Babydoll is not a princess anymore.

Monday, 02 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Monday September the 27th. Doll was up really early because she tried to make things from the party brunch but hers were terrible. And she said this is pretty bad huh and Sylvia didn't say anything and I looked at dogslave and dogslave said Ruff! but Doll looked at me and said you have to tell me Babydoll and I asked her why do I have to tell you and she said because you're the only princess in this house. Which is bullshit. Why should I have to tell her she made crap ? I love her. But I told her that a real woman has to swallow everything and then dogslave looked at me and made puppyeyes and Sylvia was mean mugging me and I said especially Sylvia. She has to eat it all by herself because she promised, remember ? So Sylvia started eating a celery stick all making a big deal of it but not dipping it at all but Doll opened the fridge and said you know I have a lot of that and got out a huge celery stick tree with like ten thousand sticks still on it. And then Sylvia made her eyes look at each other and it was so funny!

Then I said I'm sorry Doll, it's really pretty bad. And she started crying. Then I asked her "Doll are you taking us to school ?" but she said "No I am not taking you to school. I have to stay right here and practice these." and I started to say "But Doll..." but she said it's all my fault for not liking them in the first place! Which is bullshit, nobody would like her brunch stuff. Although a pig maybe would eat it. Pigs eat anything. Especially Marla. So Sylvia said ok I'll take you. Then Doll looked at me and said "What if I need more supplies" and Sylvia said why, haven't you ruined enough expensive groceries and Doll stared at her and there were tears coming out of her eyes but she wasn't really crying somehow. I think maybe she was holding the crying in. Then I said "But Doll! She can't drive dad's old car because she has a real career and it's not automatic. And her own car is destroyed because it's electric and she is very successful." and Sylvia said "Babydoll you're such a bitch." and Doll said "She can have my keys from my cold, dead hands." and then she looked right at me and said "You'll have to punish me" and I said "Doll, I don't want to punish you, we'll be late for school." and dogslave said let's take the bus but Doll said "just call a Boober" which is this thing from the Internet on your phone where stupid boys that are desperate for meeting girls will borrow a lot of money from the bank to buy a new car and then if any girls especially successful girls with a career like Sylvia want they drive to where she is on the phone and take her where she is going trying not to stare at her boobs. Who needs boys anyway! And I said "I don't want some stupid boy to drive us anywhere" and Sylvia said no Doll, we can't do that because you have to pay by card only. And she is right, we maxed out Dad's card buying dogslave things and then we maxed out Sylvia's card at the hotel doing something I don't remember what. Dad left us money before he left but it is in cash and of course you have to go to the bank first. But Doll was at the store, wth and I asked her Doll why didn't you pay the cards when you were shopping and she said because there was a line and I was in a hurry to make you bitches breakfast ok! And Sylvia looked at me and I said "So why didn't you then" and Doll started crying on the floor.

So I kicked her in her side a little with my sneaker and I said kiss my shoe you good for nothing Doll and she did and then we left. And then we were outside and Sylvia was like now wut and I said now you take us to school in Dad's old car. And she said "You know I don't know how to drive those Babydoll" and I said she'd better do it or otherwise I am going to punish her so bad! So she was cursing and muttering under her breath but I asked her what did she say and she smiled at me all sweet and said oh nothing Babydoll nothing at all. Then she drove us to school, it was a little hard at first figuring it out but she did ok and it works not so bad but the car makes a very loud noise from time to time like it's clearing its big car throat. I think maybe that's why Dad got a new one maybe.

In school Mz. Wheeler asked us why are we late and I said because of circumstances beyond our control, which is just something you say but I think she took it serious because she said what might those be which you are not supposed to ask. So I told her the story but she's not a real whore she's just a woman and besides we were in school so I only told it simple like they can understand, I said "My stepmom was up very early to buy things to make us a gala breakfast like she saw on TV but it did not work and it was really bad so we couldn't eat it and she made us tell her the truth so she got really upset and she started crying and crying and flooded the house and was stranded across a sea of tears and we couldn't get to her anymore and so now here we are late and hungry." and Mz. Wheeler said you poor girls, would you like some cashews ? And she offered us her cashews but she buys them at desperation army I think because they're stale and don't taste anything like real cashews. But I ate one anyway and Mz. Wheeler said can you say it in French ? And I said "Oui Madame, ma belle-mère s'est levée très tôt pour acheter des choses pour nous préparer un grand petit-déjeuner comme elle l'eut vu" and she interrupted me and said passé historique très bien très bien but I continued "à la télé mais cela n'a pas fonctionné, vrai-dire c'était pire de mauvais, donc nous ne pouvions pas le manger et elle nous a demandé la vérité qui la vraiment bouleversée au point qu'elle s'est mise à pleurer et pleurer jusqu'au inonder la maison donc se retrouvait échoué de l'autre côté d'une mer de larmes hors de portée et nous voila : en retard et affamés."

