Babydoll and the temporary nature of permanence.

Wednesday, 04 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Wednesday September the 29th. Today we're not going to school, because we are going to the funeral. It starts at 10 AM and it's kinda far to drive and so if we went to school we'd have to leave after an hour anyway. I could barely sleep because from now on Chris is going to live with us. I am so excited! Doll said it's temporary but so is Dad's custody, and everything else.

Doll was up early and she made a big mess in the kitchen, also there are pennants saying CANAPE WORLD. Canape is French and it basically means toast with stuff on it. Doll made like 500 of them and they are all different although it repeats of course but in combinations and it's like the breakfast egg idea only crazier. She even made some with real fish eggs which are many kinds like there's a big red one which are salmon eggs. I wonder what makes everything about salmons be so red. Maybe they eat a lot of carrots. There are also big black ones and small black ones but the big black ones are much better. Also there are dried ones and crab ones which are pretty good. Also cheese if you put it in the oven and it melts it's called fun-due. Because fun is due hehehe!

But the big news is not that! It is even bigger and I think much worse. Doll told us that she and Dad are having their ceremony Saturday, and it will be with collaring and beautiful! And we'll have to get dresses because me and dogslave and Chris too! are going to be her best maids and we are getting special best maids dresses and they will be the same but only mine better a little somehow though we've not decied how or even how they would look so we have to find something! And then the bad part : Sylvia is starting work for a big fashion show so she will be in Europe from Monday! Sylvia is leaving! I couldn't say anything when Doll told me but then I told her omg Sylvia can't leave! And she asked me why not ? And I said because she's not going to come back! Isn't it obvious ? And Doll said don't be silly Babydoll, of course she's coming back. And I said when and she said when her work is done. And I told her she can't let her go, what if she doesn't come back at all ?! And Doll said "Remember Babydoll about Sylvia having her own career and being successful ?" and I said yes and she said "Do you want to ruin that for her ?" and I said no, and then she said "If you make it difficult for her and she doesn't go, how can she have her career anymore ?" And it's right, I can see that, but anyway I want Sylvia to stay with us. But if she stays with us she can't work where she is going. It has to be one or the other. Why does there always have to be some problem! And Doll told me "Babydoll, don't make it hard for her to live her life." and I was shaking my head and she asked me "Do you love her ?" and I said Yes! and she said "Then let her go." And I sighed and sniffled and I didn't want to say, but I had to say it.

I said "Doll, is she leaving because you and Dad ?" and Doll just looked at me and said "Why don't you ask her yourself ?" but I could tell she's angry with me. I said "Doll, why are you angry with me ?" and she said "Because that's a rotten thing to say, that's why. I love Sylvia. I met her! You know that ? Weren't you there ? I brought her here in the first place, I told her to come, I introduced Daddy to her myself! I was there! I am not some jealous mom okay ?" and I said "I'm sorry Doll. I don't understand what grown-ups do like ever. Why are you making it difficult for me to ask questions ?" and she was like wtf and then she understood I said that because of what she said about making it difficult for Sylvia, because she was pissed off so it took her longer because angry people always think slower. She hugged me and she said she's angry but it's not with me, it's with everyone else, outside. I told her how sorry I am and that I know she's a lover not a green stoned bitch at all, nobody is as loving as she is not even me although I should be the Princess but she's the real Princess because I'm jealous like all the time. But she never is, not really. Doll just kissed my hair and I said it's true I have no idea what grown-ups do! Or why! Like the time Dad asked me the big question, he took me for ice-cream and I thought they broke up! And I told him if he pushed you away Doll I will never talk to him ever! But he was just like "wut ?! it's just ice-cream." and she said "Did you really say that ?" and I told her yes, because I do not want to live without her, and it will be very hard without Sylvia!

But Doll said "We'll make it work lovergirl. One day after the next." and then Sylvia popped in and she was like "hey! were you talking about me" and I said nuh-uh and Doll was like pointing fingers at me when I wasn't looking and then whistling with her eyes upwards if I looked and Sylvia said well ? and I didn't know what to do so I said "Sylvia are you leaving because Doll and Dad are getting married ?" and Sylvia said "Oh lord." and Doll said "Don't make it difficult for her to ask questions" and Sylvia said "What ?!" and dogslave ran over to her and hugged her and asked "Are you coming back Ma'am ?" and Sylvia said "Of course I'm coming back, it's only a three week gig!" And I asked "is it paying well ?" and Sylvia said "Enough to get a new car" and Doll winked at me because I am not allowed to tell anyone this except dogslave but dogslave won't tell anyone either. The big secret is that Dad and Doll are getting Sylvia a new car as their wedding present! And it's real cool, it's even better than Doll's. And Doll told me as part of the secret that after Sylvia gets back a little later I can just give it to Doll and make her give her the keys. Doll said "she's ready for some payback!". I told her of course I'll do anything she wants me to, she knows that and she was like "yay!" and I really wanted to kneel down and kiss her so hard but I didn't do anything.

