Babydoll goes back to school

Friday, 30 October, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Monday September the 14th. Doll gave me my whore pill and then asked what I would like for breakfast. I said eggs and she asked which kind. I said dogg eggs. I don't know why I said that. She said there's no dogg eggs, there is only poached, fried, omelet, scrambled, sunny side up and other kinds. I said then ok tree eggs. She said yo cwaaazy Bebbehdowl and made fire under the pan. I was all in her face like wut! are you doing Doll! and she showed me how to make treegg breakfast. First you put fire under the pan on big. Then you put a little bit of butter in. Then you open the bacon pack, backon is long and dark red with white on the side. That is the fat. It is on the belly of the pig girl like on my belly and your belly too! If you read this and you are not Doll you should know you are fat and gross! You put in as many strips as you want. You have to be honest about it because for instance I sad nineteen and if you make that many then you can't eat them and have to throw it out and some kids starve of hunger in Africa. I asked her if it's really little pig girls they cut up and get the bacon from but Doll said really it's mostly the pig boys. What a good idea! Then you let the bacon crisp as much as you want. And if you want you can turn it on the other side with the spatula. It's like the backon is tanning itself in the pan! Then you take it out on a plate and you break the eggs on the pan and just kinda dump them in. You have to be brave and hit them hard enough to break them though. Doll said people didn't use to know about this, until one guy from Germany whose name was Hitler discovered that you have to break the eggs in order to make omelet. Then people figured out that as long as you break the eggs, you can make other things besides omelet too. Good idea because omelet is kinda gross. While the eggs sizzle you can put papricka on them which makes it treegg breakfast. Or you can put garlic if you want. This is the best part of cooking breakfast on the stove, you can do all sorts of things only if you want to. Doll said before feminism liberation women didn't get any choices or options but that was long ago. Now we can do whatever we want with the stove. I heard about feminism before but I had no idea how important it was. Doll says the big importance is to try them out, so from now on for breakfast I'm going to put other things besides papricka or garlic on eggs and see. I will have to come up with names for them all too. Good thing I have my journal, I will write down all the liberation feminist breakfasts there are!

Then Doll took the pan off the fire. I said but Doll, the eggs aren't cooked yet! She said they're better this way. Gross! She said we have to practice our swallow. So we had to eat runny egg and lick it off the plate too. Really they taste pretty good, but don't tell anyone. Don't ruin it for them, they're even better if you think they're gross but you have to eat them anyway because you're a woman. It makes me happy just thinking about it. Then Doll said Babydoll, I've got something for you. I said oh Doll, are we engaged ? Because she put a little box on the table in front of me like a ring. I opened it up. There was no ring inside. Instead there was a big beautiful pink precious stone, with a golden tear bubble. It looked HUGE. It was pretty heavy, too. I held it you know, with the jewel of it coming out between my fingers in my fist. I said oh thank you Doll, I'm going to show everyone at school! Because tomorrow school starts. She said no silly, you can't show this to anyone. This is your secret slave stone. Anyone who sees it knows you are a slave, and if you give it to them you give yourself to them. You have to keep it a secret, ok Babydoll ? I couldn't go on if you gave it to someone else. I can't lose you Babydoll! I started crying and I kissed her again and again, and I promised I won't give it up to anyone and I'll always hold it tight in my fist. She said oh, it's not for your fist. I asked her what do you do with it, and she said you put it in your butt! It's true, too! The jewel part stays out and the bubble part goes inside your butt. Then your butt hole squeezes around and holds it inside. You can feel it move when you move quickly and also when you sit down. It's pretty cool. We went to shower and put it in. Doll had one for herself too, but hers was silver and larger. I asked why is hers larger ? And she said because she's older she has to start higher. I asked her how come and she said because when you are older men make your butthole larger and you are looser in the butt. I asked her but not boys right and she said oh no, absolutely not boys. Thanks goodness! Then she opened the jar of Vaseline, put a little on the sharp part of the bubble, reached around herself and kinda winced. I asked her if it hurts ? And she said a little. I got a good dollop myself but Doll said no, just use a very little all over the bubble, thinly. Then I tried to put it in myself. You have to push to get it in, and your butthole squeezes shut very hard. But you have to be patient and relax and tell yourself a real woman will swallow anything anywhere. That's the important part. You have to will yourself to take it in, and then it goes in suddenly, like you sucked in with your butt. It looks hella cool too! I now have a jewel instead of a butthole. I am better than anyone! Slavery is the best thing! I asked Doll how come hers is silver when mine is golden, and she said because she is more inferior than me. I said that's damn straight! And don't you forget it! And she said I'll never forget it Babydoll, though I was only kidding. I told her I was only kidding too but she didn't believe me. How silly is she, Doll is the best and she doesn't even know that.