Mz. Wheeler clapped and kept saying très bien très bien over and over though I understood the first time she said it, and then gave me an A+ which is my second and asked me what is the secret to my great improvement since last year and I said because my step-mom is French but of course Doll isn't French I think because then why does she have to practice learning it ? And Mz. Wheeler asked me to think about participating in the French Olympics and I said I don't know but Daddy will take us to Paris for Spring break and I will see then. And she said Oh, Paris... how nice and that she always wanted to visit it someday. She keeps saying things over and over and of course in French but I am not going to write it like that in my journal.

Chris wasn't in school at all and I think something bad must have happened because she would never dare not come without permission or maybe I'm just not her pimp anymore but that would be just sad. I talked to dogslave about it and she said Chris is my whore and she will never want anyone else she is sure 100%. Then dogslave told me something called the fappening has happened which is a thing when every girl's naked pictures are published on the Internet and I was like oh how cool! Does that mean I can publish mine now ? But she said no, it is illegal but then when I asked her if it is illegal how come it is a thing she didn't know. I will have to ask Dad about it. Wouldn't it be cool though if we could just show everyone ? They should have a law like that and make everyone go naked completely in school all the time and make the boys go somewhere else.

Then dogslave showed me pictures of her favorites hero gymnast girls from this fappening. First we looked at Simone Biles, and she is ok-looking but dogslave has much larger breasts than her even if they are not as large as Chris and Dolls but she is like Sylvia and this Simone girl has almost nothing at all and even so they kinda hang down when dogslave's boobs are pointed straight out and they can poke you too! I like it much better that way and it is prettier. This Simone girl also has a lot of hair growing right above where her spot is, which is gross and dogslave said so too. I have a little bit kinda fuzzy and dogslave has a little more than me and it's thicker and of course hers is all black but this girls hair looks more like a Santa beard! It's crazy and dogslave said it's because she is older than us like at least sixteen or maybe in highschool even but I don't know about that because Doll has no hair at all and Sylvia doesn't either. Maybe it's just temporary like milk teeth, old girls that don't whore out properly grow all hairy but then if they find Daddy and he does them proper they lose it again. So I said to dogslave "I bet you that's why we don't have so much hair because we keep kissing it" and she said it's because of our age and I asked her how come Doll doesn't have any then she is older than everyone well except the teachers of course. And dogslave said maybe she shaves it like her legs and it is true because both Doll and Sylvia shave her legs which is weird but when we said we want to do it too they said we shouldn't because we only have peach fuzz and that is prettiest. I think dogslave is right though I will have to ask Doll if she shaves above her spot.

But I told dogslave you are much prettier than this girl because she really is, her legs are much better especially towards her butt and everything about her and her face is cute too and I love her. And her butt is so much rounder and nicer too. Then we looked at Gabby Douglas who is an even older gymnast girl and she is a gold medal winner! But it was in London so I don't know if that counts as much. She is just as hairy but her face is prettier than Simone's but still nowhere near dogslave but still she is ok. But she is ugly otherwise, her body is like... hey, maybe you should wear a dress. Which I think is why there's no nudity at school or anywhere, because all these ugly bitches are probably jealous and they keep winning medals and things and then they go whining to their Daddies going "Daddy Daddy that girl over there is so much prettier than me please Daddy make a law that nobody can see" which is complete bullshit. She can just wear her stupid gold medal dangling between her dangling boobs and see who gives a shit! And then I saw a picture of these girls with some actual normal people, and you won't believe how short they are. I said dogslave, these are midgets wtf are you doing, they are not tall enough to stand up to your nipple and she said that is how it is in gymnastics many girls are four feet tall. Four feet tall! I can step over them, this is not a normal height unless you're like six years old or not in school yet anyway. So I said dogslave I don't know what you are doing mixing up with ugly short hairy midget girls and she said please Babydoll don't take me out of gymnastics and I said don't worry dogslave, I am not Josephiah over here, you can do gymnastics for as long as you want to, but please don't turn into one of those jealous bitches that don't want people to be naked. And she said they aren't all like that for instance these girls were naked weren't they ? But I said sure, but they had to be published illegally in the first place! But she said maybe their daddy told them not to be naked in school or anywhere like at that party and I guess that's true, you never know.