Funerals are really stupid, just a few old people crying in a field. Why even do that ? It's like sad golf but without walking and golf sucks anyway. I think maybe a cow came up with all these ideas for funerals and golf because it's really just standing around in a field and that's what cows like to do. But I didn't complain because I was with Chris and I went and held her hand and we held hands the whole funeral, me and Chris and her mom. And then after the funeral her mom left with some people from their church because they are leaving their house! Because though it is a very small house they can not afford to pay rent for it because the way houses work is that some people build houses and then other people come and give them money to live in them every month and it is by how large the house is and Chris' house is too large for them now because they can not afford it!

I asked Dad how much does he have to pay rent for our big house and he laughed and said he doesn't have to pay anything and I asked how come and he said because it's Doll's house Babydoll and she just lets him live there. So then later I asked Doll how did she get the house and she said what are you talking about and I told her Dad said he doesn't have to pay rent because it's her house and she doesn't make him pay any rent although it's so big and Doll laughed and said Dad's tricking because it's not her house, it is his house. So I asked Dad again, he was in his office and he explained to me that there is a special paperwork which says who is the owner of a house or anything like that with land and I wanted to see it so he showed me and it said Mickey Mouse owns this house just kidding, it said Dad and I asked him why did he tell me it's Doll's and he said to mess with her and I asked because he knew I was going to ask her and he said yes and so I asked him how did he know that ? And he laughed at me and told me to go ask Doll which is bullshit. But I did ask her and she said it's because I wear my heart on my sleeve and I said that's nonsense Doll I don't even have any sleeves most of the time and she said it's an expression and I asked if it wouldn't hurt to wear your heart out of your body and she said I'll be finding out soon enough. Honestly I think Dad is messing with me and Doll too.

It was really great when we drove off with Chris from the funeral though! Doll was driving and dogslave was next to me and we were just like the first time in school except everything has changed so much! And it's only been two weeks ago! And I said this is just like first day of school huh! And dogslave giggled and I said Chris you have to be ready because this is the most important day of your life and she looked down and said "I know" and I said "take your clothes off!" and she did. Then dogslave was messing with her and said hey Doll Ma'am, there's a naked slut in the back here and Doll looked in the rearview mirror at Chris and was all fake surprised and shocked but Chris didn't know and Doll parked the car and asked her why is she naked and Chris said because she is a little slut and I was trying so hard to not laugh and I said to her this is very serious young lady! And Doll said she will have to get out of the car now and walk on the sidewalk and Chris started trembling and saying "please Ma'am" over and over again. But it wasn't clear what she was begging for and I asked her later now when I am writing the journal part and she said she doesn't know! I think Chris maybe just likes to beg just like that, not for getting anything. We'll have to practice together because I think this is a great trick to learn.

Then dogslave said may I be a naked slut too and I said sure dogslave and Chris asked what is that and I said it's her naked name. And then dogslave took off all her clothes and held on to my shoulders because she kept pushing her butt in Chris' face sorta all nonchalant which is in French and Chris didn't know what to do and kept looking up at me to see what she should do but I just looked back at her and eventually she went to kiss dogslave but she noticed her stone which is what dogslave was trying to show her but Chris didn't say anything and kept kissing dogslave's bud and everything like it's done. And I grabbed dogslave by the throat with both my hands and squeezed her until she turned all purple and Doll said carefull Babydoll don't do that too much! And I asked how come and she said it is very dangerous and I must always count bananas when I hold a girl like that or not let her breathe in any way and never count more than twenty at the most before I let her go again and not do it again for a while either! So I asked her how come and she said because the girl could die because this is how they execute people on death row by hanging, and also if she doesn't die her brain could be broken and she will be retarded because of lack of oxygen and I must be very careful with my whores. And I said ok Doll! and pinched Chris' nipples hard which always makes her squeal because they are very sensitive on her, almost as sensitive as mine. She was wiggling to get free and trying to beg me to let her go but she couldn't because I squeezed and twisted and I said to her you have to count twenty bananas Chris because that's how it's done and things like that and we had a lot of fun. Then dogslave cuddled all our feet and then we got home.