Then we were going to take our buttstones out shopping for school stuff, but just as we were going out the door I had to poop like crazy! Doll said it's the stone, and I have to grab it and ease it out nice and easy on the toilet. Careful not to drop it. I did and also pooped a little and it was poopy all over! Grosssssss. Doll said that's how it goes, and it smells bad too, and I have to wash it very well and put it in the box until tomorrow. She said you may put it in only once a day, and once you poop it has to go out. I was so sad! Now I have to go shopping with a normal butthole just like everyone! That's just terrible! Doll told me that if you practice with it then after a time you can take it out clean without any poop. But of course you have to take it out before you need to poop for that. So you have to take it out early, which is bullshit. I told her I don't want to take it out at all, I just want it in me all the time. She said you can't do that, Babydoll, your butt has to do other things besides you being a slave. She said a girl can only have the slave stone in her butt a little each day. That's the saddest thing in the world. They should invent a real feminism, none of that chicken egg bullshit. They should invent a feminism where you can keep the slave jewel in your butt all day long!

So we went shopping for pens especially colored and notebooks and smelly erasers and everything needed for school. Doll was the whole time walking next to me with her slave stone in her butt, and I was walking next to her the whole time like all the other losers. Just a normal girl with a normal girl butt. I was so upset, it even made me cry once. Who's inferior now! I said to her. I hated my butt for ruining my shopping for me. I told Doll I hope to hell a man breaks the shit out of it! But she told me it's not at fault, that it's how it goes and it is normal the very first time. She told me I have to be patient and love it because it is just a small little girl butt trying to do what's best, and it doesn't know better. I have to teach it, little by little and patiently. Then it will do very good and make me proud! I never realised this before! I guess I never thought about it that way. But if you think about it yes, I have a little girl butt that doesn't know things and I have to teach it little by little and with patience and love it. Like drawing, or saying French, your tongue doesn't know how to go. You have to practice and be patient! It makes me so happy and proud to be a slave girl and be with Doll and learn so many things all the time about myself and everything! Too bad school starts tomorrow.

Tuesday September the 15th. We made frogg breakfast which is eggs with organ-o on them. It isn't very great but when you try things some work out and some don't. Doll told me. She also said we need more supplies for breakfast research, and that she'll pick me up after school and go shopping for raw materials. Doll makes everything like a computer game.

At school as I was going in I ran into Christine. We knew each other from my birthday. She gave me a very big hug and she told me she missed me so much and that she was thinking about me the whole time. Christine is very pretty. She has long curly hair and she has big brown eyes and long eyelashes and her mouth is all curly and sweet. I held her hand and we went to class together. We were going to sit together but then in class we ran into Keysha. They knew each other from gymnastics and of course we were friends from my birhtday. I said Key don't you start with her, I thought you were my friend. She said "I am, and we're sitting together!" Chris started to cry and held really really tight on my hand. Keysha got really angry and said about Chris "That lucky bitch! Everyone likes her and nobody likes me!" and she was going to cry too but then I hugged her and I whispered in her ear that I like her very much, and please don't cry because she's strong and brave and not that kind. This made Chris cry even harder and Keysha pouted her pretty lips and said what difference does it make anyway, I'll sit with Chris anyway, she knows it. Then I got the idea! I said no, look, there's spare desks in the back, we'll put two together and seat all three of us! She looked over and I could see she gets it because her eyes got so happy! She ran over there and we put two desks together and I was in the middle and Chris on the left and Key on the right. Then the other kids saw what we did and started doing it like that too, when the teacher came in the whole room was re-arranged. So she asked us, "what happened here ?" and everyone was like angel faced "wut ?" like nothing happened, and she didn't say anymore. Then Algebra was easy, English was easy, Earth Science was bullshit and in Social Studies we watched some stupid movie. French was great though, the teacher said I made so much progress I'm almost like a little French girl. Chris and Key looked at me like I was Doll or something.