I wonder how Daddy does it to keep the jealous bitches away from us. Because we are having a great time and nobody else is, and I realise now this must be because Daddy does it, like maybe that one time when he told Doll to talk to everyone's parents and there are like tricks involved here I am sure. It's not just that Doll always knows what to say and how to set things up so that we can always have Chris stay and get our way and Chris' mom is like "We can't not let her go" and dogslave's parents even sold her to slavery! I think really I am maybe like in the cave here and I just found it because look that there's things going on that I only see the shadows of! When I ask him about the fappening I'm going to try and figure out what the hell is really going on.

Then Chris never showed up the whole day and Doll came to pick us up and she said sorry Babydoll I am so sorry about this morning and I said you should apologize to Sylvia and she looked at me like teehee and she said she already did. Then I am in my room and finished homework and wrote out the journal properly and then went by the pool a little but Daddy isn't home and I was kinda sad and they all asked me what's the matter Babydoll! And I told them Chris didn't show up for school and I miss her and I am worried about her. Then they hugged me and then we went to bed.

I thought dogslave had fallen asleep but I couldn't sleep and I was crying but quietly to not wake her up but she was up because she asked me are you crying Babydoll ?! and I couldn't hold it anymore and I started crying for real and she asked me what is wrong and I told her that I don't want to be Princess anymore because she should be the princess really and I just want to be her whore. And she said there there Babydoll, you know you're the only real princess there is but I said nuh-uh, and I said she is going to win the golden medal and should have the golden stone in her butt right now but she didn't want to take it but I said please Ma'am and she was all shocked and covered her mouth in her hands but I said please Ma'am, please take your stone in your butt and she let me put it in though it was real easy because it's so small for her and I said see, it's nothing for you, I can barely put it in myself. You're the real princess puppydog and she just looked at me with real big eyes and I got into bed beside her but I curled at her feet and begged her to kick me like a dog. She wouldn't do it, but I kissed her feet anyway many times and then we fell asleep.

Tuesday September the 28th. Doll was making breakfast when we woke up and she said just a minute it will be ready and then she said to Puppydog Princess hey how come you're wearing Princess stone ? And she said Babydoll said I should be Princess last night in bed and made me put it in. And Doll said oh! And then did some things on the stove and then set things down and said to puppy Hey! Do you want to beat her up ? And ran and grabbed me but I said please Doll don't beat me up please. I have to go to school. And puppy said she could never hit me and please don't make her because she can't. And I said "Ma'am, may I be princess again please ?" and she said "Oh yes thanks god finally Babydoll" and ran off to the bathroom and came out later a bit while we were eating with the clean stone and handed it to me. So I dipped it in the mustard and then offered it to Doll and she pretended to nibble on it like it was for eating and we all laughed. But Doll's breakfast was much much better and very good though I don't know even what all the things were but there were no eggs and no spread just a kind of mushrooms and smoked meat things and cheese and we decided to call it Princess breakfast because she knows how to make it again and it was really good.

Then Doll took us to school and kissed us both and said we're both her little princesses which made me very happy to hear because it is so much better when you are the princess of a dogslave that's also puppydog princess herself! And I told dogslave to never forget that she is princess just as much as I am even though she is just my whore and a princess is much better than even the greatest pimp. And then we found out the saddest thing! Chris was not in school today either, and the reason for it is that Sunday after we dropped her off police people came to her house maybe an hour or two later, and they threw bombs at it and exploded the front door and then shot her dad! Johnemia is dead because the police people shot him and it was all a big mistake because they had the wrong house! But there is going to be a funeral and I said to dogslave we have to go to the funeral! and then when Doll picked us up I told her what happened and she said we have to go see Chris and she is right! So instead of going home we went to where Chris lives and there were no people there but there were some flowers and Chris opened the door and she was crying and when she saw us she was so happy! She said that only terrible old people have been at the house all the time and she was thinking about killing herself or running away! Her mom came down from upstairs and she looked really bad, all pale and unhappy and Doll talked to her saying all sorts of things that I didn't hear because we were running around Chris' house checking it out. It is not a bad house but it is so much smaller and of course there is no pool or anything but still there are bedrooms though the clothes are not as good as Doll's or Sylvia's. But then Doll called us over and she said that Chris is going to come stay with us for a few days after the funeral and would we like that and we were like yay!!! and started running around and Chris' mom was nodding and said it is for the best.