When we were home dogslave got out but Chris was kinda hesitant I think maybe because she was naked and I said I am the princess and you sluts have to carry me. But of course just dogslave and Chris can't carry me but Doll came and held my butt from behind and dogslave and Chris held hands under my legs and like that they could hold me easy like I was on a chair! But made of hands. And then they took me towards the house but didn't stop. They went all the way to the pool and then just threw me in! With my clothes still on! Everything was soaked even my sneakers! And they were just laughing and laughing and I pretended to be mad but nobody believed me and we just laughed and then we wanted to push Doll into the pool too but she kept running from us but eventually we got her and she wend DOWN!

Then I explained to Chris about slave stones and after lunch we fitted her with one which was easy to do because she could only fit the smallest one and it took her a long time because she said it hurts and Doll said to put it in slowly and not force herself too harsh. And we watched a Western movie which is the kind with horses and cowboys and I came up with an idea for a breakfast place for Western guys, which is you take a big umbrella like for the beach, and on the bottom there is a special rack all around it full with hay and above the rack there is a table with breakfast things and eggs. This way the cowboy people and their horses can have breakfast together! But we had to pause it to take our stones out because they were in long enough and it was starting to give colics which is what you call the belly pain. It is frolics when you play with your whores and have a good time and colics when you hold the stone in for too long, I have to remember this.

Then we did measurements for the ceremony outfits because Doll said we can order them online and they will be made out of the very smooth skin that's all colorful and stretchy. I really like that and Doll does too and dogslave loves it also, especially she likes to lick it, every time Doll puts on the boots that I beat Sylvia in dogslave begs me to let her go lick Doll's legs. And Doll said we will look very pretty in it because we are so tall and buxom and trim and I asked her what's buxom and she said with a big chest and ass and I said but Doll, only Chris has a big ass and dogslave a little and my boobs are kinda small but she said not everything must be the same all the time and I am very pretty also. I don't think so though, I mean I think I'm ok but I would much rather kiss dogslave or Chris than myself. Then I sat down to write my journal and the whores and Doll who is also a whore but she's Dad's whore played around the pool and then I said I am going to bed and Doll said please Babydoll, I am all alone, please give me a whore to sleep with me and I said ok! But which one ? and she said may I have dogslave because she rubs my feet so good and kisses them too! And I said ok go whore out with Doll dogslave but I said Doll don't keep her up all night because we have to go to school in the morning and she said "Yes Princess."

Then me and Chris went to bed and I held her thight and she cried a lot but then less and less and then whispered that it is so good to be in my arms to go to sleep because I am so loving and so warm. And I said "You're just as warm and just as loving Chris and I love being in your arms" and we just hugged and kissed our mouths together and fell alseep.

Thursday September the 30th. When I got up Chris was up already and was just holding me and when my eyes opened she kissed my mouth and my face everywhere and I said good morning whore! And she said good morning pimp master princess Babydoll the greatest! And I just closed my eyes again and pretended like I am asleep and snoring and then she was quiet and I opened my eyes again and she kissed my mouth and my eyes and my face again and said "good morning great princess beautiful queen Babydoll of all the world best ever" and I wanted to just close my eyes again because it is a pretty great way to wake up even if I was only fake sleeping the second time.

Doll and dosglave were up already and they were working together doing something which it turns out they were making fruit salad! And we had that with leftover canapes from the funeral and then Doll took us to school. In the car I asked her, so how was she ? meaning dogslave and Doll said oh Babydoll, she is the greatest whore I have ever been with! and puppydog was like "ruff! ruff!" all happy and I said so how much are you paying for that and Doll looked at me and said "what do I owe ?" and I said you have to take us shopping after school and I will tell you then. And Doll said Yes Ma'am.

School was boring, but I told dosglave I am very proud of her that she whored out so good with Doll and she said she is very proud of herself also and she will make me a lot of money whoring. And I said good because I'm spending it all on Chris. And Chris opened her eyes all big and I said because she is so much prettier and lovelier than you are and dogslave said "also because that bitch ain't got no clothes" and I said especially and I laughed and dogslave laughed too and Chris was going to start crying but held it in. Then later dogslave whispered in my ear that I should do that to her all the time because there is nothing better in the whole world than when I use her. And I said "shut up, bitch, and go clean my tray".

