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Saturday, 18 July, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Magnus es... domine... mag... mag... magnus et... et... et... lau.... lauda... laudabilis val... valde..."
"Are you a scholar, my son ?"

"No Father, I... not... I'm... oh god... oh god! Father... oh... I... I... I am just... I am... oh my god..."
"What ails you, my son ?"

"Forgive... oh god... oh my god. Oh my god!" Then, after a brief pause, in changed tones, comparatively quietly if more composedly, as if a great watershed had come and gone : "Fogive me father, for I have sinned."
"How long has it been, my son ?"

"Oh, too long, father. Much too long. It will be nine full weeks this coming Thursday ; and since my last confession at least a year."
"It is not good for the soul to go so long without, my son."

"Oh, I know father. I can feel it, with every fibre of my being I can and do feel it!"
"Confess your sins, my son, without fear but in full faith of God's great justice, and his greater misericordy. Confess your sins, and take leave of them, and by Christ's own mercy be forgiven into salvation to life eternal."

"My sins are great, and grave, Father, and they do burden and stretch me to almost bursting. But with God's help I will get to the bottom of it all, here, so god help me, here and now before you, that I may receive release from the great weight opressing me."

"Great and grave as they might be, my sins stem from a common source. They spring from the same well, Father. Indulge me that I might recount the whole involved mess of it, so I can be truly at rest."
"Go on, my son."

"You see, Father... three months ago my life was normal. I went to work, I came home, I relaxed, I went to bed, I woke up the next day, to work again... Saturday I'd go out, maybe drink with the guys, maybe now and again meet a girl... But ten weeks ago I met the great terror that has been crushing me ever since."
"What great terror is that, my son ?"

"You see father, I met this girl. This one girl. She seemed very innocent at first, out with her highschool friends, exploring the world as it were. So we were joking, you know, like guys do, saying things and the like, and they goaded me to go talk to them, you know. So I went, and I said 'Hi!' and she looked at me, Father, you know, she just looked at me with those green eyes of hers and I was hooked. I knew right then and there, just that look, I knew I was gone. She asked what my name was, and I couldn't even say my own name, I was so flustered I couldn't rightly speak at all. So she said to her friends, she said since I can't remember my name like a little boy they should just call me that. Her friends had a great big laugh at me for it, and one of them said I should go kneel by my mistress like a good boy, you know, and that's where it started Father. Right then and there in the middle of the mall I just went and kneeled before a girl just because they told me to, in front of everyone like that. I... I... I just couldn't help myself. That's... that's right... Father. That's... what it... what it was. I just... I just... can't help myself... I can't... I can't... oh my God! I can't help... help... yes yes oh right, right there. Yeah!"
"Trust in God and Christ his son, and you will be delivered."

"Oh yes... delivered... yeah... deh-deh-dehliiiivered, oh god! Thank you, Father. Thank you. So then, Father, that day, that same day they asked me to pay for their things, what they were eating, so I did. I don't think they thought I would, you know, but I just couldn't help myself, and then seeing I was a patsy they took me all over the place, you know, and made me buy them things. Whatever they wanted, on my credit card. I was always very good about it and never kept a balance over the month in there, because of the interest, you know, but I just couldn't say no to them. I just bought them whatever they wanted ; but then all of a sudden I noticed they were just whispering and giggling among themselves, and after a bit of that the girl came to me, you know, she came to me and took me by the hand and I followed her, with her friends following us a few paces behind. She took me right into the sex shop! Is that a sin, Father ? Going into one of those shops at the mall ?"
"Prurience is not sinful per se, my son. But it is best avoided, as the gate and slippery slope to perdition."

"Slippery indeed, Father. As they were giggling at a distance she whispered in my ear, she said I must go to the clerk, this lass about her age really, almost giggling with them for what cause I do knot now, but she said I must go to her, and tell her that I am but a silly boy and my Mistress wants me in chastity and ask if she can help me with that, which I did. The girl was dying trying not to laugh at me, you know, when she turned to her, she had my hand the whole time but she turned and she snuck her other hand into my pants, and grabed me by the balls. As she did that she also said it's okay to laugh at me, I know I'm just a silly boy, she said, and the other just burst laughing, and as they were laughing together she was also squeezing me, harder and harder. They were laughing together and it made me feel so small and insignificant and happy that I can make them this entertained that I wanted to cry... Is this a sin, Father ?"
"Fornication is a mortal sin, my son. But humility and the desire to service are Divine callings, witnesses of Blessed Glory and testaments of the mercy of God."

"But is chastity a virtue, Father ?"
"Chastity itself is a virtue, of the seven capital virtues my son. However..."

