her leather pants and tights and we bought more dresses and shoes not just sneakers either but even a pair of golden shoes with high heels and in the end Doll's car's trunk was completely full and we went to have steak because Doll said tomorrow morning dogslave is starting on whore pills also because it would be a pity not to realise all her potential which means like miss out but it's fancier to say. And dogslave had to eat her steak just as raw as ours but she had no problem with it maybe because she really is a dog really.

Then when they brought the bill they said sorry but this credit card was declined ?! So Sylvia was like oh girls, let me buy you lunch! And got out her card and paid for it. And I asked her hey are you rich ? And she said I used to be, but now your Dad owns me and I own nothing I just work for it. And I said just like a whore ? And she said exactly Babydoll! And dogslave sighed and said I wish I could do that but Sylvia patted her hair on her neck and said don't you worry pretty baby, you definitely will soon enough. And dogslave smiled at her and kissed her hand. I really like how she kisses hands and feet and parts of people like that, I have to tell her it is very good and it makes me happy with her.

Just as we got home the delivery truck of mail was leaving, and the hallway was piled with boxes so we were like wtf there is no room now to bring stuff in from the car but Doll was like "I did a little shopping online" dollangelface. So we all went naked and I introduced Key to Sylvia properly, and then I said "Sick 'er, bitch" and dogslave went right for Sylvia's spot and I said "Whoever makes the other have it first gets icecream" but Sylvia spun Key around and sat on her face and made her in like thirty seconds and then kept doing it to her until poor Key was a wreck. And Sylvia said she never had black cherry before and Dad was like she's a virgin ? and Sylvia said Yes Sir and Dad said hey Babydoll, that's a fine young bitch you've got yourself there and I said "Thank you Daddy" because he got her for me but then he said "How about you sell her to me ?" and I was like wtf and I said Daddy please don't take my dogslave away she's so good! And he said what about for a lot of money and he had a huge pile of moneys in his hand like thicker than a thumb and Doll and Sylvia were looking at me and I said please Daddy, I love her. So he said alright then, but is it ok if she plays with my bitches ? And I said sure Daddy, she should be a whore for Doll and for Sylvia all the time. And they were like yay! But then I said and she can have Doll's car. And Doll was WTF SHE IS TWELVE but Sylvia was laughing and Doll figured out I was just messing and she got really mad because she's so sensitive about her car but she didn't let on but she pretended like she's fake mad because omg it's the only thing I have worth anything and I don't ever do anything and stuff but you can always tell when it's not real.

Then we unpacked what all Doll had ordered and it was many collars and Dad said he'll pick collars for Doll and Sylvia and have a ceremony later but he said I can pick one for Keysha meaning doglsave right away if I want but I said I don't know but I'll think about. Then Doll got out a bunch of slave jewels, very many, and they were all silver. Because she said I'm the only princess in this house and only I get golden stones everyone else is lesser whores and they have to wear the inferior stones for themselves and she looked at Sylvia and Sylvia said I am just a lowly whore and Babydoll is the only princess in this house. And then dogslave said Ruff! Ruff! and we all laughed. I wonder why they think I'm the princess. Maybe because nobody can really make it with me. Except for dogslave. But the stones were hella cool, there were a bunch that were normal like mine and Doll's but different sizes, and Doll said she didn't get me any because mine fits snug but she has to go up because she's a loose slut and then we had to have Sylvia and dogslave fitted with slavestones for themselves. Doll got a larger one and Sylvia asked her if she can try her old one and Doll said no you should have a green stone because you're a jealous troublemaking bitch and everyone should know but Sylvia said Babydoll please tell her to make me wear her old slave stone and I said you have to kiss it first and Sylvia ran off to the bathroom and came out with the jewel part covering her lips because she had the stone part in her mouth and I said Doll let her have your old stone it's too small for you because you're such a loose slut and Dad laughed and Doll got fake mad and she said Babydoll why do you always give her all my things and I said because she has a real career and is successful and she bought me lunch.