After class Chris said she always dreamed to go to Paris, and I said if Daddy takes me I'll beg him so she can come along too! She smiled so big she was like Mr. Kermit and then she said that if her Daddy takes her she won't even go unless I come too. Then Keysha got really sad and she said her momma ain't ever gonna take her as far as the state line, and I said don't worry Key, I'm only saying I'll take her, but really I'll take you not her. Who wants smelly Chris anyways! And Key started laughing and Chris was crying with four hands and I was laughing too and I said to her hey Chris, even if I don't take you because I like Key better you're still going to tell your Daddy you won't go unless I get to come too, right ? And she was sobbing but she said yes she would and we were laughing at her and I said to Kay we'll make Chris our slavegirl and make her do anything we want. And Chris stopped crying and was just looking at us with her red eyes all big like Really ?! and I hugged her and I said don't worry babycakes, we all love you and we'll just go all three together that's all. And I am totally going to beg Daddy to take us to Paris for spring break. I'm sure Doll would love it too, and especially would love to beg with me for it, but it would be better if it were a surprise for her so how can I make it that it's a surprise and she also gets to beg for it with me ?! And now I can't show Doll my journal anymore either, because if she reads here she finds out about Paris. What can I do ?

I've decided I just won't show it to her, unless she asks to see it. And I just won't tell her about Paris, unless she says something first. Then afterwards I'll tell her it was really up to her, she just did not know about it at the time is all. What a genius idea!

I forgot to write about the shopping yesterday but I am writing now and it is okay. Doll came to pick me up and the girls said Hi! and I said isn't Doll the greatest and most cool and they were Hell yeah! and Doll blushed and blinked and said thank you girls, and took a twirl and said thank you very much! in a low voice and Chris and Key clapped their hands and it was great. I asked her in the car how did she get the idea to do that ? And she said it's not so much an idea as it is something people learn from experience seeing others and she asked me if I knew the voice and I said no so then she played it for me, it's an old guy named Elvis and she sounded nothing like it but I didn't tell her that. But Elvis is pretty good I will have to remember to look this up when I have some time. Then we went to Andronico's which is like a special Wholefoods and. we. bought. everything. Do you know people smoke things, by the way ? Not like cigarettes but I mean like foods and then you eat them! They're great and also did you know there is salmon slices you can just eat like that ? And also did you know how many kinds of cheese there are ? There are more kinds of cheese than there are kinds of girls! There's hang on I will copy all the names now. Parmegiano Reggiano. This is like a chunk and very good. Burata. This is soft like a cream more than anything. Mimolette. This is French and orange. I think maybe because the French are on the beach tanning all the time. Gouda. This is very good and Doll says Dutch which is another country in Europe. Schweizer. This is from Switzerland and I think my favourite you should try it. Actually no, Gouda is my favourite, you should try that too, but this is also very good. The craziest cheese is Camambert though. This cheese smells so bad it is the worst smelling thing ever, like if I don't even want to describe it will gross me out. But it tastes very good! And Doll was of course so, so right all along! The important thing for a woman is to swallow anything, no matter how terrible. Because many good things seem very bad until you swallow them. And if you don't like it you don't have to do it anymore. But you have to do it the first time to find out. I would have never figured this out in time if it weren't for Doll!

There is also Pecorino Romano. It is different and kind of weird. Cheddar but that is kinda bullshit but Doll said we just keep it around for when we make breakfast for normal square people or noobs or civillians, so we have something to give them too. Lindburger. This is okay. Danish Blue is sticky but crumbly and very good but Doll says it has mold in it. People eat it though! Mozarella. This is nice and soft but Doll says it's easy to eat too much of it. She says the important thing with cheese is the taste and you should always cut it very thin or grate it and taste it, but not eat very much because it makes women fat. So we just put a little grated on the eggs or so but not eat whole chunks of it like rednecks. Then are also all the meats, that is crazy, salami like this, pastrami like that, there are so many different kinds I will have to experiment with them all, and also like six types of bacon and we also have fish like I said salmon and also breakfast cocktail shrimps and I'll have to write more about this later because it's just too much.

Thursday September the 16th. Doll put salmon slices on special crackers with precorino grated on it and arugugla which is a sort of leaf that's bitter but it makes the whole very good. It's true too, you should try it for yourself because it was my best breakfast yet!