"Anyways. I had tears in my eyes, I don't know what I was doing even. She was rifling through all sorts and manner of boxes on the counter there with the other girl and her friends, but I couldn't even see and I don't right know what was going on with me, it was as if I wasn't even there. Then she whispered in my ear, you know, she said if I put this on then they'll come to my place and fool around with me there. She said they'll take their clothes off if I put it on, they'll be all naked and I'll kiss them everywhere. I wasn't saying anything, I couldn't have spoken or moved for the world, you know, I was just frozen there in place ; so she dropped my pants right then and there, you know, in the store, not a care in the world. I'd have had a raging erection, you know, except she had been squeezing me so hard, it hurt so bad, I was just a drooling mess. So she snapped it on, you know, this metal bit, you know, the chastity. She snapped it on very tight, and then made me pay for it and we left. Only I don't think I was looking too good, maybe, and in truth I could barely walk, so they made me sit down on this bench right outside ; and as I was sitting there one came with the idea that they should have a farting competition. To revive me, like. So they took turns, you know, lifting their skirts and putting their panties right on my face, I mean the first time they did it at a bit of distance but that closed up right quickly and before I knew what whas happening they would just lift their skirts and, panties held to the side, push their ass into my face until my lips touched the fabric on their lips and they'd fart right in my nose without thinking twice about it, all giggles and wiggles. And she said, you know, she said I should breathe in just as they do it, and then blow it out my mouth she said, so I can taste it good. They did that a while, and they had me score their farts for them, and all the while that bit she put on me hurt so bad like you couldn't believe, so she asked me, she said 'does itty bitty baby boy widdly waddly hurt ?' like she was cooing at a baby. I couldn't say anything really but I nodded vigorously and she asked if I would like some release so I begged her, you know, I said 'please Mistress, this boy begs for release' and so she reached into their bags because by now they had many bags each with all the things I had bought them, or really just paid for, and got out a small tub, took a healthy dollop on her fingers and went into my pants, rubbing it all over but especially on the balls, and as she laid it on thickly she whispered in my ear, she said 'there baby boy, this'll make you rue the day you were born, spread your legs so I can get you right and proper, everywhere, lots and lots everwhere'. It burned like the very fires of Hell, Father, I don't know what it was but it wasn't Vaporub because I had tried that once and it wasn't anywhere near that bad, and it just kept getting worse and worse by the second. I started crying and begging her, 'please Mistress' I'd say over and over, 'please Mistress, it burns, it burns so bad' and they'd giggle and she told me, she said 'beg me for more of it' and so I did, because I had to, I said 'please more, Mistress' and she'd get more, and then she made me beg to rub it around my asshole too, so I begged her, so she rubbed it on, and this was a thousand times worse, but then she made me beg to wipe her finger inside of me, you know, inside my bum, and I was crying but I begged her, 'Mistress please, wipe your fingers inside me' and she told me to squeeze her hard as she did, and she kept putting all her fingers one by one inside and I had to squeeze her each time, each one, and it burned so bad I think I passed out, it just went all blurry around me..."
"And did they leave you there ?"

"Oh, no. Oh... Father... they... they didn't... they... oh my god..."
"Do not be affraid my child. This is the house of the Lord, no harm can reach you here."

"Oh, it's just... it's just... the memory... oh, god... oh my god... the memory of it... of it... of ittt... oh Father, the memory..."
"Yet there is no trial and no tribulation of this world that the Lord God will not absolve of the confessing faithful."

"I hope so, Father. I sure hope so. God!"
"Go on, son."

"When I came to I was on the floor of my van. They were all standing round me, holding their panties in their hands, holding their skirts up and taking turns pissing in my face. They all held large drinks, like two liter bottles they were drinking from, and it looked like they had been at this for a while. When they saw me open my eyes they gave one big great cheer and I had to close them right back up again because they all went for it immediately, you know, and even the one driving parked the van so she could join in too. I was completely naked, except for my briddle, you know, but they all laughed and she said that's not ever coming off ever again, unless maybe, if I'm a good boy, but even then not for long, so I might as well get used to it, and all my clothes all around me soaking in their piss. So they asked me where I lived and I had to give them directions except you know, I had no idea where we were, they having been driving pretty much randomly for a good while. So they made me get out of the van, you know, all naked like I was, and then once I was out they closed it up and drove away!"

"And is that how you were found, poor soul ?"
"Oh, no. They only drove up a while, with me running and screaming like a madman behind them, but then they stopped and opened up again, so I jumped in. They mocked me for being a clueless little baby boy who doesn't know where he lives, and they made me lick the soles of their shoes to clean them up because bums these days, they piss everywhere, and they must've stepped in some, somewhere. So they made me lick their soles, on my back, you know, and they'd rub their soles in my face and also a couple of them had very pointy high heels, but I mean really high, I don't know where they got those because when we met they were just normal, sneakers and all, but anyway, they'd poke me with their heels, especially in the balls, and even trampled on them which hurt like hell and I kept squirming and rolling around, and eventually as I was on my face I felt one stick her heel in my bum and I heard her scream 'hey, it goes in!' and so after that they all wanted to try it, until I started bleeding a little from all the commotion, and they said maybe I'm not even a boy, look that I got my period, I'm clearly a little girl. There wasn't anything I could say, but they did make me choose which panties I want to wear, so I had to pick a pair, being a girl now and all, and then each other girl that I didn't pick slapped me in the face and spat on me and scratched my back bloody and kicked me for not having any taste, which I guess I deserved, and then the one girl took off her top, showing me her bra and then took that off too, so I could see her pretty titties, but I couldn't... I didn't dare try and touch them. So they made me put on her bra and panties, and then they made me put on a pair of heels they had in there, I don't know if they had bought it special or just by chance but it did fit, only a little tight which was painful especially because they were new shoes, you know, but they made me go out like that again, and figure out where we were. I couldn't very well tell, being in the middle of nowhere, so they made me stop cars to ask where I was, which was mortifying but I had to do it, because they told me to, and eventually... I mean I had to stop a lot of people because most would just drive by and many stopped to just laugh or thinking I was a prostitute, which I wasn't, though really I guess I might've been, but eventually as the Sun was going down I finally figured it out, and then I gave them directions to take me home."
"And there you escaped ?"