Then we left but Chris didn't want to let us go so Doll said if it is ok she has some shopping to do anyway and will pick us up when she returns in two hours and that children are best in their own company anyway and Chris' mom said that is a good idea and so Doll left us there! Chris wanted to kiss us but we said what about your mom but her mom was in her room by herself crying and Chris really wanted to so we all took off our panties and I sat in the hallway in front of her door so they could kiss each other but I saw if her mom was coming or anything. Then dogslave took my place. Then Doll came back and now we really had to leave and Chris was very sad but I told her don't worry Chris because the funeral is tomorrow and after that we'll be together and she sighed and was still sad and I was sad too. Then after we left I was in the car holding my head and dogslave pushed into me and hugged me and said she knows I love Chris better than I love her, but that is ok and that she will never love anyone else. I said it's not true, I love them both just as much, but she said it is not possible. And I said anything is possible but Doll said no Babydoll, if you have to imaginary things that someone imagines then they can be any way that person wants, even equal, but two real things can never be equal no matter what happens, because one must be a little more or less than the other and even if you measure very precisely it will still be a very tiny little off no matter what you do. And then I said I guess maybe it's true I love Chris a little bit more because she's white like me, and dogslave said it's ok.

Dad was at home with some people who were changing all the bathrooms to put in this thing called a bidet which is the most wonderful thing in the world, it is sort-of like a toilet except you're not supposed to poop in it or anything though Doll said if you pee a little bit it is ok but should still use the normal toilet for peeing. But the thing about the bidet is that it has water and you can play with it on your spot because it's coming out right there and it's much easier to wash yourself that way. I don't know why that washing part is such a big deal but Doll explained that they are older and have the holes in them that Daddy made and they have to wash in there but we don't because for us it is different. But still it is a very fun thing. And I asked Doll if it is true Daddy made the hole in her and she said "I wish."

I told Daddy I want to talk to him about some things but he said how about after dinner pumpkin and I said I'm no vegetable and he said ok Babydoll because he was busy and he had things to do even after those people left. And dogslave told me that you shouldn't let any man make the hole in you until you have found the very special best one because all of her older sisters were sorry for doing it too soon and even Doll is sorry. And I said I'll never let anyone make holes in me wtf, do you want a hole made in you ?! But she didn't answer anything. Then Doll served dinner which was very great because she made it out of some cooked things like potato and eggplant and there was a sort of long meatball on a pointed stick which was very delicious and it was served with yoghurt sauce with herbs and I liked it very much! And also I poked my whores with the sticks and Doll too! But it was very troubled because Doll told Sylvia about Chris, and Sylvia was very sad, and then Doll looked at her and said we are thinking about getting married and adopting the girls, meaning Chris and dogslave. We were both shocked like wut ?! Really ?! But Sylvia just said "oh!" and started crying in her plate like it was getting really wet down there.

Doll said to her "You know you can share my bed any time you want, lover." but Sylvia said "Yeah, it's just you who can't share my bed. Because I don't have one." And Doll kept bugging her to oh come on and then she even said "please give me permission to marry your man", meaning Daddy was Sylvia's man but Sylvia just said "He can do whatever he wants." and Doll said she's not talking about what Dad can do, she is talking about what she can do but Sylvia was angry and ranting and she said he'll do it anyway and she'll do whatever he wants her to and if he wants to marry Doll and tells her to get into bed with them she will and they can both just use her as their cum rag which apparently is a thing because the manhood is not just like a corn cobb stiff all the time, but it gets stiff only sometimes and then it lets out a sauce like a kind of yoghurt and only afterwards gets small again. And that sauce is called cum and it's how the babies are made because Plato says it contains little babies in there that catch hold of the inside of the woman where it is warm and loving and grow big and then come out in pregnancy because apparently this Plato guy knew everything about everything even Daddy's little baby sauce! And he lived so long ago too, that's what real smarts are! But the problem is that it's sticky and after a while smells bad so you have to clean it up which is what a cum rag is for, it's like a magical towel that can give you babies if you're not careful and of course this is what the bidet is really for also because it's better than any rag.