School was boring and what's worse uninteresting, except that after 2nd period I asked Chris if she masturbates. She said no of course not but I said to her I said "I bet you do." and she blushed and I said like in the shower maybe, or in bed at night sometimes. But she said she never did and asked me how does it go ? So I grabbed her hand and took her to the bathroom and we went in a stall. I sat down on the toilet seat and I told her to push her pants down all the way and then sit in my lap. She did but she asked me isn't it dangerous ? And I said just a little. So she was kinda hesitant because she's such a chickenshit and she asked me but does it hurt ? And I said to her I said oh yes it hurts. You'd better believe it Chris, it hurts lots and lots and lots. So she started trembling a little and I said grab your knees around and hold them up to your chin but she wouldn't do it and she said she's afraid. I told her it's very good that she's afraid, but she has to do it anyway because she loves me. I was going to tell her that if she doesn't do it we can't be friends anymore, and I'll tell Key too, but I didn't have the time because she grabbed her knees tight and she stopped breathing. So I reached around her ass and touched her right there all soft and she sighed very deep and like she was trembling when she did it and then I rubbed her like if I was rubbing myself and she tensed up very much and could barely hold her knees in she was bucking so hard. I always stop for myself, but with her I didn't want to stop, so I just kept rubbing her all through, and do you know what happened ? She did it again! I have to try this for myself, not stopping just going on and on and on. She kept going and she was so tensed up from all the bucking she was sweating and she kept begging me but it wasn't clear what. She just said "Oh please, please..." like maybe she wanted me to keep doing it to her or maybe she wanted me to stop doing it. I asked her afterwards and she said she didn't know what she was begging for either. So I guess nobody knows then.

After I let her go she couldn't even stand up, so I let her sit on the seat. My hand was covered in some white stuff and I went to smell it but she was like "Oh my god don't smell that! That's terrible!". Really it smelled more like Danish Blue than anything, and I asked her what the hell it is and she said it's from her don't I get it too ?! And I said of fucking course I don't get chunks out of me, what the hell, doesn't she ever wash ?! And she said you're not supposed to touch down there, and I said of course you're supposed to touch it! How else can you wash it ? And she said she doesn't know and was very ashamed of herself and I told her I'm totally telling Key about this but she begged me not to please and I said okay Chris, I'll keep your filthy kitty secret but you have to be my slave and do anything I ever tell you to do. So she looked up at me and she said "But Ash... I already do anything you tell me to." So I asked her "Always ?" and she said "Always!" and I asked her "Do you swear ?" and she said "I promise" so I said "But do you swear ?" and she said "I promise and I swear!" After that we went to class because 4th period just started, but they told us Mrs. Stone didn't do rollcall or anything and asked us where we were so I said I had a very difficult poop. Then Key asked me for real and I told her we were in the stall and I showed Chris how to masturbate. She just looked at me and said "Dayum!" So then I said "But she's not allowed to do it by herself, only if she has permission from either me or you. Isn't that right Chris ?" and Chris got all red and nodded yes. Then out of the blue after a minute Key asked "do I have to ask permission too ?" and I said "of course!". I don't know why I said that, but she said "from you ?" and I said sure. She just shook her head side to side, and I patted her pretty hair down. Then after period I had an idea, I said "Hey girls, would you like to come hang at my place ?" and they said hell yeah!

when Doll showed up I told her the girls want to come hang out, and she was cool but she said they should probably call home and ask. Keysha said hell, they don't care if I never come back, but Doll said she should call anyways. Then she took Chris's phone and said "Hello, this is Ashley's step mother. Yes, it would be okay. I'll drive Chris back home before eight. Sure. Sure. No trouble at all. Good bye!" Doll always knows how to set things up, but it was so strange to hear her not call me Babydoll for once! It was the first time, and it felt weird, like maybe she doesn't like me anymore. Keysha told her mom Doll's bringing her home later and I said to Doll I said "You don't love me anymore ?" and Doll said "Of course I love you Babydoll" and Keysha asked why is she calling me Babydoll and I said that's my naked name, Ashley's just clothes. That blew their minds, and me and Doll made fun of them a little, like "oh, you don't even have naked names ?!?!" like they were little girls or something. It's so much fun how Doll can just pick up the ball and run with it, she's the best to have on your team. So Chris and Key said they want naked names too, and Doll said "well, you've gotta be naked for that". So we all took our clothes off and started horsing around and I told Doll the real reason I invited them over was because we have to practice our masturbation and Chris turned all pale and Key was all "wtf" but Doll was cool with it. Then when we got home and we just put our sneakers on to get inside and then we went up to my room and practiced. Then we took a nap and Doll made us another breakfast and then she took Chris and Key home. I did it once more for myself, and then I went to sleep. Doll came in later when she was back, and gave me a goodnight kiss.

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