Au rebours

Friday, 06 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"I'm writing an article."
"You're very pleased with yourself. Arentchu!"
"Have her lick the floor, and you eat her pill."
"Ah yes, here it is! Hey.... what did you say ? That last thing ?"
"So have her lick the floor then, and you eat her pill."
"She did."
"Well, you did clean the floor. Didn't you ?"
"Man... Did you say "lick the floor" ?!"
"So lick the floor."
"Ah, no. Oh god fucking damn it. They're specifically engineered for this. Fucking pill rolled off the table, jumped off the chair, now it's somewhwere around here, on this huge floor. What am I going to do ?!"
"I thought you meant like, you know, eat it out of the purse."
"No, no, I can set it down. I have a place to set it down on."
"But you just took them out of the purse."
"Because we've been traveling, right ? And I had to keep them in the purse."
"What ? You can't take them out of your purse ?"
"This is the mark of luxury, you know, being able to take your pills out of the purse."

As you might have intuited, this conversation was overheard in my very own living room, and in reverse order. Now let's play a little game : who's who ?


Meanwhile in ongoing peacockry, the Indian place mentioned in despatches :



And a juvenile male :


Bimbo postprandially distraught upon discovering her favourite icecream parlour is no more :


And how the other half lives :


Now then... what was I saying ? Oh, yes : LICK THE FLOOR!

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