"Oh, no. There's no escaping, Father. There they just parked the van one block up and made me walk the rest, and open up for them, all rioting and howling the whole time, to draw the most attention possible she told me. Then once we were inside they just stripped naked, and took me to the shower and just basically kept splashing each other and creating general havok, only they did force me to shave, everywhere, which took a while, and kept hitting my alcohol, which was soon gone so they sent me for more once or twice, in my bra and panties only I was allowed to wear an overcoat because I told them otherwise they might not let me buy anything, and they made me eat them out, and they made out with each other, and rummaged through my porn sites on my computer and made me watch all sorts of things, some of which were downright scary I must confess but it really seemed to be giving them ideas. Eventually in the wee hours we all passed out, and then in the morning..."
"You felt the need to cleanse the soul and confess your sins ?"

"Oh no, this was ten weeks ago Father. No, in the morning they had all left, except for my Mistress. We had a long talk, you know, she took me in hand like they say on some special porn sites they looked at, it's a special kind of relationship, and she gave me the lay of the land, and I have been living with her like that ever since. At first she went to school, mostly I think to lord it over the other girls because she'd bring a few schoolmates over noonabouts every day, and paraded me for them and I had the impression she was showing me off, even made bets with them so they had to eat her cunny which she made them do, and made me eat them out and do all things and everything they could think of. I was in Heaven for it, to tell you frankly Father..."
"But do you not repent your sins, my son ?"

"I don't rightly now, Father. I guess I do, if I just can figure out the sins from the rest. I mean, you've said yourself, it's not rightly sinful to be chaste, or to want to serve and submit in love of one another, so..."
"Then why are you here ?"

"For your absolution, Father."
"But there can be no absolution unto God without repentance, confession itself..."

"Ah, here's where you're wrong, Father. I don't seek anything unto God, I seek your absolution yourself, you see."
"But there can be nothing without God, what is the meaning of this..."

"Bear and forbear, Father, and I'll explain. You see, Thursday Mistress had this idea, this bright idea of hers, she says, 'Listen up boy, what you do is you call in sick tomorrow, you wake up bright and early, dress up in your garter belt and pretty ruffly silky stockings, you put your foam breast on and cover it all up in your streaker trench coat. You take your suction cup dildo with you, the big fat one that hurts you so good inside, and you go to confession, you hear!' she said. And I must give it to her, it's a bright idea, as one has to kneel so once they kneel down the suction cup attaches and then the rubbing's good from there. And so for the past two days I've been going to every church I could find, you know, seeking absolution, like she said, I have to kneel here and rub myself into the dildo up and down as I confess to the Holy Father, this being you, and seek their absolution."
"This is an abomination!"

"Now hold on Father. There's only one way this can end, which is with your absolution."
"What's that even supposed to mean!"

"It means you take me by the hand into the sacristy, and you introduce me to your holy rod, and I kiss it until it anoints me with the holy oil of absolution. Then I go to her and I show her that I've been absolved by a Father like she commanded, and we move on to the next adventure."
"I... I..."

"Please Father... please... let me... please let me... suckle on your... heaveny... rod... please... Father... absolve me... I... I... oh God... I'm cumming again... again... oh yes... so... so... good... please Father... this... this... this... it's the third time... time... with you... Father... I can't... I can't take anymore... Father... please... God! Oh God almighty! Oh yeeeah...."
"Come this way."

* * *

"Misereatur tui, ominipotens Deus, et dimissis peccatis tuis, perducat te ad vitam aeternam. Amen. Indulgentiam... absolutionem... et remissionem peccatorum... tuorum tribuat tibi omnipotens... et misericors... Dominus. Amen. Dominus noster... Jesus... Christus te absolvat; et ego... et... et ego auctoritate... ipsius te absolvo... te... te absolovo... ab omni vinculo excommunicationis.... et... et sespensionis... et interdicti... in quantum possum... et tu indiges. Deinde ego... deinde... te abslovo... a peccatis... tuis... in nomine Patris... et Filii... et... et Spiritus Sancti. A... A... Amen."
"I just love how thick and stickly your absolution is, Father."

"Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi, merita Beatae Mariae Virginis et omnium sanctorum, quidquid boni feceris vel mail sustinueris sint tibi in remissionem peccatorum, augmentum gratiae et praemium vitae aeternae."


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