So then everyone was quiet like shit was going to go down and Sylvia was like oops and then mumbled something and Dad said what ? And Sylvia took Doll's stone out of her mouth and said "we overdrew the card" and was all shy and looking down. And Dad asked what the hell did you buy and dogslave said "Everything. They picked some things here and there and gave them to the shop person and they said would you like to buy these and they said no, those you can keep, we're buying everything else. And then they bought a truck to carry it all." and Doll was wtf, I didn't know the bitch can talk and I was like ha-HA! and Sylvia said "Babydoll, this dog bitch of yours is SINGING" and jumped on her and started tickling her which I had no idea dogslave tickles so bad but she was having fits on the floor with Sylvia on top of her and then SHE PEED! And Dad was like Fuck! The carpet! and the carpet was like Slurp! Yum! and it was gone. But dogslave was very sorry about it and apologized but Dad said Babydoll you have to pottytrain your puppy! and I said Yes sir and Doll said hang on we're not there yet, we still have to do the trainer jewels. Because there were a lot of slave stones that were not the normal shape but with patterns on them and very large. Some were huge! And I was kinda looking at them I think because Doll said these aren't for you Babydoll except maybe one day when you don't feel like a Princess can try them a little but Dad said maybe later and Doll continued "when you grow older." Which really is ok by me! So Sylvia put Doll's old stone inside of her and then they fitted dogslave with a small one but it was really not snug at all and so they tried one a little bigger but it was still loose and then when they found one that fit just right it was larger than Doll's! And they looked at her and Doll said what have you been doing dogslave! And she got very quiet and shy and she wouldn't say anything and I said answer her dogslave! and she said that she sometimes when she makes herself have it she also puts things inside there. And Sylvia said like what, like your fingers ? And dogslave said sometimes. So Doll asked and some other times ? She didn't want to say at first, but then she said she puts her older sisters' vibrator inside sometimes at night when she doesn't deserve to sleep all night and just lets it hum inside and keep her up all night.

Everybody was just wow but dogslave said at first it was the electric toothbrush, but then that was too small. I said hey dogslave, how about let's see then which of these you can fit in, and dogslave could do pretty much all of them except two or three that were really really very thick and long, and of course way more than Sylvia who can barely put in a few of the smaller smoother ones. Doll did ok but she was nowhere near my pup. Dad just shook his head and said Aaaalright, take her upstairs, meaning I should take dogslave to my room, but Doll said Daddy, let me sit in your lap while Babydoll disciplines these two guilty bitches ? I don't know why she said that because I didn't think Dad was upset with either Sylvia for the shopping or dogslave for the carpet neither was I, but Dad didn't say anthing so Doll just climbed sort-of on top of him and he just laid back and she was sort-of slow dancing. Then she was biting her lip and she said Babydoll, do them like you did me that day. So I started towards the upstairs to get belts but Sylvia opened up a package and called me. She was holding a thing like square leather with a tinner end and she winked at me. It was kind-of interesting really, I was curious how bad it hurt. She opened more stuff and gave me a pair of very tall very smooth boots and she said put them on Princess and so I did but you have to pull them up almost to your butt. And then she gave me more things to beat people with, and she grabbed hold of dogslave and they just stood like that face to face like they were dancing. I tried to hit Sylvia with the thing a few times but it didn't work out, so then I got mad and did it hard and whoa! She started crying and said thank you Princess Babydoll! between sighs and then I hit dogslave and then Sylvia again and then I also did it with other things and they were beaten real real bad, especially Sylvia because I hit her harder. Then I went in between them and we all hugged together and they kissed my cheeks and cried and cried on me until my hair was wet like I had been in the pool! And Doll said to Sylvia "now you know who the Princess is."

I said Daddy, Daddy, let them beat me too! but Daddy didn't say anything so I got down on my knees and with my face on the carpet and dogslave came and curled next to me and put my head on her chest and caressed my face and then I felt Sylvia strike me the first time. Whoa! And then she beat me more and more and I was kissing dogslave and crying and then Sylvia came over and hugged me too and said to dogslave now it's your turn but she didn't want to do it and said she will never hit me no matter what and we went to my room and then Sylvia left us alone and dogslave just kissed my ass everywhere where it was sore and made me have it and kissed my ass all over again and made me have it again and she said that nobody beat her so bad in her whole life and she is really happy it was me. But I was crying saying she didn't deserve it and she said of course she did. She said she deserves anything I do to her because she loves me that way. And she said even if I never whore her out to gangbang it's ok because she just wants to be my bitch puppy dog. Then much later Doll came upstairs to kiss us goodnight and said she is so sorry she got us beat and she doesn't know why she said that but sometimes she gets freaky and she doesn't think things through and I said it's okay, I am happy they hurt me, and I told her instead of kissing goodnight I want her to spank my ass, where it is beaten the worst especially and dogslave held my face into her stomach all tight so I couldn't yell out and Doll spanked my ass where it hurt the most with her hand. And then we went to bed.

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