But Doll just said "Sylvia!" and Sylvia said what, it's true and Doll told her to say "Doll, I want you to marry him" meaning Dad, and Sylvia wouldn't do it, and then Doll said she wants her to order her to marry Dad, and Sylvia said No! But Doll said please, because she'll do it if Sylvia forces her to but Sylvia said "And if I don't" all petulent which is what a little bitch is like but Doll explained it to her, she said "Think about it Sylvia, if you don't what can I do ? I can say I won't marry him unless you order me to and then what do you do ? Tell him no ? Or I can just say no I suppose, I can't do that, but let's say I could maybe somehow. What will Babydoll do ? What about Chris ?" and it is true I didn't know what I would do. What are you supposed to do at marriages or like funerals or anything ? They don't teach you anything useful in school, just atomic bullshit. But Sylvia was angry and she said "Bullshit. Now I have to order you to marry him. I love him!" and Doll told her she knows she does and Sylvia said she wants to beat her to death and Doll said please and stood up and lifted her dress over her head and she was naked and she went and kneeled by Sylvia but she said she doesn't really want to beat her but that she loves her and she knows Doll loves Dad but it's just so much. And then Dad looked at them and said look dollies, it's really just some paperwork, nothing will change because of it. And Sylvia was crying and climbed in his lap and he comforted her and Doll crawled over there and started kissing and nuzzling her knees. Then they went to take a nap, Dad looked at me but I nodded sure dad, later. I didn't have clear in my head what I want to say anyways.

Then later we were by the pool and I said Daddy, dogslave is very talented and much prettier than those gymnastics girls anyways, do you think we could make her a place in a room where she could practice at home so she gets really good and maybe gets a medal for it ? And Sylvia got all excited and said Oh wow really ? And Dad looked at her suspicious-like and asked if we're in cahoots ? But Sylvia shook her head no and I asked him about it and it turns out Sylvia has been bugging him to make a gym in the house so they can all practice and Doll wants it to because otherwise she will become old if she doesn't work out and stretch. So I said well Dad, we're four and with Chris five, you have to do it. And he asked me "Are you going to gym too ?" and I said not really but Doll said of course she will, won't you Princess ? And I said sure Doll.

Then I said "dad, I have to ask you about the fappening" and everyone went quiet and looking at me and Dad said "the what now ?!" and Sylvia told him it's that thing where QAnon broke into the phones of the pedo Satanistic cabal of the Democratic party when they were eating at the Red Rocket Pizzeria and published all the pictures of naked little children and young celebrities they had in there which is everyone. And Dad said "Oh. I don't think that includes you, Babydoll" and I asked why not and he said "Well... do you know any Satanistic cabal people ?" and I said that's the problem Dad, you don't know who they are until afterwards" and he said "That's true" and I said "Except you do, don't you." And I looked at him. And he seemed very confused but he looked at me and said "I guess sometimes I do, sure." and I asked him how does he know ? Dad just looked at me for a long time and then said "Babydoll, that's not an easy question to answer." and then I said "Let me ask you another one then. Is it true the reason I can't be naked in school with Chris and dogslave and the reason you said we shouldn't be naked at the party or do any shenanigans is because people are jealous because they're not as good ?" and he looked at me with wider eyes and then said Uhh and Ummm and then eventually he said that it could be said so even though in reality it's a lot more complicated it's not really different.

I said "but nobody is having any fun because of being jealous" and he said "I guess not" and then I said "but we are having the best time, me and dogslave and you and Sylvia and Doll and soon Chris too" and he just nodded and then I said "But if the jealous people found out they'd fuck it up as best they could, and pretend they aren't, too. Isn't that right ?" and he said "Just about" and I asked him then "What is it that makes these people jealous and they go around dressed and don't wear their slave stones and drive electric cars and talk so stupidly all the time about unimportant things ?" and he said "Nobody knows, Babydoll. They're sort-of cripple, I guess." So I looked at him and I said "Because I saw one of the girls dogslave admires from her gymnastics naked because of this fappening, and I thought she really should be dressed, and this is what it is, they just don't want anyone to see them naked because they want people to be impressed with their medal or whatever like that" and Dad said "yes Babydoll, people want to control how other people look at them". And I asked him "But why ?" and he told me "Because they're insecure" and Doll said didn't you make dogslave be Princess Puppydog last night ? And I said yes I did and she asked me why I did that ? And I said "because I was tired of being Princess all the time" and Dad said "So there you go, some people are born tired, and never recover". And I said "But you are somehow keeping the jealous people away, aren't you Dad ? And Doll knows about it, you do some tricks and things." and Dad said "Babydoll, there's a lot you don't understand yet." and I said "But there's something there, am I right ?" and he said "Definitely, there's lots and lots there" and I looked at Doll and I said lovergirl, I found the cave! and she was all blown away and ran over and hugged me and then everyone came in and we pilehugged and Doll told me she is so proud of me there could never be a better Princess because I am doing it exactly right and perfectly. Then I said to Dad will you teach me the tricks ? And Doll said of course he will Babydoll, but little by little and you have to be patient because this is nothing like putting the stone in the first time. This stone is larger than any real stone that exists in the world and even the whole Earth itself.

And I told her "I've got time" and Sylvia laughed and Dad laughed and Doll rolled her eyes so hard. And then we went to bed.

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