Then Doll picked us up and we went through all the shops and we bought Chris some things but not really a lot because she has her old school clothes from home and she doesn't really deserve a lot of good things yet plus she has the great purple dress. But we still bought her two dresses one is pale blue with the pin skirt and the ruffled armpits and the other is silvery and long and clingy like all the way to the floor and Doll said she can now start her own lounge act. I don't know what that means I will have to remember to look it up. Then we went to the special sasquatch shoe store and bought Chris silver heels to go with her silver dress and then we bought icecream.

The house is a bit of a mess because the people are building the gym but they work mostly while we are in school so it's not that bad. So we did some stuff for school and then we took a bath together in the big tub which is really just big enough for us and it was a lot of fun, we kissed each other peeing and then played dunking and it is true about it tasting like love because every time I taste their pee I feel like I love them crazy, dogslave and Chris both. I think it's the best drink in the world, and I love keeping it in my mouth too because if you do then afterwards you still taste it even though you've swallowed although it is different but in a very good way. Doll said we should not do this every day though I kinda want to. dogslave likes it too but she likes it more on her face and in her eyes especially or up her nose, but Chris doesn't like it so much although I think she is just shy about it for some reason and thinks it is bad to let herself like it, which is silly.

We went to bed together in my bed, which is very lovely because sleeping with my baes and whores and slavegirls and lovergirls and all they are is the best thing in the world, but it is very tight.

Friday October the 1st. Doll asked me if she may read my journal while we are at school ? Because she is lonely and she misses us girls and my journal is almost as good as if we were there and I said up to you bae, but there may be some surprises for you in it so consider it carefully. Then we ate breakfast of salmon and she took us to school.

We wasted all day in school doing some stupid bullshit presentation in the auditorium instead of normal classes, and we couldn't even seat together so it was just stupid. I hate school. I hate presentations most of all, they are so stupid! At least classes can sometimes get good, unless it's watching films or something stupid like that of course, or Social Sciences which is like doing crossword puzzles just wasting paper. I wanted to sneak off so bad, but the problem is dogslave was far away one way, Chris far away another way, and Doll didn't even know to pick us up. We have to work a system out from now on, that if there's one of these auditorium presentations or rallies or bullshits we just have a signal and we sneak out after roll call or whatever, and Doll knows to pick us up and we're outta there!

Eventually Doll came to pick us up and she told me you are supposed to say 1st not 1th and 2nd and 3rd but it doesn't count for 10 it's still 10th and 11th and 12th but the other numbers it's with st nd rd and they explained this in English too but I forgot. But I will do it like this from now on. And Doll said "You're such a Doll Babydoll" and then asked me if I was really going to beg Daddy to take us to Paris for Spring break and I said Hell yeah and she looked at me just like dogslave looks at me and my whores giggled because now we're really going to Paris together if Dad takes us. Then I said "you know Doll, you're just a lone whore with no pimp now" and she said "oh ?" and I said "you have to move into a spare bedroom". And she just looked at me and said "What will Dad say ?" and I said "Well, Dad only has one whore and I have two, so I get the main bedroom. Ha-HA!" and she looked a little sad but like she's gonna do it because she has no choice and I am right! Chris and dogslave were looking at me all quiet like whoa! and then once we were home we all went upstairs and I said "Yes Doll, you're now just a lone whore with no pimp and you have to beg us all forgiveness" and she went down on her knees and said "Oh young sluts please oh please have mercy on this sad old whore down on her luck!" but Chris and dogslave ran off to her and kissed her face and ears and hair and hugged her but I was dancing like ha-ha! And then Doll asked me "do I have to move all my stuff" and I said nah Doll, don't bother. It's only for a little while anyways and besides we like trying your things on.

Then we hung out watching films and dogslave rubbed Doll's feet and Chris was trying to learn how to do it so she rubbed my feet watching dogslave the whole time. It wasn't as good as dogslave does it, but I was looking at Doll and Doll was looking at me and then we would look at the whores at our feet and then at each other and it was the best time in the world. I leaned over and I kissed her mouth and I said Doll, I am having the best time in the world with you darling! And she said thank you Babydoll! And then I asked her "You miss Daddy don't you" and she just sighed. And then we went to bed.

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